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 If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, but would like some insight.
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what do you think about my opinion on cancer fund raising events do not read if easily offended?
okay today i got a bracelet from a friend made out of beads and string saying if you rub it your wishes will come true all money from braclet will go to hospital charaties so they sell us crap for the price of gold and then ask for more?!? if they want money why don't they at least make their products decent and they drag in millions of dollars all that money and they still haven't found a cure? that makes me wonder where excatly is all this money going?

Here's the secret: There will NEVER be a cure for cancer.

The problem is that cancer is not just one thing, or one disease, it is a combination of all sorts of things...and attacking it, well that's incredibly difficult..

Consider how we treat bacterial infections...penicillin, right (or something like it)?

We do this because Penicillin attacks a part of a bacterium that our cells do not posses. Our cells are not hurt because the attack is focused on one thing (Peptidoglycan, to be specific).

This is how we treat any disease, really. We look for some mechanism in the disease that is both target-able, and not like our own cells.

Cancer is composed of human cells, though. There is no easy target...all we can do is cut, burn and poison it.

Now, considering all that, also realize that cancer does not have one cause. It differs greatly from person to person...even within the same person! We aren't looking for a cure, we're looking for the best treatment for a specific type of patient at a specific point in the progression a specific type of cancer.

And all of that money..it goes into research, but not in how you think. There are not buildings full of researchers working on "cancer". Or even on one specific type of cancer. It's even more focused than that...research teams are focused on one specific aspect of one specific stage of one specific type of cancer.

Given that covering all of THOSE bases is an insurmountable task, you can now see a little better where the money is going.

And in the end, it's the best we've got. People do not understand cancer until it hits home. Then they look at it...they realize that many people never recover...they realize that "survival rates" for mid to late stage cancer are calculated by looking at who made it 5 years, not who beat the disease...since late stage cancer will never likely be defeated entirely by a person.

Take a day or so and do some cursory research on cancer. You'll see very quickly that the research money is being well spent, and that it is still not nearly enough.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, rightly or wrongly.

That said, I would say to you to avoid sites on-line that don't look or feel right. Remember "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is".

As for a cure? Many people believe that drug companies are behind this. It doesn't make sense for researchers/drug companies to find a cure because then they don't make money on treatment.

Instead of sending your hard-earned money to places that sell things, research cancer websites thoroughly and then donate to the charity that touches your heart. They are all worth-while and could really use the funds.

The following article might shed some light on the subject.

Pharma funding for medical classes draws scrutiny

What I find so interesting is that there is such a huge amount of money put in to find a 'cure' and but then somehow cancer treatments are so expensive because--we have to pay for the patents that philanthropists paid to discover?

The thing we need to pay attention to here is that most of these 'philanthropists' that we are donating money to are really just marketing schemes for pharma companies.

If you have any doubts, here is a story about the American Diabetes Association from Joel Fuhrman.

Dr. Fuhrman Cures Diabetes - But Drug Companies Object

If you have a problem with DONATING money, why bother buying a cheap trinket that is really more of a token of appreciation for your donation?

Just because you have tons of money doesn't automatially mean that you can find the answer to anything you wish. Cancer is a very complicated, advanced disease. You can't just throw money at it and make it go away.

Medical research is VERY expensive. One simple test can run upwards of 100K, not to mention the multimillion dollar machines and lab equipment required to run those tests, or the salary you have to pay all the employees who spend their time researching things more complicated than you or I could ever hope to understand.

All money donated to cancer research charities or raised by selling things like bracelets is a drop in the ocean of what is needed.

There'll never be 'a cure'. Cancer isn't a single disease, it's an umbrella term for over 200 different diseases. The difficulty with finding a cure is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them They all respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them. There'll never be a Eureka! moment when someone discovers a single substance or procedure that will reverse all types of cancer.

But thanks to research that's been done so far, some cancers can be cured - 7 out of 10 children with cancer are cured, for example. And further dedicated research means progress will continue to be made - improved treatments, perhaps ways to reverse some types of cancer.

Worth a few quid of anyone's money, I'd say. If you don't want the cheap tat, don't buy it. If you don't want someone to sponsor someone to run 10k, don't. Just donate. A drop in the ocean of what's needed, it's true - but every little helps

Give your money directly to a Cancer Research establishment, then; there is a one in four chance YOU are going to have some form of cancer at some point in your life, and a close to 100% chance (unless you are a miserable hermit) that someone you love is going to die from it. There ARE already "cures" (or at least management regimes) for many, many forms of cancer, but it is NOT a "single disease" for which a "single cure" will EVER be found, it is a family of related diseases.

You wasted your money on the bracelet, you should have bought a spelling dictionary instead!

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