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i have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
my family uses me for money and i don't want to donate it because the people they give it to just sit on there butt and don't try to work. its not hard.. i did it and I invested in the internet before it got huge and know I won't live more than six months.. what would u do in this situation

Send some to me...single mom, just had thyroid cancer, barely getting by............

no such thing.
That's really sad. :(
I hope you are OK with everything and accept it, and will just make your last few months really spectacular.
You have clearly earned your money, so why not donate a large chunk of it to various charities who you can assosciate with? Or even set up your own charity to help maybe even people in similar situations to yourself.

And spend the rest of your life, seeing all the places you've ever wanted to see, and doing all the things you've ever wanted to do.

All the best.

I don't believe a word of it.

me either

I'm sorry to hear that your sick... i believe that you should leave your money to whom ever you feel needs it most, weather it be family friends or stranger, you should also consider donating to cancer research that way you'll be helping millions of people. If i were in your situations and no one in my family deserved it i would probably give my money to needy families college students and i would probably donate the majority to cancer research. A million dollars is a lot of money and sometimes even a dollar can make a difference in someones life.

cold grey Ash
Go crazy shopping, then donate it to an animal shelter or a cancer foundation or other foundation that does not give it to people - not for helping people, but for research - you can specify.


Buy land to protect, like boreal forests, rainforest, wetlands etc so noone makes a parking lot or logs it all.

You could also give to abused and/or endagered animals.

If I had money like that, that's what I would do without blinking.

i would give it to the people that you love or have been there the most for you over the years if you have kids you should leave it to them or just go to a local orphan center and make sure your money is going to a good place

from:guru friend

Doug L
start a trust for a local school.
you can also specify a charity in your will to bypass your family.
See a lawyer to get the paperwork done.

God speed. Dont believe any doctor that says you only have 6 mo to live. Fight!

Summer <3 God,Bball,art(;
um donate it to chairty, and keep the rest to spend for yourself before you die, i'm sorry=(

JuLu's Finding Her Marbles
Hopefully you've lived a full life with no regrets.
I'd spend the little time I had doing and seeing the things in the world I have on my Bucket list.
I'd leave accounts for my kids and my family.
I'd donate to St Judes, the Children's Miracle Network, and set up several scholarship funds for students from my hometown.

May the time you have left be lived to it's fullest.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

It's your money. Do what you want with it. I think it would be good idea though to do everything that you want to in life before it's too late. Travel, do something a little crazy (skydiving maybe?). I know that there is a lot of charities and organizations that could use the money, and that won't just give it out to people who do nothing. What about charities like the Red Cross, or United Way?

I would give it too poor kids who can't afford to pay for college. Give it out in scholarships. It is so stressful to try and study in school, and think of ways to pay for your tuition. Or give it too an orphanage in Africa because there are so many children without homes over there, it's so sad.

Rose G
i would donate it to st. Jude's children's hospital. they take everyone there weather they have money or insurance. it takes a million a day to run it and the work off of donations.
maybe they would make a breakthrough due to your donation and name it after you. then you would be remembered forever.

the sweetest thing ♥
well give it to diffrent charities like breast cancer,toys for tots so they can get toys for kids,homeless shelters.

Find someone somewhere that really needs it and would appriciate it. Someone that is working hard to raise their family, but still struggles with financial problems. I'm sure you could find someone.
I am sorry about your situation.
Why don't you just spend it on yourself? Go do everything that you have always wanted to do in your last 6 months. Seriously.

Banjo and Sullivan
I could really use a little money... Just a thought. You might not be dying as soon as you think. Hang in there.

Marcie E
Leave it to random strangers, take it out in cash and just hand it out to people. You can give me some I would still work, just use it to put a down-payment on a home.

Donate it to cancer research, since you have cancer. But I think you are making this up.

here is my email address and you can send it all my way. I will give it to all the ugly people so they can feel good about themselves.. seriously i won't use you for it I will be honest and say i am tired of work and you got the money easy.. so share wit me puleeaase... email me for my address of where to write the check and die knowing i love you

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