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 Is cancer actualy curable?

 my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
How long does someone usually survive when their whole left lung and half of their right lung is covered with cancer? Sre their any other treatments bsides chemo.
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He ...

 can you die from lung cancer?

If I was dieing would you truthfully give your life to me??
Even Though I was a stranger???
Why or Why not???
<I'm not really dieing>...

 A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
i have this lump on my chest that is harder than the fat on my chest and muscle and it doesnt really move and ive had it for a month or two and now my nipple is starting to swell
Additional D...

 I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?

 my friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
I don't promote pot, I used to smoke it alot, but don't like it anymore,so I quit. it was easy. I don't smoke cigs, she does. she says she likes smoking cigs.(eewww)
think about ...

 Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
As many die from lung cancer and never smoked....

 What would you do if you had cancer?
I mean, you know you're probably going to die and your friends and family cry probably everyday about you.
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People I know there are a lot of cancer survivors but ...

 I have been told I need to go into a hospice because I'm deteriorating gradually. I need some advice.?
My cancer is deteriorating and the hospital have said I have to go into a hospice. What I need to know is is it scary and will I like it? I'm getting sicker and sicker every day and the thought ...

 question about something i can't make into a question?
my dad just told me he has cancer and because its the 3rd time he got it its not looking good...at all. They can't even do anymore surgery so they are counting on chemo...ANYWAYS i dont wana ...

 Please help me! I think somethin's wrong!?
I am a very smart 13 year old girl. I have been forgetting things lately like things I learned last year in 6th grade. Then we reviewed, and reviewed. I get it and then 5 min later, I forget again. I ...

 Would you feel sad if you just fount out that your best friend has cancer?
About two weeks ago,I fount out that my best friend has lyphompia.
Additional Details
I just want to make sure that she is cured with in two years.She is like a sister to me.She is a ...

 Why 90% of americans are still using microwaves in their kitchens if it's known to be bad for our health?

 I have a lump in my left breast (nothing in the right one), it is relatively small and doesn't really cause me?
any problems until I'm due on, about a week before it really hurts - you can't even lean on it without it hurting. I'm 26 years old and did go to my doctors about this, who referred ...

 Is this cancer?
I have this bump on my right lower abdomen. I think its a lymph node. It is very mobile. Its been there for like 3 or 4 years. It never grew. Its not painful at all and never has been. It isnt ...

 Is it worth having chemotherapy has well as radiotherapy if the breast cancer hasn't spread to the lympth node

 My mother is having surgery tomorrow...would you pray for her?
I have some specific requests that you pray for. Would you pray that the tumor is small...that it hasn't spread...and that she is totally treatable? Thank you very much. Oh! Her name is S...

 I have cancer as well as being sick. Is there anything else I can do besides chemo?
I dont have anything else 2 say!!...

 can ciggaretts cause cancer?

do you believe cell phones cause cancer?
what doesnt cause cancer though? lol
but i was wondering what you guys think?
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meg i dont care if this question pisses you off ignore it and answer a different one

♥♥franki♥♥ s*yt happens
weelll excuse me it is a tested fact there is relation!

No cell phones dont cause cancer! Are you completely stupid? That should have been your question!! hehe

cell phones really cause cancer ,due to radiation.

Unbiased research clearly shows that cell phones are not a risk factor for development of cancer.

Bow Down To King James
It it did we all would have had cancer. Lol. I dont believe that.

trayce !
Everything causes cancer.

I have cancer and I worry about it a looooooooooot less than some people who don't even know crap about it.


I don't know if they cause cancer, and frankly, I really don't care. For crying out loud, eating hot dogs causes cancer! Instead of people studying what does cause cancer, I'd love to see some people studying cures for cancer. At least then, we could talk to our friends on the phone without worries of potential brain tumors.

o_o...Peace... o_o
my parents due i honestly could care less. that is the reason i dont have one. i guess it could happen

Adam W
I DON'T believe that at all.

meg *__*
its not a matter of what people BELIEVE
the matter is what has been scientifically proven
so you should not take ANY of these answers as fact--theyre all opinions, unless backed up by evidence.

Imagine Whirled Peas
It would be interesting to see how many that believe this piece of ridiculosity don't believe that tanning beds do cause cancer.

Yes I do believe cell phones are another cause of cancer. The radio waves are the culprit.

Yeah they can, but no one cares. Teenagers just want to use there phone whenever. People just don't care about that kind of stuff anymore. Its a shame, really.

You're Gonna Love My Nuts
cell phones give you anus cancer

Connor C
Cellular phones operate with RF (Radio Frequencies); a form of electromagnetic energy located on the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and the waves used in microwave ovens, radars and satellites.

The amount of RF a person is exposed to with the use of a cell phone depends on a number of factors:

The distance from the base station;
The duration and frequency of cell phone use;
The age of the phone (older analog models involve higher exposure than newer, digital ones).

A number of organizations, such as the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), have set limits for human exposure to RF fields. Nevertheless, many individuals claim that repeated RF exposure from cell phones, even at low levels, may cause brain tumors.

Jon K
No....that's just silly.

Russian Cosmonaut
OK, I should get the best answer for this. check out the youtube link, enjoy:


no but my wife says it causes joy when put on vibrate i just dont understand.

♥Kristy H♥
LOL!! I have to say that I am so sick of hearing stuff causes cancer. Cause when it really comes down to it, everything causes some kind of cancer, right?!

Not really, however I don't bring the cell phone too close to my ear.
It might not be too good.
Like using earphones.

haha, right, everything causes cancer.
people who can afford cell phones just say that so ppl stop using them.

Um? haha i believe that cell phones doesn't cause cancer haha, why would it anyways? hahaha.

Death to False Metal
Whoever thought of that is complete idiot

I mean, yeah, using my cell phone too much will make me go bald and screw up my blood cells. If it did that no one would buy cell phones. duh.

i dont think it does. my advice is to ask a doctor bout it if ur really concerned. but it probaly dosent.

it's a tested fact there is no relation

William K
Not unless you're smoking them

Betsy S
No, but I believe they cause many auto accidents.

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