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cancer, cant go to toilet because of medication?
my fathers got cancer, hes 60 years old, never had a pill in his life, but now hes on al sorts he cannot go, normally every morning go we go to toilet (poo) now he hasnt been for 5 days and keeps being sick.

we told the doctor and a nurse came out to give him an enimer (sorry for spelling) but that didnt help, hes had all med tablets but nothing helps. hes really ill

does anyone know anything else??? please help
Additional Details
sorry he goes to toilet not we,

SPINACH you buy it frozen etc cook it mix with some butter for taste and salt and pepper eat it by itself and lots of it and it should run through his bowel or cabbage somethin thats hard on the stomach

and its a natural way he probably don't want anymore tab's you should say to his cancer doc that it's effecting his bowel movements

best of luck let me know it works it should

Ignore the retard that said to remove his meds. She is a scientologist and I wish her cancer.

Many patients on long-term medications develop chronic constipation. Many require enemas, and some require manual disimpaction. If you don't know what that is, just remember to hug the next nurse you see.

Try getting him to drink fresh orange juice or eat some prunes, both seem to loosen movements and may help.

I am so sorry to hear of your father's condition. One of my sure fire tricks with patients is the following. Mix a dose of Milk of Magnesia with a small cup of prune juice and warm in the microwave. It can be a miracle worker. If none of this helps he may have fecal impaction. That means the stool is hardened and dried. An R.N. can remove this manually. If he is not on hospice care, I would suggest he gets that care. Take him to an E.R. and tell them he has impacted bowels. God bless you and your dad.

I was in the same situation 8 years ago. Constipation is a usual side effect of Chemo-therapy. It gotten really bad once, I was throwing up because of the constipation. Emema is really the best bet. If it didn't help once. He needs to go to the hospital for a stronger one. You can also get them in a local pharmacy and continue doing them until it helps. Milk of Magnesia (as gross as it is) can also help. But it will not help on it's own in this situation you need to combine it with the enema treatments. Keep doing everything you can.

PS. People who write that eating prunes will help have never had chemo!!!!! It is good to do it as well... but there is no way it will work on its own!


Trust me when I say, that these little babies work.

Eat five dried prunes - get the ones that are dried but squishy. Have a hot drink. Give it 10 mins.

If it doesn't work (which, believe me - it will), have 3 more prunes.

Dried apricots also have the same effect if you eat too many, but again, you need to get the ones that are still quite squishy and not totally dried out.

All the best to your father. x

he needs to take 8 sachets of movicol over a period of 24 hours this will make him go.poor man i hope it clears up soon.

Michelle B
have him try dulcolax you can get it at walmart or walgreens i know for sure.i just had brain surgery and couldnt go to the restroom either and this worked well for me. good luck

Do not wait any longer. Call his doctor and tell them that he is sick . . do not say he is constipated . . because you do not know what is causing this. He needs to be examined by a doctor who will make the diagnosis.

You do not say what type of cancer he has . .but almost any cancer can metastasize . . he may be dealing with a growing tumor in that area causing a blockage . . you do not know . . and giving him a laxative or fruit or prunes if this is tumor . .will probably not do any good. He needs to be seen, especially after five days so the doctor can determine what is going on.

Call the doctor . . day or night . . that is what they are there for . . to help their patients.

Blocked Intestine or Gastrointestinal Obstruction

David C
When I had this problem, the doc put me on Lactulose solution 15ml twice a day. That softened the stools and after about 3 days the problem was sorted.

I agree that anyone who says juice, spinach or prunes has never had chemo.

I sympathise - my worst time on chemo was seven agonising days.

If he's been given the white medicine hospitals prescribe for constipation - sorry I forget the name - he should continue to take it, but it just softens the stool so it's easier to pass, it doesn't get things moving.

Senokot did it for me - get the extra strength one. Also glycerine suppositories - not very dignified, but nothing about cancer is.

Another thing to try is cracked linseed - I don't know where you live but in the UK it's called Linusit Gold and available in Holland and Barrett. You can probably get it in any health food shop - just make sure it's cracked linseed. Soak in water for 10 minutes until they swell up a bit - swallow that back every night.

Exercise and gravity help - he should try to walk around as much as he feels able.

My best wishes to your father, and to you

Hi ya I have irritable bowel syndrome and suffer all the time with constipation and my doc reccommended strong black coffee and it does work 3 sponnfuls coffee to one cup not mug believe me within 15 minutes it ll work good luck and hope all goes ok x

If your father is taking strong opioid pain medicine and can not go to the bathroom because of this there is a newly approved drug named Relistor that will relieve his bowels within a few hours or less. It is a subcutaneous injection, has no serious side effects and produces almost instantaneous relief from opioid induced constipation.



Your father's oncologist will be aware of this drug and can give him an injection to get him going. After his first bowel movement you can use the tips included in this article to make sure he does not get blocked up again.


This link is for the fifth page of a seven page article so you might want to go back and read the entire article.

good luck to you both

hecla 1
is he eating??,,,if not then his body has nothing to really eliminate.....some milk of magnesia, magnesium citrate may help, but you need to call the nurse and ask before he takes anything.....adding a stool softener may be helpful to avoid this again, pain medications can cause constipation

I am so sorry your father is suffering like this.

If he is taking morphine then that causes constipation and he should also have been prescribed Lactulose Solution.

Various medications such as codeine can also cause constipation. Also a lack of bulk in the diet. Harsh laxatives can cause rebound constipation.

A natural remedy is
2 tablespoons bran flakes a day
3 to 9 bran tablets a day
1 tablespoon of acidophilus liquid 3 times a day
also a vegetable laxative for a short time if necessary.

Also ensure sufficient B complex Vitamins found in liver, beef, cheese, pork and kidney.

I hope he gets well again soon.

Fruit, fruit, and more fruit is what works for my 92 year old mother. She is almost totally inactive and takes two medications that cause constipation but fruit every day at breakfast and one other meal do the trick for her.

I have also tried a mild, non-stimulant stool softener like Colace. But, fruit and lots of it has worked best. If your father is able to walk around or exercise his legs while in bed, it would help get things moving. Oh, and have him drink water often--very important!!

After five days, however, you might call the doctor again and see if you need to take your dad back in. Good luck to you and your dad : /

My mom has had that problem afew times, even though she has always been on a stool softener.

One time a couple of months ago, it got so bad that the Dr's told us if they couldn't get rid of the blockage she would probably die within 2 days. She was in the hospital at the time. Because she has pancreatic cancer and was only given a couple of months, one of the Dr's told us there was nothing they could do besides surgery (which she was not strong enough to survive) The younger Dr said she would try anything and everything to help her. She was given enemas & laxatives. It worked for her, but this has been an ongoing problem. She's either constipated or has diahrea. Very few days go by without one of these problems.

I agree with the others about getting the Dr to prescribe a stronger laxative or order another enema. If it doesn't work again, get your dad to the hospital pronto, as this could definately be an intestinal blockage, that only surgery might be able to fix. Don't wait as this can become life threatning

Good luck

He needs to drink a lot of water ... at least 8-12 8 oz. glasses each day. Coffee and beer don't count.

Exercise if he can. Just a walk around the block several times each morning and evening is going to help.

The oncology nurses at my hospital recommended Colace and Senekot for the post-chemo constipation. Those are the only things, other than something dietary like prunes, that I would recommend.

Brad W
He really need to have that attended to. 5 days is a bit too long and if he is starting to vomit, this is turning into a serious issue. He needs an abdominal x-ray (KUB) to look for an obstruction. If he can't produce a bowel movement today I would take him to the hospital.

Sounds like he has a stoppage just within the rectum, get a home health nurse to come in and remove the plug manually.
He will need to lie on the bed, so get some newspapers for the nurse to place the feces on. My Mother had this and I had to get a home health nurse. And after he is cleaned out, try him on Metamucil, Wall greens has the same thing called natural fiber. Sometime the bowel gets out of time and has to be retrained. Have him go to the toilet the same time each morning, it helps if he also drinks a cup of hot water. Are you sure it is the medication, sometimes something is blocking
the bowel. I had a swollen ovary and they kept giving me enemas, none of which came back out, I retained the water everything, and that started me vomiting. He needs an MRI to see if anything is swollen and blocking the intestine. He might have strangulation of the small bowel, (sometimes called obstruction or Torsion.)
When my doctor discovered that the ovary was swollen, he took me off all food, started me on IV's and antibiotics and just waited. It took two weeks, but once they got the ovary back to normal size my bowels started working again.
Do not give the Natural Fiber, Metamucil, or laxatives unless the doctor says it is alright. This is VERY important. After five days, this is nothing to fool around with. Doctor needs to be called ASAP

Without knowing the specifics of your dad's condition I am a little hesitant to give too much advice however the following are probably safe bets.

There are many medications that can cause constipation, pain medications like narcotics being among the most common. A stool softener is always a good bet to start though sometimes a stimulant laxative may be needed. First, is your dad eating and drinking? Being dehydrated or not eating enough can cause one to not go as often. The body sequesters fluid, making the stool hard and more difficult to pass. Prunes and prune juice are also a reasonable, natural way to start. Beyond the usual drugs, one thing you could try is something called mineral oil. Its typically very effective and is not contraindicated for things like kidney problems. I would not give more than two tablespoons in a day without talking to your dad's doc.

This is often a real problem and caused by the strong painkillers given to cancer patients.
You need to call your doctors surgery again (today) and ask for him to be seen. He may need a stronger enema and also some laxatives.
Your father should have been given something to keep his bowels regular, ask the Dr about this and make sure he is given something to take regularly. Also, try and make sure that your Dad is taking as much fluid as he can manage as dehydration can make constipation even worse. I assume your father is not very active at the moment and this, unfortunately, can also make matters worse so it is vital he is getting the fluids and regular laxative medication.
Good Luck

eating prunes will help, plus having a tablespoon of mineral oil, available at any pharmacy, will help as well. But before giving any kind of laxative he should be checked to be sure there isn't a twist in his intestines. If there is a twist it could rupture. Its like a water hose that gets a twist, if you keep forcing water thru it, eventually it would spring a leak.

the condition of a twist is called:
*Bowel twist or “bowel strangulation� - A rare condition which can lead to bowel infarction and death.

If he is in the clear of the bowel twist.. then the prunes and mineral oil should get things moving for him.

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