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Hippie forever
is it likely I have breast cancer?
I am 14, last night while checking my breasts for lumps, I found a lump in the middle of my armpit, it kinda hurts when I touch it, is it likely I have breast cancer?

your 14, i DOUT it. it may just be a pimple or something like that

if your REALLY worried, ask your mum first then go to the doctors

i dout it

The Library Of Codex
It might be a blocked pore or hairbreak, but go to your doctor for a test and then you'll be sure.

[email protected]
i had some painful nodules in my armpit when i was 15 and i was SO SCARED! i didnt even want to tell my parents, but now that im older, i dont know why! lol I finally went to the doctor and these places were called fibroids, all because i drank too much caffeene and sodas and tea. lay off the caffene for a few months (totally) and then check.. if they are still there, have your doctor check them. if the bumps are red, or they have a white spot in the middle, it could be a pimple (i still get these from shaving and im 32!) try using a really good razor and a new one each time you shave, and also try changing your deoderant. you may want to start showering in the night and shaving then, and not applying deoderant until the morning, when your pores have had time to close a bit. remember that if u dont feel like you can talk to your parents, you can go to any emergency room in the united states and get free healthcare without your parents knowing or their concent. it is the law. they can not tell your parents anything. Good luck to you, and ill keep my prayers going :)

No, it is extremely unlikely that you have breast cancer; the chances are very close to zero

Breast cancer is mainly a disease of ageing.

Fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed with it are under 30. and it's almost unheard of in under 25s.

Only 5% of those diagnosed with it are under 40, 80% are over 50 and the average age at diagnosis is a little over 60.

The American Cancer Society and other cancer organisations recommend that women bgin breast self examination at the age of 20. Before that it is pretty much pointless as hormonal changes mean your breasts are constantly changing, girls of that age are so extremely unlikely to have breast cancer.

Most breast and underarm lumps, even in women over 50, aren't cancerous. And most cancerous breast lumps don't hurt - the vast majority of people diagnosed with breast cancer have felt no pain.

If you did have breast cancer your case would be written up in medical journals worldwide because its extreme rarity would make it of such enormous interest to the medical profession.

What you desscribe is almost certainly hormonal

Wait a couple of weeks; if the lump's still there talk to your school nurse, who will be used to girls having worries like this and will be able to reassure you. Meanwhile talk to your mother for reassurance

Peter M
It's very doubtful at your age. Not impossible, but very doubtful. Pain would not be a symptom and your young body is going through many changes right now. If you can, let your mom check it for you.

I'm 17 and about 5 months ago I found a lump in the middle of my armpit that hurt to touch I freaked out about pretty much every type of cancer (I am a bit of a hypochondriac) so I went to the doctor and the he laughed at me and told me it was a cyst caused by me having sensitive hair follicles.

Just go get it checked out, I'm sure it's nothing serious.

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