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and what really is breast cancer?...

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i've been smoking since i was 15
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im scared please help :(...

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Throat Cancer?
Lung Cancer?...

 Why is there no cure for Cancer?
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I mean wouldnt they make as much money with a cure as with treatments and hospitaization ?

This is ...

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 can too much bubble gum cause cancer?
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 When you know somebody's going to die wot do u do?

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if i have a bald spot and they took blood from me will it say i smoke weed?

yup. serves you right for being a loser.

first, why would they need blood from your bald spot

second, unfortunately yes and it should be legal

Nancy Pelosi

Are you legal?

Yep run man run away

yeah they will know
drugs stay in your body for a while
i dont know how long but it is pretty long

What the heck does that EVEN MEAN??

It will say that you smoke weed. And need Rogain

Will M
yes it will

yes and the police will know and look for guy's with a bald spot.

What? A blood test will determine if you are smoking weed, yes. A mirror will tell you if you have a bald spot.

Ryan K
depends when the last time you smoked was. i think blood and urine is detectable for up to a month and hair is something like a few years

Sarah A
Lmao wtf?

Edit: Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't understand the question. =(

If you smoked weed, it will probably say you did.

Yes no matter where they take blood from they can tell everything you have in your system. If you are trying to get a job your screwed but for anything else they really can't do anything I guess...

You mean will it say I smoke crack. It might but why does it matter. The law can't do anything because your blood has THC in it. Unless it's for a job in which case they'd make you take a UA anyways.

if they take blood from you and you smoke an L it will say you smoke weed
if your 90 years old and you shart on yourself and have no hair then no it will not

hamon rye
Yes ... It doesn't just stick to hair on that one spot of your head. Anyway no one uses hair ... They use urine or saliva.

Is there a brain under that bald spot? Dude stay off the drugs.

Jesse M
It depends on when the last time you smoked was, if it was less then like 2 days, ya you are guna fail the blood test. you can always say you ate a poopy seed bagel, (they make you fail tests)

Peter M
Listen to Tracey, Carlos. When blood is drawn it is drawn for specific tests and there would be no reason for them to be drug testing in your case. Your blood doesn't yell pot to the technician, the tech has to be looking for it. In the US, privacy laws require medical people to tell you specifically why the blood is being drawn and only the tests on the order form can be done.

Andy M
Sorry to say all the yahoo's who answered you are ignorant...

If its a UA dont worry, they are not testing your system for drugs. They are testing you for a different analysis. Your good to go. stoner pride!

Doctors cannot Test for Drugs the same time they are testing you for a common medical problem. UA's for your health DO NOT Test drugs. I know trust me.

yes, if your blood is green they will know

Tracey Seth
Isuspect the bald spot has something to do with the fact that this is the cancer section.

Unless they are drug testing you and looking for the chemical componets in weed, they are not going to know. I also suspect that if you are undergoing chemo and you are somking weed, the staff would probably be compassionate enough to leave you the hell alone. If not, I'd switch docs...

What does the bald spot have to do with anything? And yes, if they look for evidence of smoking weed, they can tell.

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