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is lung cancer possible for a 19 year old?
i've been smoking since i was 15
and recently have had sharp chest pains,difficulty to breath,chesty cough
im scared please help :(

Jessica !
Listen to yourself.
Im 19, I've been smoking since I was 15.

So thats 4 years of smoking?
Nice way to shorten your life.
I wouldn't be suprised if you did have cancer.

Yaha H
probably since u have been smoking
but if u hadnt of smoked then no


Yes, it is possible. Hek, now adays you can get cancer from second hand smoke. Try the patch, it got my mum to quit smoking. But you get really wierd dreams. O.o

Jenni dee
I'm afraid it is possible
but you should get to the doctors immediately...JUST to be safe! and hopefully this fear will stop you smoking!

Katieee Babess x
yes . mostly when u smoke

You could.. you never know. I'd go to the doctor as soon as possible.

cool kid
yes all ages that smoke my advice to you not to die is take those non smoking tablets then go to a Doctor or consultant and i think you'll be ok
im no expert but my uncle is a smoking type of docter im a 10 year old but plz take my advice and plz rate me im new

how many do you smoke per day? Whether it is cancer
or not , only a doctor can diagnose and tell. Smoking is
injurious to health. GIVE IT UP. Determination is required.

Good Guinness To You!
Although not very likely, it is possible. Go to the doctor and tell him your problems, try to quit smoking. Use commit lozenges, they helped me.

<Ripped UP>
You can have lung cancer without smoking. Smoking just increases those odds. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to check it out. I would recommend seeing a doctor so you can figure out what to do. It may be anything from cancer to Asama.

Probably not cancer, could be bronchitis or pnumonia before it would be cancer. However cancer is never age specific you need to look at your parents and grandparents if you can to determine pre disposition, why don't you stop?

quit smoking.

its not likely.

Anna K
of corse it is, cancer knows no age. Please go see a doctor, try to quit smoking and start praying...

of course it's possible. it's possible for a baby to have it -- smoking isnt the only way you can get lung cancer. but if you want help, stop smoking cigarettes. go to a doctor -- don't ask people on the internet -- the doctor knows better.

It's rare but not totally unheard of , I wouldn't worry about it but if it worsens or stick around any longer than a few weeks I'd check with my family doctor

I have a great idea: STOP SMOKING!!!

Kim Chim
Why would you initially assume cancer? Believe it or not, 90% of the time, Cancer doesn't come with pain. This is why people don't usually catch it fast enough before it spreads. I don't know if you know this, but when you smoke cigarettes, you're inhaling hundreds of unnatural chemicals into your lungs. *Not bashing, I smoke too. :/

Your lungs/throat are just irritated. Maybe this is your body telling you to try to quit. Menthol cigarettes tend to do this more so than non menthol. I smoke Newports and I get the same pains occasionally.

Its not likely but this should be a wake up call to you. Stop smoking!!

Kay X
Yes lung cancer is possible. Go see a doctor right away...and quit smoking. Even if it's not cancer, it's still dangerous.

any age is possible for lung cancer if you smoke and empezema sorry i can't spell that word

Lung cancer should not be your only worry. You can get heart disease and a 1000 other things from cigarrete smoking from a young age. Please try and quit, I know its hard but you will feel so much better and you will look back and see what damage you are doing to yourself if you dont.
You probably have some kind of brochial virus etc. Still you shouldnt smoke if you do.

Joe L
Might just be anxiety, but quit smoking anyway. I used Chantix and it worked...

When your lungs hurt, this does not mean that you got cancer. All smokers face this one day.

Smoking harden your blood vessels, this make them not as efficient as normal to work. thats why it hurts.

BUT what is cancer,
cancer happens because of abnormal division in blood cells, the white blood cells for tumors by collecting together and destroy your own tissue, this is when they get pissed off. Smoking as I told, by interpreting the Job of your blood vessels can lead eventually to this.

I quited 1 year ago. It saved my life.
Just quit it,
Waste money
Waste health
May waste your life.

To answer your question, Cancer does not matter what age. people who are less active, overweight, and have other chronic disease are in higly risk recieving cancer.
: )

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