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 Jade question...??????????
In the newspapr today it says that jade may have to stay in hospital because of the pain - but she wishes to die at home..

then it goes on to say when she has a few hours before she dies ...

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 Why Is Smoking Marijuana Considered Medical For Cancer Patients If Marijuana can Cause Cancer Too?
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 Cancer Question?
If no one in your family on your mom or dad side has never had cancer could you still get it?...

 Has anyone gone through this?
Well on March 13 my right hand started feeling funny like you know when your foot get asleep and you start feeling like a tingling sensation that's what i started feeling and its been like this ...

 there's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
I had 2 road accidents both times hit the head,then later on after 2yrs i got swelling (a hump) in right side of head.Can there be fiber accumulation??I feel it gradually increase its size.Do I need ...

 Cancer- partner refusing treatment?
hi. My partner is 26 and was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. The biopsy showed the cancer was a HER2 receptive type which is a relatively agreessive form. However she is refusing ...

 HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?

 How were you told you have cancer?
i missed my mentrual cycle since mid january so i made an appointment with my gyno for a pap. i was hoping to get a diagnosis for why i wasn't having my AF. turns out i have almost stopped ...

 Facts about the brain!!?
I have a school project and need some COOL IMPORTANT
facts about the brain need help if it is good i will give you best ...

 Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.?
Recently I found a little hard lump on my neck. It's about pea sized, I can push it hard but it doesn't really move and it's still under my skin.

My Dad had cancer and his ...

 Is this a sign of Cancer or something else?
My girl friend has told me about mysterious bruises on her legs, thighs and calves. i asked her if she bruises easy and she dont and she said they dont hurt. im kinda worried that it could be ...

 im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
is it safe to be around him? someone told me that i should be careful since im pregnant..but it doesnt really make much sense. im not the one getting the treatments he is. im just curious if it could ...

 Do mp3s give you the same tumors cellphones do?

 My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?
I saw her last breath and was holding her hand, I said all I needed to say. But I have this empty feeling and I cry anytime I know she should be where I am. This empty feeling is the worse feeling in ...

 She said i could get cancer!!!!! HELP!!!?
Me and my friend had a bad fight she beat me up bad im cover in black and blue bruises my mum said that i could get cancer from bruises if i keep getting in fights i will get cancer from the bruises ...

 Is Breast Cancer genetic?

 I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein ?
and starts to circulate through my body....where does it go...? Does it stay in my body forever...do i pass it with my other waste....?
Additional Details
Jiane I was gonna email you ...

 Is cannabis just as likely to cause lung cancer as cigarettes?

 can this possibly be a sign of cancer?
when i bend my back i feel this bump. i don't know if it could be a cancerous tumor.
Additional Details
its almost near my spine. its been there for about a few months....

chicks, when you're bald from chemo, wig? or hat? or no cover?
my dad says I look better in my baseball cap but I feel funny...
Additional Details
Hi numbsain, stace... numby, my dad had 4 boys. 2 girls and 4 boys!

aseem k
I don't know about what makes you comfortable, but whatever it is it cannot be no cover.
It is advisable to cover your scalp during chemotherapy induced alopecia, for health reasons.
If you feel cap is good go by it.
Just take good care
Al the best

Desperate in MB
My hair is thinning a lot from chemo but it's been 6 treatments so far so it's not been too bad. The Cancer Care in Manitoba has a program for cancer patients to lend them wigs or scarves, etc and tips for makeup - whatever advice the patient needs for the topic. My advice would be to check with your community Cancer Society for info about what's available in your area. Good luck and do what feels right for you.

Depends on your age i think. I love the bandanas, newsboy ats the most!

There are baseball caps with a scarf attached that you tie in back. I liked those, or just a scarf. I did have a wig and I wore it, but it felt too hot to me.

chris j
Chicks always look hot in a hell rag, baby!

You should wear whatever you're most comfortable in. I wore my wig once and I hated it. I wore bandanas...I had a bunch of different colors.

hey girl, u should do what u want to do! so if u want to wear your baseball cap then by all means u should. also if u don't mind me saying so, i think that since u r in this fight for your life that wether or not u decide to cover up or not on your head isn't the most important issue here. what's important is that u should feel good about anything u want to feel good about so don't sweat the small stuff girlfriend ok? just have alot of laughs & enjoy your life cuz it's about to get better & i'm sure u don't want to worry about silly little things right. so just be u & enjoy everything & eveybody & listen to lots of music cuz that's what makes the world go round. hope u didn't mind me saying this stuff but i know just what it feels like to be u & thought my input might just be a big kick for u today. good luck on all the answers u will be receiving & just remember to have fun. bb

If you have the confidence on a certain day, go without any cover. It's an awesome woman who does this. On other days, wear a lid or hair, whichever you prefer. Might as well mix it up, kiddo. And this, too, shall pass. Bless.

Bronwen Eats Forbidden Fruit
Whatever makes you feel most comfortable, darling.

I know some women who have worn hats or scarves artfully draped about their heads because they worried about what other people would think, and I must say I felt bad that they felt they had to kneel at the altar of what makes others comfortable. If you're doing chemo or radiation, people should know you're not having fun, and should leave you the hell alone.

My vote goes to whatever makes you feel best. If a wig does it for you, then make it a wig. It sound like your ball cap isn't doing it for you, so for hell's sake, find something else, or go without. People who understand will respect your personal choice and preference, and people who don't don't count because they are idiots. It's as simple as that.

And just so you know, I have always felt that if I ever have to face that choice, I will probably go with "bald is beautiful," mainly because when I see a woman with no hair, I see a beautiful warrior who is facing things head on, and I would hope to be that way myself.

So do your thing, and do it like you do everything else--do it with flair. How you look is an attitude, anyway, and I happen to know you have enough attitude to do anything you please.

Be well.

God bless you .... I think you would look great in any of the above ... its your comfort level .... i personally love women in baseball caps ... i thinks it s a guy thing :)

I think I would like to have both options available to me if I had that problem.
I think it is what we all would face individually if the situation arose.
Good Luck to you.

Wax that baby! Bald chicks are hot! (You can make the carpet match the drapes) But most importantly I hope you are feeling better! All my love, dearest. From Stacey too.

(I think your dad wanted a son)

Do whatever makes you feel the best. Don't worry about what others think of you. I am a nurse and I work on an oncology unit. I guess I am pretty used to seeing people without any hair and I actually think they look really great. One of our motto's on our floor is - Bald is beautiful. If it was me I would show it as a badge of honor for your incredible braveness and courage in your fight against cancer. Remember to always keep hope.

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