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 If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, but would like some insight.
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swollen lymph node? help please?
well..last night i woke up with a really swollen lymph node on my lower neck. It hurts and it making my ear and throat hurt along with it. I went to the doctor's today and he said it wasn't small but it was borderline big. i think it was 19cm by 15cm??? anyways, i had a TB test and a blood test. I dont get the results until saturday, and im a little scared about what it might be. And im horrified of the thought of it being cancer, even though it does not show any of the typical symptoms. What do you think could cause my lymph node to swell so big?????(btw its tender, moveable, hurts to touch)

The glands are most likely infected. Its really common and it will get better. It could get triggered by a lot of things.

Anna P
If it was cancer (lymphoma) you would have other symptoms. I think your body has been fighting a infection and also if your are skinny it is easier to feel the lymph nodes.

If you have a really acne spot near or around the lymph node that might be whats causing it. It is trying to fight some kind of infection whether it's acne or something else.

Good Luck

WOW, your lymph node is so big!!
It is most likely not cancer.
cancer is a slow growing tumor, that is not painful at all.
best of luck!!

Barbara L
Lymph nodes fight infection. So it has enlarged to do it's job. This type of swelling is common in you neck when you have a upper respiratory, sinus or ear infection. Blood work will show more : IE elevated white blood cell count = infection. The infection could be bacterial or viral. Movable is good.

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