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 I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?

 My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago, he seems to be doing well. It's hard to beleive.
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 If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
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 I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I smoke cigarettes and recently I have throat pain all the time and my tongue is also always in pain. I also am out of breath all the time and my lungs sometimes feels like a knife is stabbing up ...

 I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
i just found out that my mom has liver cancer and i don't think she knows it. my mom live in germany and i'm in the states, i don't know what to do other then cry! my mother is like my ...

 What happens if you have cancer but don't want treatment?
in the US
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yes, I know about the dying part -- I meant do the doctors refuse to treat you any more or ...

 Do you know anyone who has cancer?
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 To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you support victims of cancer)?
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 Is cancer actualy curable?

 my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
How long does someone usually survive when their whole left lung and half of their right lung is covered with cancer? Sre their any other treatments bsides chemo.
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He ...

 can you die from lung cancer?

If I was dieing would you truthfully give your life to me??
Even Though I was a stranger???
Why or Why not???
<I'm not really dieing>...

 A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
i have this lump on my chest that is harder than the fat on my chest and muscle and it doesnt really move and ive had it for a month or two and now my nipple is starting to swell
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 I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?

 my friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
I don't promote pot, I used to smoke it alot, but don't like it anymore,so I quit. it was easy. I don't smoke cigs, she does. she says she likes smoking cigs.(eewww)
think about ...

 Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
As many die from lung cancer and never smoked....

 What would you do if you had cancer?
I mean, you know you're probably going to die and your friends and family cry probably everyday about you.
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People I know there are a lot of cancer survivors but ...

 I have been told I need to go into a hospice because I'm deteriorating gradually. I need some advice.?
My cancer is deteriorating and the hospital have said I have to go into a hospice. What I need to know is is it scary and will I like it? I'm getting sicker and sicker every day and the thought ...

 question about something i can't make into a question?
my dad just told me he has cancer and because its the 3rd time he got it its not looking good...at all. They can't even do anymore surgery so they are counting on chemo...ANYWAYS i dont wana ...

i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
but is it okay to sleep with a sports bra without the same effect?

i doubt it.

Its not true, for any bra unless its really badly fitting of course.

Where did you hear it.

No Comment...
yeah, and if you're hand is bigger than your face then you have cancer.......

Just Me
That is the craziest nonsense ever. You do not get cancer from sleeping with a bra on - any kind of bra, doesn't matter, you won't get cancer.

Did you boyfriend or husband tell you that? Sounds like it.

Not true.......uncomfortable, but not true.

That's an old wives tale. Cancer can strike any woman, although there seems to be an increase likely hood for smokers, heavier women, women who have had women in their immediate family develop cancer, etc.

If it's more comfortable for you to sleep with a bra on, wear it. Just make sure you go for regular checkups and do self exams each month.

no its not i saw something on tyra she incouages u to wear one to bed

No way.. That's just a myth.

Pregnant w/ our first ARMY BRAT
neither will give you cancer. and by the way, it also wont effect growth

Sounds like a goofy statement to me, and I don't hardly think so.

I've heard that aswell, so I just don't sleep with a bra, why risk it?


Cute but Evil, things even out
What!? Someone's feeding you a line of bull. Cancer is not caused by sleeping in a bra. I personally find it uncomfortable, but there is no long term health effects or wearing one or not.

Casey wants a boston terrier
i've never heard of that, i used to sleep with a bra on all the time... i dont see how a bra can cause cancer... lol... why would you want to wear one to bed anyways? they're soo uncomfortable! lol

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
Cancer is not cause by sleeping with a bra on at night.... of any type. sleep with a clear mind...

Radio waves, microwaves, power distribution towers, cell phones, tube televisions, all kinds of food, chemicals in tap water, rubbing alcohol, Listerine, and all kinds of other things are supposed to cause cancer too. I don't think you'll have a problem with either kind of bra, and if it in fact does cause cancer, you've got to go live in a secluded forest to escape the rest of the reported carcinogens out there.

It doesn't even make sense. Don't worry about it!

That is just a myth that someone started a few years ago. Wearing a bra at night will not cause cancer or any other medical problems.

It's not a good idea to sleep with a bra on. Especially a regular bra. My mom used to jump my *** if she would catch me sleeping in my bra.

I should be doing something else
I doubt very much that this is true.

That I am sure is just a myth. How could a bra affect you in any other way besides from supporting your breasts

Inquiring Minds...

No ~REGULAR~ Bra in Bed...
BUT A Sports Bra will do nicely??? Ahahaha!!!

Sounds like someone is merely interested in the techniques of the Kama Sutra!

MEN! ...always dancing on the third leg, hmm?

Tony B
The number of things that MIGHT cause cancer seems to grow longer each day. It is a marvel that the human race has survived. It would be almost impossible, outside a research laboratory, to live AND avoid anything ever identified as a carcinogen. Best thing to do is stop worrying - worrying itself is bad for the health.

I've never heard anything regarding bras that can cause cancer.
Most things nowadays are supposedly "cancer causing" but i really doubt this will have any affect on you.

do you wear radioactive bras or something

thats just not true

i think that thats a myth

Blue Haired Old Lady
That is BS. Sleeping with or without a bra has no effect on whether or not you get breast cancer.

Mickey Mouse Spears
"They" say that about a lot of things. When all is said and done, there will be nothing that doesn't "cause cancer."

It's nonsense.

There are a number of urban myths concerning breast cancer and bras, and this one is just as untrue as the rest - .you can't get breast cancer by wearing a badly-fitting bra either, or an underwired bra or any kind of bra at all.

Cancer, including breast cancer, happens when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. Your underwear can't trigger this process, and has no effect on it.

If you are comfortable sleeping in a bra, go ahead

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