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can liver cancer be cured?
can liver cancer be cured?

No, I am sorry, but it can't be. Cancer of the liver or pancreas is usually very hard to treat.

Arro M

I'm sorry but no.

Cured or not, you must trying and trying to cured it...

All desease have the medicine,
My suggestion, get Rx Water with Rx Tra for twice a day morning and night, feel the healing and keep on using till you recovered fully.

My aunt had it. I think if you get it in the very early stages before it actually becomes cancerous then yes. But after that no. Then your a goner. You need your liver.

liver cancer can sometimes be cured by being cut out by a surgeon this depends on three things how big and how widespread the cancer is within the liver
the kind of cancer and were it started
and how well the rest of the liver is working

There she is!!!
Well, my mom had liver cancer and it was so large, she looked pregnant honestly. but with chemotherapy, it can be controlled, she also had a very large surgery which took out most of it. She is in remission now, and looking better. Cancer cannot be cured, but can be treated.


no, only liver transplant can save life


lisa b
Im not sure about cured, but i can say that the liver is the only organ that can regrow back. If you lost part of your liver, it would regrow. With today's technology, if we can grow tissue, grow organs on mice, do you think there is a cure to cancer? I do.

Ahhhhhhhhh screw it
If it hasn't spread, maybe a liver transplant.

From the other answers, I'd guess no.

However, most cancers in the liver are from secondary spread of a different cancer. Often lung or bowel cancer patients can find small patches of the cancer in there liver's as well.

These secondary cancers can often can be treated through a combination of chemotherapy and liver surgery (resection).

lil z
idk but it has a treatment by the UPMC
The UPMC Liver Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary health care team at the forefront of providing clinical services, innovative treatment strategies, and fundamental research for liver cancer. Our mission is to offer a comprehensive clinical service for patients with liver tumors, serve as a center of excellence in liver cancer research, and function as a regional and national educational resource for the origins, development, screening, and prevention of liver cancer.

If it can be resected and is a solitary lesion confined to a single lobe than yes it can be curable.

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