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can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
These are my symptoms:

Loss of appetite...I have to eat very slow these days, and this caused me to lose weight becuase I can never finish my plate.

Pallor, my face and body is very pale. Especially my face.

sometimes i have joint pain when i walk, and my side of the stomach hurts.

I forget things alot. Sometimes words, and I have to think what to say.I'm even taking time to remember my symptoms now.

I am very lazy, I don't feel like doing anything, I always feel tired.

Excessive Hair loss. Dry/brittle hair.


Excessively sad.

4 months ago i fell down my stairs and the bruise is still there only a much lighter shade.

We will have all Cancer starting tommorrow. Jun 22 to Jul 22 is Cancer. If you have the bad type of cancer, then smoke weed.


Here are symtpoms of leukaemia:
Weight loss
Night sweats that drench you
Itching all over
Being short of breath
Bruising easily
Infections that keep coming back
Bone pain
Pain in the tummy (abdomen)
Swollen lymph glands
A larger than normal spleen (the spleen is just under your ribs on the left of your body)

You need to go to the doctor!

of course id check w.a doc. but let me tell u suttim..when ur depressed for something, u can put things in ur head and they can actually happen..seriously...if u think u have a pain somewhere that pain will bcome real and if u put in ur head that u "might" have cancer and b worried a lot about it..ull b having a lot of symptoms similar to it. so just relax and b4 worryin 2much or putin stuffs in ur head go c ur doc and tell him what ur experiencing.

Step 1: Tell your parents. Im sure that they will understand if you tell them.
Step 2: Go see a doctor. Tell him/her the symptoms and he'll tell you what to do.

In my opinion its kinda serious. Paranoia and being excessively sad or forgetting words aren't common symptoms. You should definitely tell your parents and see a doctor.However, i dont think its cancer but who knows?

Could be many things - many are not serious. You could be anemic, have a stomach ulcer, depression, etc. Regardless, please see a doctor - I am sure your parents would want to help you. If you were my child, I would. It may be able to be fixed easily and you could have a much better life!

TELL SOMEONE ASAP! this could be serious

Thomas D
Telll ur parents to go to the doctor fast!!!

No need to jump the gun . . . it's up to a doctor, and tests to determine cancer, not the symptoms alone.

I think that what you are describing may have a little to do with your emotions, I'm going to guess that you are in your teens. 1-Emotions can affect your appetite, and your energy level.
2-If you are not eating right this will also affect your energy along with having the symptoms of dry brittle hair and skin, and bruising, due to the lack of vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain a healthy body.
3-If you are not drinking enough water you may become dehydrated. Considering your symptoms I may take leap and guess that you are not drinking enough water too.

Paranoia - thinking too much. Maybe write in your journal, or read a book to let your mind rest. Every time you have a negative thought, try to think of an equally positive thought.

All of your symptoms could be related to the things I addressed.

I think you might feel better to talk to your parents, that's what they are there for. It would not hurt to see a doctor to about your concerns.

Just explain your symptoms to your parents and let them know you need to go to the doctor, you do not have to tell them that you think you have cancer or anything wait until you have seen the doctor

probably not cancer, but it could be headed that way. you didn't say what side the pain is on, but if on the right, you could have liver disease. all your symptoms point to that. your gallbladder could be diseased too, which is another reason to have your liver and gallbladder checked.

the most common infection of the liver these days are hepatitis c. a person can be born infected, can get it through peircings, surgery, blood transfusion, any surgery no matter how minor before 1995. mass innoculation victims. however, these are only a few ways one can contract hcv. there are over 5 million infected and half of them dont know it.

i had every symptom you listed. fibromyalgia is a symptom of hcv (pain in joints)
hair loss, forgetfull, depression, pale skin, anxiety....lethargy. (joints get painful and tired when moving).

i know your feelings and know your pain.....think of anyway someones blood could have gotten into your bloodstream-if cross contamination with infected blood came into contact with your bloodstream, chances are you could have hcv.

there are over 150 symptoms or extrahepatic symptoms of hcv. not always will a liver panel test show elevated alt and ast levels, so always insist on an actual test for hcv antibodies.

good luck.

p.s. hcv is the leading cause of liver transplants and liver cancer.

Please, Please go see a doctor!!!!!! Please talk to your parents, or if you cannot , show them your question on this site to get the lines of communication going, it sounds like you are in a state of deep depression, which is causing all of the symptoms you stated. You also need to eat, you may be suffering from anemia (low iron) just please tell your parents and go see a doctor, if you cannot talk to your parents talk to a friend, counselor, etc. Hoping the best for you.

I do think you need to see a doctor, however I don't really think you have cancer. I agree with the person who said you may have anemia. Talk to your parents, let them know you don't feel good and you just want to have it checked out! It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

Why are you sitting there putting yourself through all this worry and stress, when you can go and see your doctor who will get you to have a blood test to find out all the answers to your questions?. Make a appointment now and stop being a goose. Cheers and good luck.

what you need to do is to go to your DR. and get test ran on you and get X-rays done because it could as well be something else serious

Please tell your parents - you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. If your parents will not take you , please have another relative or someone else take you. This is very important - with cancer - if you are diagnosed early - you'll be fine. Please see your doctor or go to a health clinic if you need too.... Best of luck to you....

i doubt you have cancer..if anything i think you have depression..you can also hurt from having depression...take a trip to the docs..GL

tell your parents whats been going on and tell them u wanna be checked by a dr. to make sure....better safe than sry.

only a Dr can answer this one

Sounds more like depression.
In any case, go see a doctor.

Sounds more like Anemia to me. Every symptom you mentioned is what I had when I was very low on Iron. Just tell them to do a blood test for Anemia. The doctors will know when you make your list of symptoms. You lose your appetite and sometimes have difficulty swallowing, you lose hair, skin gets real dry, you lose color in your complexion and also in your gums and eyelids, you get forgetful, you have pain in body, you have heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sluggish, bruise easily and slow to heal, and a whole long list. Most cancer you don't even notice the symptoms until you are far along. I suggest you get to the doctor and let them take some blood. They basically give you iron pills to take and just amek sure you take Vit C with it so it can absorb into your body better. Also cut out things like Soda pop because it actually robs your body of Iron.

Tell your parents. I am almost sure you don't have Cancer. Stop worrying so much. You are worrying yourself sick over probably notthing major. I guarantee you will feel much better telling someone and not keeping this to yourself.

something is definitly up....speak out

I feel certain that if you tell your parents you're not feeling well, they will let you see a Dr. There is no reason for you to sit around and worry, trying to diagnose yourself. See a Dr. God bless!!

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