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question about something i can't make into a question?
my dad just told me he has cancer and because its the 3rd time he got it its not looking good...at all. They can't even do anymore surgery so they are counting on chemo...ANYWAYS i dont wana talk about it...ever again...i just need to know how would i get through the funeral and all the stuff around it? I can't even handle myself RIGHT NOW and its only day one....once he actually dies ill be a sad mess. so i was wondering if people get pills or something from doctors to help? what do they give? does it actually help? cuz honestly, at this rate ill be balling my eyes out in front of everyone non stop for days and weeks and i just cant handle this and idk what to do.

Man we broke last week with my gf, and seriousely the best way to get over it was to smoke cannabis.

Cannabis can be used if case of yours, and it really helps.
See your doctor.
But i recommand you using cannabis to get over it mate

good luck for you and your dad :(

spice melon
dont ASSUME your dad will die!

Marcelo V
ohh thats sad. i dont have the answer but it touched my heart be strong you can go through this

My experience with death has been sudden. My sister passed away almost 3 years now..Wow time flies. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. Then @ 6 months you hit another wall of sadness. Then about every 6 months you really think about that person. Of course with b-days, holidays, etc...well, you get the picture. You have a rough road ahead of you. Depending on the dr. you see, he/she will more than likely order you some anti-depressants. It helps, but in my opinion, prayer works the best. Time is also a healer. The more time passes by, the better you get. It is kinda like learning to walk all over again, just without that person in your life. Or watching a movie and a main character dies in the film. The film continues, but the character is gone. Counseling is a definite! Stay away from drinking, drugs, etc. It honestly does not help. In fact they make it worse, and your dad would not want you doing that to your self! Do not do anything rash. Stay around positive friends and family if you have that option. So, good luck, God bless and I will say a prayer for you!!!

i have terminal cancer, and my 28 year old daughter is finding it hard to cope as are the other members of my family, it is natural to be sad angry feel helpless and cry a lot, you wouldn't be normal if you didn`t, my daughter goes to counselling,in the u.k the is a charity called cruise that is for people coping with death. i`m sure there will be leaflets on the help available at the hospital your dad has his treatment. hope this helps, but talking helps, so does crying. x

When my wife was dying of cancer, I happened by MY doctor at the hospital and he could tell I was very nervous. He gave me a prescription for Xanax(I think that's correct). It really helped me get through the whole ordeal.

My dad died June 22nd of small cell lung cancer. He faced CHemo and radiation head on. Yes it hurt when he died. However I never ever gave him a death sentence. Only God decides that so you need to be there for him and not hand him the rope to hang himself with. You have to be strong and be there for him. Dont be selfish. Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here. When he dies, youll make it. Im alive. I was very close to my dad. We were neighbors, i never lived away from him. ZIf you need anyone to talk to or yell at over the computer email me.

Well i haven't really been in that situation so i can't really relate. From what i read you are being very pesimistic. I know the situation is hard but your just making hard for your dad. Try to having a positive attitude, at least around him. Don't think that he's going to die. Thinking that **** brings you even more down. just spend time with him. Try to help him through this hard time and show him how much you care for him. As for the pill things you should really ask a doctor or something.

don't think that your dad will die. Just live life to the fullest. They have so much technology now a days that they did not have back then. Just don't miss out on anything to do with your dad just be there and try to think possitive

Bianca P
ok, take a big breath and hold it for two seconds and let it out.

you need to get ahold of yourself sweetie. my biological dad is dying of cancer. i know exactly what your going through. i hate it. i dont know how im going to handle it. but i do have a therapist. i take floxotine(prozac), Zanex, and Resperidol for my severe depression and panic dissorder. so im pretty balanced out right now. so i think ill get over it one day.

but with you, you really need to go to your local hospital, ask someone for the pshyc floor, and ask someone who works there for a good therapist. thats how i found my doctor. or if that doesnt work, all you have to do is google "psych doctors in daytona/ whatever city you live in" from there you can find an affordable doctor or a doctor that will take your insourance. and when you get this doctor, TALK!!!!!

dont let anything back, whatever the case. ive had my doc for almoat three years so you CAN prolong your doctor visits.

i hope everything goes well sweet heart. ill keep you in my prayers.


Lilly S
You'll be fine - it all seems impossible, but you'll be strong when you need to. It is fine to cry. If needed, hospice care workers who know how to handle this sort of thing will come and help your family - the hospital will set it up.

God Bless You. And try to help others in your family. Helping siblings or your Mom will make you feel better.

Focus on the time you have - not anything that you fear will come.

The folks in this blog set a great example of finding the good moments:
(The man at the center of the story was blind and had leukemia.)

Concentrate on: What does your Dad like? What can little moments can you plan?

Make sure you get enough sleep - it is easier to handle things after a good night's sleep. If you are exhausted and upset, just go to sleep, you'll be strong in the morning.

Try to avoid taking medications.

Say to yourself:

--- I am strong
--- I can make a difference here
--- I can help

Why focus on the negative right now? I know it's hard, but why waist all the good times you can make now. Death is never easy, but never forget what you learn in life. Things happen for a reason. I believe that weather it's death or not, memories and ones impact on one another is something that no one can take from you. Please try to spend time with your dad. That's all he needs right now. Family and the warmth of your guys love and companionship. Do it for your dad to try to stay positive. And hey sometimes love is better than any medicine or chemo can offer. take care.

Don't pop pills just cuz a parent died, that's so stupid! You'll get over it with time. Everyone will cry, it's normal. Worry about it when it happens.

spend as much time with your dad and act totally normal...thats the thing they hate most is when people treat them differently. he is not a changed person and you still have time with him. Talk to a counselor. it will help you think everything through in a positive way. You will feel better. something like that happened to me and i didnt want to talk, but i did and it helped tremendously.
Good Luck Hun!

just enjoy his company, his not gone at the moment, you still have him. stop thinking it and if it does happen you can deal with it then. I know it is daunting right now, you have the right to feel sad and scared and worried. just pull yourself over the obstacles and everything will be ok soon.
My friends dad died of cancer not long ago and she still cries about it, remember its ok to cry. its self talk that changes your emotions, sure events around you have an impact although you change your emotions on how you choose to perceive the information. remember it is ok to cry and try to be optimistic.

David Miick
Omg thats tarrable! Its ok to cry tho. idk wut to do. dont do anything dumb tho... idk wut to say but if u ever want someone to talk to idk im a stranger but i have an aim itsdavid765 so yah idk..

mean evil woman
First of all so very sorry about your Dad....You really need to spend the best quality time you have left with him right now....that will mean soo much to him.....You will have a support group when the sad time comes.Prayer does also go along way....I will pray you get through this difficult time...Think of how your dad feels about having to leave you. Miracles do happen, he may go into remission and have many more years with you. Go on now and spend time with him, and don't forget to let him know how much you Love Him...

God Bless.....Peace

It hurts to lose someone you love, especially a parent; there's no way around it. They will give your dad drugs that will numb the pain and that's a blessing.

You will find strength you didn't know you have though. And other family and friends will help. When my Mom died (today's her birthday by the way) from cancer complications it just about wiped me out.

Just take some time to mourn, don't expect too much of yourself too soon. Lean and depend on everybody who will be wanting and asking to help. And for the most part they're sincere, people just don't know what to do. Tell them there's nothing they can really do except cry with you, loan you their shoulder.

My heart's with you =(

honestly, do not take pills. u will regret it. death is natural. try and make this a time of calm reflection on his life and what he meant to you .. rather than internalizing the trauma of it all. you might find that you learn something from it. gl..
and remember things always work themselves out

short cake
Don't assume your father will die.

However, if the worst does happen, people will understand. He's your dad. That's one of the hardest losses that any human being can go through.

Keep your chin up and deal with it. I know you want to numb the pain, but it might affect you in the future. If you need to see someone I'm sure they can help you cope, and maybe perscribe you something.

you shouls be able to find a cancer support group. I do not know how old you are but there should be a group through your localhospital please try to find one there are others in your situation they can help you and you can help them.

start a journal, write down your feelings every day. talk to a counselor, possibly a school counselor if your parents don't get you one. join a teen group of teens going through similar things - hospitals and cancer units have such groups. you have to grieve and mourn and process it and figure out how to say goodbye to your dad in the best way. you can take some time off school when/if he dies. you need ways to process the grief. use art, collages, coloring, painting, drawing, dancing, writing. to express your sadness.

First NameAlex C
Its ok sweety. I think the best thing to do is cry. let it out. I mean u have reasons to. Pillz wont help, you might think they do, but they might mess you up even more. Hugzz Kisses xoxo or WE Good luck getting through this. I cant even image what its like having a sick parent.

Brittany M
its nothing wrong with crying and letting out those feelings.. there is no need for medicine.. dont turn to those kind of meds bc they may move u in a deeper depression than u r probably not close to being in... everyone misses their love ones but we learn to keep living.. you will be okay...

arielle s
i'm so sorry, my grandma got cancer too. I know it's really hard. I was really sad and depressed for a while and then i just sat down and instead of blocking out your feelings, let them come to your mind, and think about it, i know it's tough, but you feel a lot better after. And don't give up, just be optimistic and spend as much time with your dad as you can. And talk to your dad about it, talking about your feelings with other people helps a lot, i know it's really hard, but talking about it makes you feel better. Good luck

Winter Glory
Oh dear. I am sorry about your dad.
You don't need pills. Any pill I could tell you about would only mask your emotions. Your feelings, no matter how bad they are need to be addressed. You'll need closure, you can't get that if you're on something to numb the pain.

Take care, and wish your dad the best for me.

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