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 is it possible to get lung cancer after 1 year of smoking?
like 10 a day. im 17 years old male. help im ...

 How do I deal with this (my dad is dying of stomach cancer)?
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 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
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 i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
but is it okay to sleep with a sports bra without the same effect?...

 How should I act around my Aunt who has lung cancer? ?
My aunt lives in Germany. My Mom and Grandma are going to go visit her in November, although it might be pushed up considering she is very ill. She is only 39 years old and has always been a free ...

 How Do Cigarettes Cost?
How much Do Marlboro lights cost (a.k.a the gold package)

I need to give my friend money so shell buy them for me

I also live in iowa
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No its not, ...

 is weed worse than cigarettes?
my friend is kinda stupid and she thinks that weed is worse, but i think cigarettes are..
im trying to prove her right
which one is ...

 If a woman...?
If a woman can get breast cancer could a man? Some men give "breast milk" like woman could they get breast cancer? Could a normal man get it? Why or Why not?
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 Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?

 My dad is dying please help...?
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 I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?
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 Please pray for my ill father?
he has two (and more) types of cancer in his body...and i am afraid. He can die any minute, is what doctors say and he is very weak. When he eats, he tastes nothing, when he walks it looks like one ...

 do you believe cell phones cause cancer?
what doesnt cause cancer though? lol
but i was wondering what you guys think?
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meg i dont care if this question pisses you off ignore it and answer a different ...

 Will I get cancer?
My mom had cancer many times about two years ago, when I was in fifth grade. And I heard that its something you are born with and you inherit from your parents.
Be flat out honest. Am I really ...

 I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?

 My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago, he seems to be doing well. It's hard to beleive.
It doesn't seem to me like he's only got six months left. How does cancer progress, is it very quick at the end. His cancer is Unknown primary, which means they don't know where it ...

 Why can't we find a cure for cancer?

 If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
I know alot of people may hate me for this question, but if we cured cancer wouldn't that mean big trouble for the rest of us, as the population would increase, countries will become more ...

 I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I smoke cigarettes and recently I have throat pain all the time and my tongue is also always in pain. I also am out of breath all the time and my lungs sometimes feels like a knife is stabbing up ...

 I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
i just found out that my mom has liver cancer and i don't think she knows it. my mom live in germany and i'm in the states, i don't know what to do other then cry! my mother is like my ...

Happy to help
why do people start smoking?
10 pts. for first GOOD answer!

just to look cool. it's also addicting. it's very unhealthy and disgusting. but the main answer is to look cool. people think it will make them llok like they are bad and cool and good.

Well it is a variety of reasons. Some people do it to calm their nerves, others do it to calm down when scared or angered. A big percentge do it because they "look cool". Another percentage smoke to deal with family problems or peer pressure. Hope that helps.

Environment and advertising!

Sadly, most answer people ask me when I asked them this question is either "curiosity" or "cause my friends do it".
It goes to show how important it is to choose your friends and how peer pressure affects people.

It's a weakness played on by the tobacco companies and the government. Look at the amount of tax dollars that are put on top of a pack of smokes. It's also that people find it glamorous at a young age. Maybe children who have been exposed to 2nd hand smoke for so many years, find themselves craving it once they leave home. Because they too are addicted to the chemicals and the nicotine. The level of chemicals and nicotine are controlled by our federal government. It's just another form of mind control. Myself, I never started smoking until I was 27. It was after I worked in a small grocery store where part of my job was to stock the cigarettes. The smell of the tobacco when it comes straight out of the box of cartons, is alluring. I quit when I got to over a pack a day. Cold turkey. No patches or anything. Smokers are weak minded. That's why they start and find reasons not to quit.

because peer pressure, advertising or thier just dumb

Ruth Less RN
for some it's an oral fixation (honestly) for others it's to better handle stress, and then you have those who started smoking when it was cool to smoke.

Many people start smoking at a young age to try to fit in with the people around them... little do they know that nicotine is a highly addictive substance... my suggestion is to never try it and to try to fit in with yourself and not other people

so we the tax payers can have higher insurance rates and the tobacco companies can laugh all the way to the bank.

curious georgette
my b/f made me do it

3C Savage
i dont know but u have to force yourself to start and then its hard as hell to stop

Probably because of friends/family. If they are around people who smoke they are more likely to try and get hooked and start smoking.

The Enlightened One
who knows. Bored, curious, peer pressure, trying to fit in, need a stress reliever, some sort of high.

To be honest, I don't know why i started smoking. I guess I was trying to fit in a little bit. The people who were smoking were having more fun. And It was against the rules. I was always one of those rebellious kids.

prestone v
Peer pressure.
To be cool.
To waste money.
To try something new and "dangerous".
To distroy themselves.

Or simply because they are dumb.

Bill Mc
Rephrase the question,,,
Why do stupid people start smoking?

I smoke, and cannot quit.

punky brewster
I started smoking 2 weeks after I got married...and divorced 11 months after! I dunno...something about a Marlboro Light kept me from going to prison for murder!

because it makes you look sooo cool that people will run towards your coolness while removing clothing...

Ofelya I
well to tell u the truth everyone starts for different reasons but mainly because of stress

Sometimes they begin for curiosity, or perhaps for pressure of the group. Kids can do stupid things only to impress friends, girls etc.

I did it due to peer influences. Start when I was 23 and drinking with my friends. Like a dumbass I asked for one. I'm an idiot.

its not really peer pressure as much as just curiosity or not looking like you're afraid to try something and then after awhile you end up getting addicted

I no longer smoke, but I did for many years. I started because I thought it made me look cool and grown up. I remember not really knowing how to do it, and I went to my local park with a pack of cigarettes and taught myself how to inhale. How stupid was that? If I had known then how horribly addicitive the habit would prove to be, I'd never have done it.

Sharon M
Most people start smoking when they are very young and peer pressure has real impact. They smoke because the people that they want to be with smoke. It is very rare for someone over the age of twenty to start if they never have before. I know one reason I started (I have long since quit) was because I just didn't understand what the attraction was. Both my parents smoked. I watched a lot of old movies where everyone smoked. The cool kids smoked. So I just had to try it to see what the big deal was all about. It didn't matter that my grandfather had died of emphysema. When you are young you just don't make logical connections.

Long Dong Schlong
People tend to start smoking when they reach a temperature of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is extremely difficult to create these conditions in nature and must be accomplished with several aids, including several 30-weight ball bearings, a roll of high-quality aluminum foil and a tub of butter. Simply slather your entire body in butter, stick the 30-weight ball bearings up your butt, spread out a generous sheet of aluminum foil under the midday sun and lie directly on top of the foil. Within an hour or so, you should start to see significant smoke. Hope that helps!

As an ex smoker I can tell you why I started smoking. When I was a kid, both of my parents smoked so it seemed a very natural thing to do. Also, when a lot of my friends (around the age of 12/13) started doing it, it just seemed very cool to me. I felt very grown since the only people I had ever seen smoke were adults. Of course I didn't smoke then because it made me feel good or it was a delicious habit mind you, simply for the cool factor. But by the time it started being a pain (having to have money to buy them, having to walk around smelling like a big cigarette all the time) it was too late to stop, somewhere between being "cool" and growing up, my body started needing it. As easy as it was to start, it was so, UNBELIEVABLY hard to stop.

This is because of peer pressure which happens everyday. It's because you feel out of the group and it makes you wonder what is the pleasure of this. And it might seem to be very cool. Which is not.

Different reasons.....
Years ago it was considered not normal if you didn't smoke and today it's the opposite. I started in the 70's in High School because back then you were considered a nerd and an outcast if you didn't. Today you're frowned upon.

I did to look and be cool, and its many years later, after trying everything cannot quit, but back when I grew up it was ok to smoke, there we no warnings to tell you otherwise, people on tv smoked and you could even smoke say if you were in the hospital in your bed, all the people you admired smoked.......I wish they had the warnings they have now when I was growing up, I would never have touched tobacco let alone smoke it. I look at the young people smoking now and feel so sorry for them knowing in about 20 years they will have so many health problem, or walking around with a oxygen tank or dead.

sometimes under peer presure and others as a dare and some just to see what its like and then again once started ou have to have a good motive to stop like having a kid or something like that

People start smoking because they probably tried it at as a pre-teen or early teen and did it for the cool factor. Most people start that way, some end up quitting, but some go back as a way to relax and during high stress times. It is a common misconception that cigarettes calm nerves so people will smoke for that reason and end up in the clutches of nicotine and its addictiveness. Some people are more vulnureable than others to the addiction of nicotine. I have smoked before but never gotten the urge to smoke as if it was controlling me like some folks. Hope I helped.

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