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i think i have cancer?
well im loosing a lot of hair like mabye this much IIIIIIIIIIIIII in acucil size what do i do
Additional Details
i am only 12

copenhagen smile
don't panic, it's unlikely that you have cancer. Cancer patients don't just start losing their hair - they lose their hair because they are cnacer patients. It falls out from chemotherapy treatments.

You probably just have lice or an advanced form of East African Scalpicitis.



mr. Deneau
umm I belive some kinds cancer can make you loose your hair , but i'm pretty sure loosing your hair can happen for many reasons (radiation poisioning, age , or other diseases) my advice would to make an appointment with your docter

lots of dandruff.

Cancer doesn't make you lose hair. Chemo makes you loose hair. As for what you should do, look for some special shampoos.

dog lover
obviously seth is joking so idk why he is getting so many thumbs down lol.

also your hair dose not fall out when you have cancer, it falls out when you have chemotherapy.

No you do not have cancer, and losing 111111111 that much in actual size is not alot at all.

Chemo makes you lose hair, NOT Cancer.
You probably just DID something to you're hair like dyed it, or bleached it or something to do with chemicals in the hair.

My best friend dyed her hair black, then three days' later bleached it so she could go blonde instead.
Her hair fell out =

get check out first before you go and get depress about.because i have cancer and it's no joke.I'm in constant pain through out my insides.I'll pray and hope for you.


Orpheus Think Tank Repairman
Everyone has cancer... the question is does your immune system take care of those cells that are malformed... to help your immune system do its job you need to reduce stress and bring more laughter into your daily life.

CHEMOTHERAPY causes hair loss, not the actual cancer itself.
chemotherapy helps cancer get better which makes your hair fall out. but i WOULD go to the doctor if i were you to see what it is. maybe you need to start eating healthy, or if you are anorexic or bullemic STOP NOW.

Hair loss is associated with the treatment for Cancer not cancer itself - - - ie radiation treatments. Hair loss is usually a hereditary matter or a sign of poor nutrition. The best thing for either hair loss or fear of Cancer is a diet heavy on fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grain breads etc, light on lean meats preferably fish and cut out all 'junk' food especially sugary soda... An old fashion remedy is too rub raw egg into your scalp twice a day.. A modern method is Rogaine.

Peace -------- o o o p p o o p p o o

there are other things that can cause you to lose your hair. definitely see a doctor so they can investigate.

i lose a lot of hair when i'm in the shower & when i just brush my hair. if you have bald spots then seek a dr.

go see a doctor


It is some chemotherapies that cause you to lose hair, not the cancer.

Are you losing weight and having any other symptoms? Hair loss can be caused by lots of things. You need to see a physician for a check up very soon. Get some test done and get to the cause so it can be corrected. Thyroid disease can cause hair loss. A simple pill a day can regulate this and fix your hair loss symptom. Good luck.

GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you feel that your health is in jeopardy, why would you ask a bunch of yahoos on this site for medical advice?

...You should consult a physician, or at least use a more reliable source, such as Webmd.

there are lots of reasons why u would be loosing ur hair. go to the doc, don't assume the worst,,.

sweetie p
stress and also overdosing vitamins can cause hair loss. Doesnt have to be cancer.

First, if you are young (under 20) your chances of cancer are very slim. Hair loss goes in cycles and varies with your nutritional status. Periods of greater hair loss and then periods of less hair loss are normal. You lose strands of hair (about 100) each and every day. You don't need to do anything.

Go to the doctor it might be from a allergic reaction or maybe your sick. But i highly doubt you have cancer if your really worried tell your a friend or family member? they could really help you.

Hope it helps! <3

( there is a link below about cancer side affects )

Ally K
i am pretty sure you dont have cancer, or atleast that is not what is causing your hair to fall out. if you have cancer and you get keemo (no idea how to spell it) then it kills your hair growing cells and you loose your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, peach fuzz and every form of hair on your body. i have no idea what could be causing your hair to fall out but i know it is not cancer

Cancer is never an easy thing to go through. But before you prepare yourself with thinking you have cancer you need to find out. Go to a doctor and tell them your concerns they can run several test on you to determine if you have it. So I would make an appointment after the Holidays. And if you do have cancer I suggest taking every step it takes to cure it. And if you don't then thank God for the blessing.

no just a hormone disorder
during cancer you start losing hair after you get your chemo and not before
im not sure of this but you can check out cancer websites

Hair lose can be the indication of many things - not usually cancer. Cancer patients lose hair because of chemo-therapy. See a dermatologist.

Cancer itself doesn't cause you to lose your hair, chemotherapy treatments do. Furthermore, if you truly feel you have cancer, you'd go to a doctor instead of asking a bunch of people online.

Cancer does not cause hair loss. The treatment of cancer causes it.

LOL Don't listen to Seth. There are way too many things that could cause hair-loss. Go to a doctor, and he will tell you what's up. 99.99% chance you don't have cancer. You are panicking at something silly, just go to the doc.

Just BNme
I thought you lose hair once your on chemotherapy?....it could be just stress related...or maybe your hair is just damaged.

It's very rare that cancer makes you lose hair. It's usually the CHEMOTHERAPY that they give someone who has cancer that makes you lose the hair, not the cancer itself.

Brown eyed girl
for one, many people lose hair when the seasons change and for another, don*t jump to conclusions, you could have thyroid problems and a teeny pill treats that, you should see a doctor.

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