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 Do you ever think there will be a cure for cancer?
Before anyone says yes I no there is surgery,chemotheraphy,radiotheraphy and the wonder drug but will there be a way people who have it can get rid og it easyly without having to go through pain and ...

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 Jade question...??????????
In the newspapr today it says that jade may have to stay in hospital because of the pain - but she wishes to die at home..

then it goes on to say when she has a few hours before she dies ...

 Terminally Ill? Should we have the right to die?
Should it be the individuals right to decide, without the interference of others, when all hope of any quality of life has gone....

 Why Is Smoking Marijuana Considered Medical For Cancer Patients If Marijuana can Cause Cancer Too?
I am not anti-marijuana. In fact I think that the drug war has failed, and will continue too. But how does it help cancer patients if it can gradually cause cancer too?...

 Cancer Question?
If no one in your family on your mom or dad side has never had cancer could you still get it?...

 Has anyone gone through this?
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 there's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
I had 2 road accidents both times hit the head,then later on after 2yrs i got swelling (a hump) in right side of head.Can there be fiber accumulation??I feel it gradually increase its size.Do I need ...

 Cancer- partner refusing treatment?
hi. My partner is 26 and was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. The biopsy showed the cancer was a HER2 receptive type which is a relatively agreessive form. However she is refusing ...

 HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?

 How were you told you have cancer?
i missed my mentrual cycle since mid january so i made an appointment with my gyno for a pap. i was hoping to get a diagnosis for why i wasn't having my AF. turns out i have almost stopped ...

 Facts about the brain!!?
I have a school project and need some COOL IMPORTANT
facts about the brain need help if it is good i will give you best ...

 Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.?
Recently I found a little hard lump on my neck. It's about pea sized, I can push it hard but it doesn't really move and it's still under my skin.

My Dad had cancer and his ...

 Is this a sign of Cancer or something else?
My girl friend has told me about mysterious bruises on her legs, thighs and calves. i asked her if she bruises easy and she dont and she said they dont hurt. im kinda worried that it could be ...

 im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
is it safe to be around him? someone told me that i should be careful since im pregnant..but it doesnt really make much sense. im not the one getting the treatments he is. im just curious if it could ...

 Do mp3s give you the same tumors cellphones do?

 My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?
I saw her last breath and was holding her hand, I said all I needed to say. But I have this empty feeling and I cry anytime I know she should be where I am. This empty feeling is the worse feeling in ...

 She said i could get cancer!!!!! HELP!!!?
Me and my friend had a bad fight she beat me up bad im cover in black and blue bruises my mum said that i could get cancer from bruises if i keep getting in fights i will get cancer from the bruises ...

 Is Breast Cancer genetic?

 I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein ?
and starts to circulate through my body....where does it go...? Does it stay in my body forever...do i pass it with my other waste....?
Additional Details
Jiane I was gonna email you ...

has anybody else got skin cancer i'm scared?

Additional Details
its BCC or something i only found out today i have to have it cut off if its receptive to treatment she also gave me a blood test for something or other

no, I haven't had it, I'm very sorry...
try this organisation, they might offer some help.Alternatives to cancer
(i know there;s a herbal tincture called Essiac which has proven to treat many forms of cancer, please go >events >Jenny Boys Herbalist.
Also try this site,
(typr in cancer or skin cancer & look thr' results, not all r relevant)
I pray for your recovery.
(also I suggest going for healing, it's gentle therpay that tranfers healing energy to you thr' hands)
the NFSH have centres around UK, please type r postcode for nearest centre:

If you have skin cancer you can have it surgically removed, and you could use emu oil on it. Emu oil kills cancer cells, it takes one month on the average, it will change colour and just dry up and then you can wash it off, its that simple. Put it on everyday until gone. Ok

I had it. What kind do you have? What treatment are you under? Need more info.

Tatty Ted
No fortunately I dont. I hope you will be okay and have been diagnosed quickly. Try looking for a discussion group on the internet. There will be people in the same situation as you who also need to talk.

Best of luck

Relax, God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change...........

A BCC is about as benign a cancer as you can get. Problems come if they grow too large or deep locally, especially on the scalp. Surgery and occassionally radiotherapy are needed. No need to worry, after this, a 6 month follow up and they'll just tell you how to check your own moles.

It would be immensely helpful to me if I knew what type of cancer you have and at what stage it is. Can you provide me with this information? "Skin cancer" is too general and vague a term.

My brother was mis-diagnosed for 5 years until the military doctors told him he had Melanoma...it had moved into his parotid gland...he had surgery and had been cancer free for 6 months. I wish you luck...! Believe.

There are many different forms of skin cancer with different severities. Many - most, if caught early - cancerous growths are small, localised, and can be easily removed in a simple procedure where it is frozen and then cut out. Hopefully, yours is one of these and you will make a full recovery.

Basal Cell Carcinoma or BCC is one of the less scary kinds, which only rarely spreads to other parts of the body ("matastasis") and is not usually life-threatening (from website below) - but getting it treated as promptly as possible will give you the very best chance.

I don't have it but there's been some in my family.

My thoughts are with you, honey, you're not alone.

my grandpa has had it for years and is still very active and healthy. hes had surgery several times for it but that's all.

Don't be scared just be glad it was found .There is a very good recovery for skin cancer.

No I don't, but if I did I would be scared too. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand which has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world (one third of the population will be diagnosed with it at some point in their lives) so the very term "skin cancer" strikes fear into me.

I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any better. What might make you feel better is if you research it thoroughly. Don't put any more questions on here about it because the general public don't know what they're on about, especially in this country where it isn't common, but look on proper medical websites for information relating to the type of skin cancer that you have. Also talk to your doctor and make sure you know all the facts about your situation. This should calm you down and reassure you; it's not going to help you physically but you will be a lot less scared if you fully understand what's going on.

I hope everything works out for you. Like most cancers, skin cancer is treatable if caught early enough, and I hope that yours was. I know someone whose was caught relatively early and even though she was in and out of hospital for about ten months, she turned out to be fine and is now in full remission.

Hi, BCC is not so much to be scared of. As long as it is not the infiltrating type (the that spreads and goes deeper on the tissues). I suggest you get the treatment right away and the best procedure for that is Mohs micrographic surgery. Look for a certified Mohs surgeon and mohs histotechnician. You only need to prepare for the expenses and laso undergo laboraory clearance like Complete blood count, Bleeding time, Clotting time, ECG..just to make sure you are fit to undergo the opeartion. Yes, it is cutting..but just a minor one. The cancer area will be injected with anesthesia (local..so you are not going to sleep or sedated ) then the doctors will cut the specimen, the mohs histotechnician will process and make the slide..they will read it under the microscope until they find it negative for cancer cells. This is good because you can 99 % sure of no recurrence of the BCC. If you're doctors are good, this will take only a few hours and the scar will be okay later on. Healing will take time but will give some antibiotics and paracetamol. Hope this helps. God bless

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