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can men have breast cancer?
can men have breast cancer and if they do what are some singns/
and what really is breast cancer?

i dont think so i mean do men wear bras

Yup wifes uncle had it, But he was almost 500lbs

I think if men stay thin they can avoid this disease, cause the only
time I have see it in men is when they were 200 to 300 lbs overweight

Yes, I guess that if you check for lumps you can see if you have breast cancer.

Yes, men have a small amount of breast tissue and it can become cancerous. All parts of the human body have the potential to become cancerous, so this should not be surprising. The National Cancer Institute provides information and resources about Male Breast Cancer:

NCI: Male Breast Cancer (PDQ®): Treatment

John W Nick Foundation: Educating Public about Male BC

Yes, men can have cancer of the breast. Even though males do not have mammary glands like women, there are numerous types of breast cancer, some of which do affect men. The symptoms are not unlike that of a woman with breast cancer.
Thickening or nodule anywhere on the breast or under the arm-these may or may not be painful.
Texture changes in the skin on the breast(sometimes appears like an orange peel)
Discharge from the nipples
A sore on the breast that doesn't heal.
These things don't necessarily mean that you have breast cancer but should be checked by your physician if any of them are present.

yes. Approximatly 1 in 100,000 men get it. Overall men with breast cancer account for less than 1% of breast cancer altogether.

Yes, it is more rare, but it happens. The signs are the same as a woman in most cases. A lump in the breast, when you try to move it feels fixed in place, there are other kinds of breast cancer too. Advanced breast cancer causes dimpling similar to an orange peel. But some people get something that is not cancer that makes your breasts hard and somewhat painful, usually boys going through puberty are the ones who get this. But Girls can too, it is harmless. If you have concerns go to your doctor. Breast Cancer is serious but can be treated and cured, and maybe it's not breast cancer and you can just get peace of mind.

yes they can, and its on te rise. I recall Montell Williams had it several years ago. Check ou the Wiipedia link for more info.

Yes. But most people don't think to look for it in men because they tend not to think of men as having breasts, as such.

Men don't have to wear a bra to have breasts and breast cancer. Symptoms are the same for men as for women. Lumps of any size, tenderness in the breasts, a "dimpled" appearance to the breast, if left too long without exam and treatment - pain.

Yes, it is possible and not a laughing matter. I think the signs would be lumps and discharge. Check web MD for more info. Sorry I don't know more but I do know its possible.

papricka w
Absolutely yes, men can have breast cancer. Probably the signs are similar to the signs that women have. Some of them are lumps, different size in nipple, any discharge. Those are just a few. I can't answer exactly, "what really is breast cancer," but it is cells that have become abnormal. Breast cancer in men is fortunately less common than in women.

Lettie D
Yes and the signs are lumps just like in women. Breast cancer is cancer of the mammary tissue.

Less than 1% off all people with cancer are men with breast cancer...very rare

Yes men can get breast cancer just because you don't need a bra to put 'em in doesn't mean you can't get it you still have them.

13th Floor
They certainly can and do. However, it is a lot more rare than in females. Any lump or unusual thickening should be checked out.
Generally speaking, there usually is no pain, at least at first.

If you have breast tissue (which a man does) then you are able to get breast cancer.

Yes they can. Symptoms generally the same as women but best to get proper medical advice

soul candee
yes men can get breast cancer

Yes, I had a friend(a guy) who had it when he was about 27 years old. It's more common in women, but, can still happen to men.

Yes. Men do get breast cancer. And the guy who answered about the bras is a moron. Breast cancer doesn't come from wearing bras.

Signs of breast cancer are little lumps inside your breasts/pecs... try feeling around to see if you feel something like a marble in there. Those lumps can be cancerous.

If you suspect you have it, go see a doctor as soon as possible, it's best to be caught early.

Yes, although it is extremely rare for men to have it.

It is most common for men 60-70 years old. So if your still young you shouldnt worry, but still go to a doctor.

Often there are no outward signs of breast cancer that you can see or feel. If there are outward signs, the more common ones include a lump, an area of thickening, or a dimple in the breast. Less common signs include breast swelling and redness or an enlarged underarm lymph node.

But even if you have one or more of these signs, it still doesn't mean you have breast cancer. Remember that most breast lumps turn out to be benign (not cancerous).

Still, it's extremely important that you SEE YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY if you're worried that you might have breast cancer. Having your doctor take a look will ease your worry, and if anything is found, you'll be able to take care of it quickly.

Physical examination of the breast is one way to find breast cancer. You can read about other screening methods for detecting breast cancer in our Testing section and in the transcript of our Ask-the-Expert Online Conference on The Best Tests.

To find out whether specific symptoms are associated with breast cancer, read the breastcancer.org experts' answers to common questions about:

* lumps

* nipple changes

* cysts

* breast pain

You can also learn how to perform breast self-examination.

And you can read more about the risk factors for breast cancer.

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