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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

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 can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
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Loss of appetite...I have to eat very slow these days, and this caused me to lose weight becuase I can never finish my plate.

Pallor, my face and ...

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 My son is 6yrs is tired & sleeps alot,bruises easily,never eats &if he does he gets sick is it leukemia??
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 My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right
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 How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?

 can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
i've heard this from a couple people, but i'm still not quite convinced....

 Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
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spooky 1
my friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
I don't promote pot, I used to smoke it alot, but don't like it anymore,so I quit. it was easy. I don't smoke cigs, she does. she says she likes smoking cigs.(eewww)
think about how many joints/ bong hits the average pot smoker takes a day, compared to a pack (or more) a day cig smoker.
she says pot kills brain cells. like cigs don't.
can you tell I'm biased?

john l
yes, you are biased.. but so is everyone

Its her son... not yours.. unless you're all kinky like that.. in which case the two of you will have to work it out.

Otherwise, you are going tohave to deal with the harsh reality that not everyone does what you want, likes what you like, or cares what you think.

Maybe you need to go hit that bong again, and chill out... afterwords, have a smoke, and enjoy loife fora minute insted of preaching at yoru friend about how to raise her kid

i am the same as you. cigarettes are way to easy to get where as you need to have connection for pot. although non are the

Pot is just as bad for you, just minus nicotine, and all the other such hazardous chemicals... either way, neither were meant to be smoked, but humans do it anyway...

There are young people in nursing homes who have fried their brains from smoking pot. I would say cigarettes are better for them if they have to smoke.

Kaorin ☥
You both have valid points, the difference being cigarettes are legal, pot is not.

I HATE both and have never tried either, so I have no real bias, but I'd prefer knowing my son or daughter is smoking cigarettes and not marijuana. But you know, none is a lot better...

I agree WITH you....while pot is natural/cigarettes are full of chemicals and stuff...seems like the "healthier" choice if ya can call it that would be pot....I am an ex-pot smoker and a current cigarette smoker!

Danielle S
she's right that pot kills more barin cells honestly i think thier both vile but the only reason i'm gonna go with cigs is the simple fact that it's not illegal...

John L
I think I will have failed as a parent if they do either. CIgarettes are worse for the body, and pot dependence is awful for the personality.

id say pot, cigs are HARD to stop and they cause cancer and your life.

Why not encourage them to smoke nothing!!!!! Both are what is called insults to tissue, both are something the body would be better of without, and both are uncool, one is even illegal. Why is she encouraging either?????? (and the cost is outrageous.... wouldn't allow anyone to give my cancer, so I sure as hell am not going to buy it.... what IS she thinking???? Duuhhhh this is a no-brainer.)

about 1 joint equals a pack of cigs when it comes to brain cell loss

Ray K
For what it's worth, recent research seems to say the mj packs more and worse tars and other such nice things. Claims that the mj is worse even though you smoke less of it. Who knows.

As of carcinogens 1 joint is = to 6 to 8 cigs

You can work and use tobacco and drive as well.

well i personally smoke cigarettes but i think pot would be better just cuz there arent as many chemicals in it theyre both bad tho

Pot has more tar, cigs have more gas and terpentine. I say smoke both at the same time, pull a junior.

For some reason, there are lots of people who try to convince themselves that, physically, pot is not bad for you. Take a look at the inside of a pipe, all that gunk is getting in your lungs EVERY time you take a hit. Far more gunk per cigarette than plain old tobacco, which is really nasty, too. I say this as an ex-smoker (2 packs a day) and very occasional (parties) pot-smoker.

Chuck N
Hopefully her sons will smoke neither.

Susan M
Any smoke inhaled into your body that way is bad.

Kara B
personally I also would want neither but if they have to do something than I would perfer pot over cigs pot is natural and is way better for your health as opposed to ciggarettes and way less addicting. I think your friend needs to do her homework on the cons of both to weigh it out properly

smoking anything is bad for you. the smoke in marijuana has about 10 times more carcinogens in it than an unfiltered cigarette. why do you think pot heads cough their lungs up every time they take a hit? water pipes don't filter out much. additionally marijuana has no controls over it so much of it is full of bacteria and fungi that grow happily on it. most people "in the know" microwave it to kill off unfriendly bacteria that could lead to lung infections and other things. marijuana has about 50 times more carcinogens than tobacco if you injest it remember pot brownies? yummy mouth and throat cancers! if you have to use marijuana buy a vaporizor. no offense but you are way off base. be glad your friends kid has your friend for a mom instead of you.

Well, pot definately is safer. Like you, I smoke pot and not cigarettes. Pot when broken down contains roughly 800 different chemicals....whereas tobbaco has an excess of 4000. People are just so closed minded about my sweet sweet mary jane.

I would prefer Neither BUT POT is against the Law Cigarettes arent...She should encourage him not to do either one!

I think cigarettes and pot are both bad for your health. It's never healthy to inhale smoke into your lungs whether it's once a day or 20 times a day.

cigarettes,are far more addictive and harm full that pot is
it has additives to make it more addictive and burn faster,
pot is still Natural with out chemical interference,and does not have nicotine
instead it has a whole range of medicinal properties,
your friend has not researched the subject thoroughly and does not know

The Mr. Pine
Pot is illegal.

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
She is messed up with that kind of thinking.


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