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 My Mom has primary liver cancer, probably inoperable, any advice?

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Thanks to everyone for their advice and kindness....

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 i'm always tired.......?
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yes i'm on ...

 Does school cause death?
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how does it make you feel inside

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 Which one Are you :?
A smoker: http://www.lungcancer.org/images/patients/lungs/diseased_lung.jpg


A nonsmoker:

 Do smokers deserve to get sick?
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shortest time known of someone getting cancer from smokeless tobacco?
I am just wondering what is the shortest time known of when someone first started using smokeless tobacco and they then got cancer from it. I used it for 7 months and i know its not a long time ( from what ive been told) i wont have mouth cancer or any cancer related to smokeless tobacco from that short of a duration. So im curious to see what is the shortest time someone has gotten it. Shortest ive heard of is 6 years. Im also 19 if that makes some kind of difference to being prone to it. thanks.

I am not sure but I know a boy in my class when he was 16 had mouth cancer from it- they took skin from his butt to fix it! I think he had used it for maybe 3 3-4 years.

Andrew R
you can get cancer from simply placing it in your mouth. so you might want to see a doc if your concerned.

WHO WANTS TO KNOW? oh, just you.
One time, a kid got mouth cancer from looking at it.

Someone who cares

Joseph the Second
-Right after their First "chew..." Poor kid... -He never lived to see his Team make the Finals & dedicate Their win- to Him... :(

I bet you can get cancer from that in WEEKS in some cases where a person is extra suseptable to cancer. I come from a family that doesn't seem to get cancer and I chewed tobacco for about 40 years - just quit a few years ago - and had no effects. The dentist says every thing's fine.

BUT - those were some horrendous withdrawal symptoms - they went on for several months. Luckily I didn't really like chewing tobacco that much - I did it mostly to keep me off cigarettes. So I was able to just let the withdrawal symptoms happen and suffer through. They were pretty interesting.

Stacey Mccauley
Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://webmd11.notlong.com/AAhR7XS

In the TV show Small Wonder Season 2 Episode 12 - Smoker's Delight a kid got cancer in mere weeks from chewing tobacco.

Cancer can come in all forms not just tabacco. Stress and the toxic air we breath can increase its probibility. id may in their 30s.

The Sage
The lips that touch tobacco, will never touch mine.

Belit Guzman
Sorry I don't know how long, but a good alternative you could try would be the electric cigerette. Look it up on youtube.

about from here to uh, well...there
(guess it all depends on time)


I sincerely hope that the person that told you that wasn't a medical health professional. If they are and you rely on them for treating you when you are ill then I would recommend that you find another... And why ....

The real truth of the matter is that the tobacco product itself has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you get cancer. It is all dependent on your genetic makeup. Every one is born with (what we call medically) carcinogens in their body. When and if any of these cells become active cancer is present.

Different substances trigger carcinogens into motion. Carcinogen are really nothing more than mutated cells. Once active a person has cancer and the cells begin to multiply and divide.

This is why some smoker's never get lung cancer, and some non smokers die with it.

If you ever get a sore in your mouth that hasn't healed in a couple of days, be sure to have your dentist exam this. If you have regular and routine dental appointments every six months for a cleaning your dentist should notice any changes in your oral tissue.

A final tip: The lining of the mouth is very thin and loaded with blood capillaries. The toxins or chemicals in the smokeless tobacco enter the blood stream quickly and without effort. Cancers that
are triggered from smokeless tobacco are not limited to the mouth region.

Be safe, take care and hope this helps.

don't trip man i guarantee you don't have cancer

bryan l
You never know the age you can get cancer from chew- You can get not only mouth cancer, but throat, nasal, esphois (sp) even stomach cancer. I chewed for 6 years and I am glad i quit! I started chewing when I was 18 in college, all of my buddies chewed. Then I meet my future wife 4 years later chewed behind her back for 2 years. I finally quit cold turkey two months after we where married. Was very hard-actually started drinking coffee.
but now that I am 32 I am Glad. One of my best friends in college decided to continue to chew, he was diagnosed cancer in the gums 2 years ago. Had upper 1/4 removed, chemo ect. not worth it.

8 months.

I'm not for certain the exact shortest (record) amount of time, but I do know of some recorded information on some men who got cancer rather quickly.

Sean Marsee, was a star athlete, who started using at age 12. He was diagnosed with oral cancer at age 18 and he died at age 19. Bob Leslie, another baseball player and high school coach, started chewing in his early teens. He was diagnosed with cancer in his early twenties and died in his early thirties. Then there is Gruen von Behren who started using spit tobacco at age 13 just to "fit in" with the guys. He was diagnosed with oral cancer at age 17 and has had more than 30 operations that have left him so disfigured he can't "fit in" anymore. He is now devoting his life to getting the word out to young people that tobacco is not something to play around with and should be avoided like the plague.

In short you are not likely to get cancer in just 7 months, especially if you quit. However it is not at all impossible. It's just as unlikely if you take one or two plane trips in your life that they may result in a crash (vs. taking 500 and one of those resulting in a crash.) As soon as you begin to dip the possibility is there.

A La London
1 year, a family friend.

As others have said, this can vary among individuals, but one thing you should remember is that even if the substance induces cancerous growth or conditions therefor, the disease may not be evident for several years or even longer. Most likely you will be okay , but you should consider getting occasional checkups and to tell the doctor or dentist that you are concerned about that kind of cancer. Also, watch for symptoms, but don't get paranoid or obsessive--just be vigilant. The body has excellent restorative abilities, but it needs help. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize risks. Remember, too, that cancer is not the only risk from such products.

Here are some links you could explore:




I'm glad you spoke in past tense about your use of the substance. Quitting was a good choice. Congratulations.........and keep it up.

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