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im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
is it safe to be around him? someone told me that i should be careful since im pregnant..but it doesnt really make much sense. im not the one getting the treatments he is. im just curious if it could harm my unborn being around someone recieving radiation treatments.

Rebecca Hi

Lucy W
ask a doctor

i wouldnt straight after but a few hours should be ok depends on the radio therapy and intensity of it but it should be ok if i were u your dad needs support i hope he gets better you have a ard situation good luck and all the best health and wishs to your baby and your dad :(

I think this is something you need to ask your doctor

im sure it fine to be around him as long as your not the one picking him up or taking him to the hospital.. check with a doctor to make sure.... but i dont see how you couldnt be around him

your baby could be affected but its not necessarily life threatening to your baby. i would talk to my doctor if i were you.

first of all, like what the others say, you must ask firsthand your doctor.

Second of all, yes. It can harm your baby.

which is why the nurses/doctors do not allow anyone to go into the scanning room with them. this also contributes to the signs I've seen numerous times about a pregnant woman not being able to enter.

now, almost everyone here is saying your dad is radioactive and that cancer is not contagious.

while the points are correct in most ways, the reason to why your life and the baby's life can be in danger is not because of the fact that he's receiving radioactive treatment but the fact the UV from the radition particles can go straight through you. this causes absorption from your skin to some of the radiation which is highly dangerous.

this is life threatening because your body cannot handle radiation.

he could have some radiation from his clothes or his skin which is why professionals usually use a scanner to locate possible radiation scraps.

it is highly dangerous and I can't help you make the decision to either be around with your father or not.

I'm simply giving you what I know.

The rest is up to you.

by the way,

Congraulations on your baby.

Take care.

Honey pot
not sure, but I think it is fine. I know you aren't supposed to HANDLE chemotherapy while pregnant, but can't really see how radiation given to someone would harm you or your baby. To be sure, ask your ob next time you see him/her.

It shouldn't normally affect you. if you want to be completely sure, Just talk to your dad's doctor... and ask if it's contageous or even safe? I'm sure he/she can give you detailed description regarding this matter.

Good luck! and congrats on the unborn!


You'll be fine.

It is very spooky how little people understand about radiation, what it is, what it does, and where it comes from.

Your father is NOT radioactive.

Being in the room with him while he gets his treatments is unsafe. But if he was emitting enough radiation to hurt you or your child, he would be DEAD.

No you're not going to cause harm to your child by being around your father.

linda h
Cancer is not contagious and your dad is not radioactive. Spend time with him and enjoy it!

The radiation treatment he is getting will hurt him far more than it will ever hurt you. The only way you can get the radiation is to be in the room with him when he is getting the treatment. If the procedure includes putting radiation "seeds" in the tumor, then you should not get close to that, even that is very localized procedure and with a brain tumor most likely not what they have done to him.

I would tell your dad to look into other forms of treatments because the statistics for a 5 year survival rate for brain tumors is not good. The success rate is 3.7% or in other words 3.7 people out of 100 survive after 5 years. I would tell your dad to look for the "root cause" of his tumor and not just at the tumor itself. I would strongly suggest that if he has ANY root canals, teeth extractions, amalgam fillings, and ANY dental work at all to look their first. Many brain tumors are reduced by radiation and then come back with a vengeance. The reason is that doctors are not looking for the "root cause" and do what they are trained to do and just look at the tumor itself.

I would strongly suggest your dad continue working with his doctors, but also seek out a practitioner in your area that understands QRA testing and locate that infection that is causing that tumor.

good luck to you

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