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 in ct scan everybody get cancer ,then whats the percentage?
ct scan patient get cancer or not if get how it get ? Is there way to prevent it?...

 Dont have insurance, may have cancer!!?
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 how do you get lukemia?
my wife , was dieacnosed with ,[ philadelphia chromosme lukemia. and is taking gleevec 400 mg... HOW does some one get this???...

 If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, but would like some insight.
Additional Details
Like small patches?...

1) what does smoking and the sun have in common
2) explain how each of these can be dangerous
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 How manny people die from breast cancer every year?
just ...

Lady Shadow
help me with my fiance's smoking?
my fiance stopped smoking after 4 years cold turkey i know that's not good but he said that still gets cravings DUH but he said he was going to start again to quit the rite way but he quit 5 months ago wats the use of starting up again to quit? and hes not making any efforts to quit hes smoking more and more and not even trying!
Does what he did make sense? and how can I help him ween himself like wat can i say??? He knows I hate it but I'd never just tell him to do something GRRR

quitting cold turkey or weaning- basically the same after a few weeks. weaning is not going to make you crave them any less.

there is nothing you c an do to help him quit really just be encouraging. to actually quit and STAY quit you have to want to do it.

He's just making excuses to you for smoking. He probably didn't actually stop, but didn't smoke around you. He's more addicted now and can't keep hiding it, so he lies about it.

It sounds like he wants to smoke again and doesn't want to quit. After 5 months of not smoking it should have been out of his system. He doesn't make sense.

What he did makes sense... for someone looking for an excuse to smoke again. It doesnt matter how you quit, you have cravings for years, if not the rest of your life. Quitting again the "right" way isnt going to solve those problems, so to me, that just sounds like an excuse because he WANTED to smoke.

However, to give him benefit of the doubt, its possible that he MAY have actually thought that if he quit the right way he wouldnt have cravings. There are times when I would be willing to go through the crap of quitting again (i am currently smoke free) if I thought it meant I would never want it again after. I have been smoke free for about a year and a ahlf, and I still want one every day. This isnt just some bad habbit you need to get out of your system, its a real, hard core, addiction. The same way the sober alcoholic is still an alcoholic after 5 years, I will still be a smoker after 5 years of being smoke free... and 10 years later... i will still be a smoker. But those marks seem so far away, I still cant make it even 1 year without a cig, much less 5 or 10.

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