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nicky b
my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!

Steve F
Extend it naturally or reverse the cancer entirely. Read up on it at http://www.hacres.com, http://www.cancertutor.com, http://www.pcrm.org, http://www.chinastudy.com and others. If the doctors can't help, what do you have to lose? Yes, it works, I know two the medical community told they had 3 months and years and years later are alive and thriving on the natural plan. It consists of:

1) 75-90% raw diet, fresh juices a large part of that for extra nutrion, needs to be vegetarian to do any good
2) Water (10 glasses a day)
3) Exercise.
4) Sunshine.
5) Eliminating waste (at least 2 BMs a day), organic coffee enemas can help cleanse and remove toxins
6) Fresh air/oxygen
7) Getting rid of toxins (flouride, drugs, caffeine, olestra/oleine, msg, saccharin) in your diet, elimination of smoking, any refined products (sugar and flour are big ones)
8) Sleep.
9) Removing stress. Right, you have to quit your job to properly heal.
10) No traveling.
11) Conviction to stay on the plan.
12) Stay positive. No TV, newspaper - they're negative. No more research on this stressful site. Pick your plan and do it 100%.
13) Admit you caused the disease, now do something about it.
14) Spend time with the Lord. Approach this with a clean heart, you can't have sin in your life and succeed. Your releationship with God will grow as a result of your sickness.

Dr. Lorraine Day says cancer is the best thing that ever happened to her. She got her life right and is much healthier now. I recomend her video "Drugs Never Cure Disease."

HEY..!!!! COME ON... what is this!!! the thing you should do is FIGHT THE CANCER!!! dont stop only bcoz the doctor said he will have 2 years to survive!!! you know what, some one destiny is not in doctor hand, or other people, so if you want to make your dad happy, DO IT NOW and forever and with no reason, WE CAN NOT MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY BCOZ THEY ARE GOING TO DIE SOON!!! WE SHOULD MAKE SOME ONE HAPPY BECOZ WE LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT!!! dont tell me you will not make him very happy if you did not know he ll die soon... and please believe, PUT THIS IN YOUR MIND, NO ONE CAN PREDICT SOMEBODY AGE!!! EVEN THEY ARE THE MOST EXPERT!!! if you wanna know about cancer hospital i can give you some recommendation, i have 6 friends has cancer, 3 of them are cured! i was very active to visit cancer hospital, only for cheering them up, and i got so many friends, and information.. so please let me know if you are interesting. email me any time. my friends are come from all over the world, new zealand, sweden, dutch, malaysia, singapore, Kansas. and they are being taken care in FUDA HOSPITAL.

ill pray for your dad and family, come on, cheer up! dont be desperate.

Watching in Westminster
I'm sorry your family has to deal with this tragedy. Please don't forget that your dad isn't going to die until God is ready for him! Cancer or not, if God says it's your time, it's your time. He could out live any of us. He could be here another 20 years. No doctor can tell you what God has planned for us. You should treat him with love and treasure the time with him. Create memories to last a life time. What does he like to do? If he's a fisher, then go fishing with him etc..I lost my dad when I was young. I don't have regrets. I just wish he could have seen my children. I guess he will when we all get to heaven together. Spend as much time with him as you can. That's the best advice I can give. God bless.

T Rick
Just be there for him

that's not totally true
my dad has cancer too (liver & kidney )and he lived with it more than 5 years,despite that no one ever know when really any one will pass out.
and what ever happen he will be happy if you just be beside him and never talk with him about death and cancer and always talk as he will live for ever and make a plans with him to next 10 years
it will make him feel good.
that's what i did
and i think it was right

sly rodriguez
just support him ,be there gather all the people he wants to see. in a time like this, support form relatives,friends and people close to him is really important to let him know he was important while he was living.

I know how you feel, my friend's dad died of cancer not so long ago, another friend of mines mother is a cancer recovery patient, and my sisters friend has until christmas :(

I guess you and your dad should take a trip to a place that he has always wanted to see, or take him to do something he has always wanted to do :)

♥[email protected]♥
Spent the most time you can with him take lots of pictures laugh go to places together just enjoy it while hes here God bless you and your Dad

Keep him positive and optimistic , just be supportive .

Best of luck also, that isn't so easy sometimes.

Two years is a long time for medical research to change and treatment options to become available. My suggestion is that you ignore the prognosis and any statistic that was given your Dad. He needs a second opinion and maybe a third. There are treatments available, but you may need to research them . . there are also Clinical Trials available that may hold promised of stopping his type of cancer.

The first thing he needs to do is make sure that he's being treated at a designated comprehensive cancer center. There are about sixty in the US and many of them are associated with universities and cancer research:

National Cancer Institute: Cancer Centers

He needs to find out what treatment is available for his type of cancer and than decide based on his own health and ability to fight what his next step should be. What ever he decides you need to support that decision.

Don't worry about trying to make 'two years' good . . he might surprise everyone and live alot more years than just two. Remember . . no one . . not even a doctor . . knows how long an individual can live. They do not know, so it does no good for you to worry about how much 'time' your Dad may have left. It could be shorter or it could be longer . . hopefully it will be longer .. because the longer he remains healthy and alive the closer medical science will come to finding treatment for him.

Stay focused and positive and most of all, just enjoy your fathers company as often as you can. The only thing your father wants from you is the comfort of knowing that you will be okay. You need to show him that you are strong and can support whatever happens.

Two years is fantastic, alot can change for the good during that timeframe! Research all you can about new procedures, and keep in constant contact with the oncologist. Ask questions, tons of questions, ask until you understand exactly what is going on. Seek counsel for yourself, it's going to be a tough road, the last weeks are particularly difficult. Get Hospice Care involved when he has less than six months or so, it's a great organization that offers help,hope,care for the patient and the family. They are also a good source for getting info to help the patient. Cherish each day you have with him, make sure you tell him anything and everything you always wanted to, but were afraid to say before. Make sure you tell him you will be okay once he is gone, that he has taught you to be strong, and you will be. Be there for him and his caregiver, everyday. My mom passed one month after diagnosis, we didn't have the time you have. Be thankful you have been given this gift, you can now plan for the future.

Spend as much time with him as you can. Travel with him. Travel always lighten up a person. Try to write a story about him and ask him to help you out on the story. That will distract him from the illness.

I think you should always like it is your last day. Apparently your father already does so. Accept his behavior and enoy life while it lasts. It is almost impossible by the way to give accurate estimations for how long a patient still has. Most physicians will only give very rough estimates if any. It could be much longer than 2 year s and it could be much shorter. All the ore reason to enjoy life as it is.

First off, I am so sorry for your family. I lost 3 grandparents to cancers.
take as much time to spend with him as possible. If he is not too ill, take a dream trip with him. Someplace he has always wanted to go and never got around to.
Take a new family picture. You `ll have the memories forever in a pic.

That Guitar Guy.
Hey, i feel very much for you.. ive been through the same pain, most people that are in your dads situation feel that they just want to live whats left of their life like they usally do, but we all know that its not what they are actually feeling...
I know that i never spent as much time with my father as i should have, and i knew deep down that hurts him, so 1 suggestion, be with him as much as possible show him with every effort that you love him and will be there always. You probably know his dreams, though some arn't within your capabilitie to do, if you can give him one of these things maybe you could tick something of his list... Finally as much as this is hard and may hurt, dont remind him of his cancer, and again as hard as it is dont bring up the illness, or at least as little as possible... The last thing you want is him worrying and getting upset.. I'm only 17 so i probably dont give great advice, but as i said i feel for you and your father, so i had to contribute something. Troy

Just be nice to him and do things he wants to with you

It is tough I am sorry for you and your family but He is here now and enjoy your dad all you can. I lost mine awhile back and the one thing is that I wished was more pictures of us having fun. Also asking more questions about him when he was young, what he liked to do what kind of mischief did he get into the fun things that he did, also about all the relatives. Do things he like to do and just give him a hug every now and then for no obvious reason. God Bless and my prayers are with you and your family.

i am a doctor..
fist talk to the doctor treating your father and ask for any treatment options.
if the doctor says thereare no treatment options, then ask is there is a chance for palliative care..
the palliative care depends on the type of cancer..
then make your father as happy as possible
talk with him a lot.. take him on a trip..
if he has anything in life to finish off like his will and all., help him with it..
get your relations' and siblings' support todo this... so that you can avaoid burnout of yourself..
make your father meet all realtions whenever he can..and try to make up with old foes.
divide the responsibility of looking after your father to your brothers and sisters too..beacuse in the end you also need to look into your family too..

please feel free to ask any more questions from me directly or visit
you can ask any health related problem here and this is conducted totally free by doctors..

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