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lung cancer (metastasized)?
my husband had a fatty tumor removed(non-cancer). later his arm was sore. went and got an x-ray, they noticed a black spot on his arm. from there it was mri,cat-scan,etc. and then found the lung cancer(metastases). how's that? when he never had anything wrong before?
his lungs always sounded great.

Cristofer Lee
I have your answer I inspected google, yahoo and alexa and have established this
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He doesn’t have lung cancer and you don’t say what kind of cancer he has. Whatever it is it spread to his lungs.

Are you saying he has melanoma?

There must be or have been another malignant tumor beside the benign one the removed.
You don't have symptoms of lung cancer until it's progressed quite a bit, usually

God bless.

Sometimes a lung tumor won't show up on a basic xray but does on CT scan. They may be able to treat it with chemo, it sounds like it is still fairly small. I know its a shock, but it does happen. I was always very healthy, and getting dx'd with stage iv lung cancer was a shock. With treatment, your husband may do very well.. see the oncologist and get a plan in motion.

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