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 i have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
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 What do i do im 17 with cancer?
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 what do you guys think about smokers?
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 my friend lied about having terminal cancer?
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Dan S
i smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day will i get cancer?

Don't you have any work?
Getting cancer or not depens on GOD.

naw, fool. youre perfectly healthy for the rest of your life! no worries, just kick it.


Shaun I
it will all depend on your genes really .. i know people who smoke for years and nothing happens , some smoke just in there teens and get cancer , then some only get second hand smoke and get cancer

How the **** would I ******* know??

there is a very high chance that you will get lung cancer if you keep on smoking so many packs a day. it would be good if you started to lessen the amount you smoke.

I think you're really pushing it. I knew a very, very old Navajo man that smoked a great part of his life, he even looked yellow ... skin, nails, teeth, and even eyes, from the smoke ... not pretty at all. However, he never got cancer. It was definitely not in his genes. I'd guess most people wouldn't have been so lucky, though. Please stop destroying your lungs, and everyone else's that may be around ... your most loved people will pay the ultimate price, if you don't also. My mom recently died of lung cancer, and she never smoked. Lung cancer is a horrible disease, please don't push it!

Lydia S

Jesus is a sweetheart
you could. even if you don't look at all the damage it is doing to your insides. and what will you say if you do get it. Non smokers get lung cancer too. Please cut down or stop your smoking it is not doing your body any good. good luck.

very good chance of that, as well as other health problems.

♥ Pink Princess ♥

if you have done it very long, id be surprised if you dont already have it...

Dinty Moore
How can you afford it?

Well if you don't get cancer you'll have COPD.... And sadly enuff, my dad had stopped smoking for like 5 years, and he'd smoked since he was 5 years old don't ask.lol
and once he did finally stop, he ended up with lung cancer and having his left lobe removed.. he hasn't had to have chemo or radiation they said the earliest detection is the best detection...

How will any one's answer here influence your behavior anyhow?

Yes...Eventually you will. Isnt that a freaky thought??? If you dont quit now for sure you will have Cancer within some years. And that is a horrible way of dying...painful.

Don't be doubtful...

I roll my sigarettes, I used to have yellow fingers but as I am intensly working with medicinal herbs and drinking loads of (tab)water now you could not tell by looking at my fingers that I smoke, wich proves my organism is assimilating all contents of sigarettes. The oldest person in Europe was 122 years old and smoked more than 100 years.

Sweet Gal
looks like you are working very hard on it

smoking greatly increases your chances of having lung cancer. not only does smoking increase the risk of having cancer, it also causes long term health problems like emphysema and hardened arteries which in turn could cause hypertension...

hope this helps..:)

good chance . buht how the fuqq do you smoke 5 packs a day ? ur insane in tha membrane !!

You'll get COPD
cronic obstructive pulmonic desease + maybe cancer

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