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 i'm always tired.......?
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my g-pa died of lung cancer, will i?
i know this is wierd but my grandfather died at 57 b/c of cigarettes, he had lung cancer, and i smoke just like he did, does that mean i will die?

tim c
We all die smoking doesn't help you live longer. My grandfather died of Al-timers never had cancer and smoked for for 40 years. However smoking doesn't help, quiting is the best course of action. Well that's my two cents.

kim c
unfortunatly.. you need to stop smoking..

Aimee R
9 times out of 10, if you smoke just like he did, and continue to do so, it will eventually kill you too.

Smoking does cause cancer. You should quit. Every pack of cigarettes has the surgeon generals warning. Try http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org/

guess what doll, we all will die. You increase your risk of dieing a bit sooner than you would if you didn't smoke.

probably not if you quit. so quit.

Just because he had it, doesn't mean that you will. However, because you smoke, you're putting youreself at a great risk.

frozen strawberries
Cigarrettes make you die faster no matter who you are (with or without cancer)!!! And if someone related to you already showed you the resultes of smoking, obviously you should start quiting, it might actually be in your genes too.. smoking just speeds up the process, specially if you smoke frequently

Please, stop smoking. I just quit smoking. Its been a little over a month now, and I feel so wonderful! I smoked for almost 7 yrs, and I have tried to quit over a dozen times. Trust me, I know how hard it is. Use your grandpa as a lesson in your own life, because it could be you. You'll so happy you quit!!!!!!

it depends if your mother or father will it doesnt mean u will but you have a higher risk

MiRaNdA rOsE
anyone who smokes has a GOOD chance of getting lung cancer, even those who do not smoke, but inhale second hand smoke, thats why they are banning smoking in a lot of states. you could stop smoking now, but you would still have a chance of lung cancer since the tar has already done its job on your lungs

Stop smoking now! You have his genes and smoking could afftect you the same way. Use your head. Go to www.smokingstopshere.com

there's a pretty good chance as long as you keep smoking until you're 57 as well.

you have put yourself at a HUGE risk for lung cancer. cancer runs in families you really shouldn't smoke, too dangerous.

OOO! I know! I know!
Not necessarily but chances are pretty good, I would imagine. Why hasn't the fact that he died because of lung cancer due to cigarette smoking at 57 prompted you to try to quit?

no....if u stop then u r going to be fine, ... and even if u don't give it up it doesn't mean u will die, everyone's immune system reacts differently to bad things, jst cause your grnd die early doesn't mean u will, u might have a stronger respiratory system than him .....and u decide.... do u want to live enough to give up smoking or not?

miz lily
it ups your risk but you're not him. you have part of his genetics. i'd suggest quit smoking and see your doctor timely so if you do develop a cancer you can get it early.

There's a chance you'll have similar genetics and be equally prone to it, yeah. Better quit now while you can.

Your likelihood increases with every puff.

Scream me a love song
it doesnt mean ull die like him...but itll increase the chances

Stephanie F
I am sorry about your Grandfather.

Not necessarily. There is a stronger chance of developing it if you smoke, but there are people who get it who do not smoke. Some people do not get it when they do smoke. It depends on your body. You probably have a stronger chance since it is in your family history.

Smoking does so much more than possibly giving you lung cancer. My Dad smoked for a long time. He had a heart attack about 3 years ago and had many many blockages. The doctor told him that 80% of the reason for his blockages was his cigarette smoking.

It shrinks your vessels and is not good for your body all-together. People who have diabetes have more difficulty when they smoke because of lack of circulation to their limbs. Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink which in turn can cause more damage than the disease itself.

I will pray you can stop smoking when you are finally ready.

My Dad stopped smoking the day he had the heart attack. He had open heart surgery, 4 bypass and is doing well now at the age of 65.

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