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breast cancer!?!?!??!?!?
im a 14 year old female and i know that its rare to get it young and i just want to know what it is. Under my right nipple there is a lump that feels like a marble and if i squeeze it then a clear liquid comes out and it feels weird like a burning feeling or something i dont know its weird its been there for a couple weeks from when i noticed it it might have been there longer. What could it be???

yes clearly you are a demon so what i advise you to do is to get some holy water and drink it afterwards you will become a magical grass fairy, the only bad part is you have to live in africa

You have a cyst, not breast cancer. It will be fine, but you do need to see a doctor.

Even if its not cancer you need to go to the doctor or at least tell your parents.

Go to the doctor. Whatever it is, it isn't normal. A doctor will know better than the rest of us.

could be an infected cyst, could be a lot of things, but probably not cancer...you know who can help you? a doctor! put your mind to rest and go see a doctor!

A cyst of some kind. Definitely see a doctor, but definitely you don't have breast cancer at age 14.

You must talk to mom about this. Don't ask here. If you have no mom, ask dad. They should bring you to a doctor to see what it is. I have never seen doctors answer questions here, and they won't answer if you are not their patient--they don't want to be sued. Besides, a doctor would have to see it before they tell you what it can be.


It is not cancer. Just a benign cyst. The fact that the liquid is clear is an excellent sign. See your doctor who will most likely drain it for you.


don't wait anymore and consult a gynae immediately

It is most likely a benign cyst, not cancer. Cysts are sacs of fluid (or sometimes tissue) that can occur anywhere on the body. They usually encapsulate impurities, and sometimes keep growing as more impurities accumulate. It is nothing to worry about if it is a cyst. Your doctor can remove it, or it may go away on its own.

It is a good idea to go to the doctor to have it looked at, just in case, because some cysts need to be removed surgically, and it is easier to do when it is small.

Good luck.

Baby ! Don't just waste time ignoring or looking for the answers on yahoo Q!A.

I am describing here step by step what you should do.

Memography of the right breast.

Visit a hospital immediately with the memography report and get yourself checked by qualified SURGEON. I guess, doctor will suggest you FNAC Test ( A Test which is done by taking samples from infected area through injection). FNAC test will reveal what it is exactly.

You can also visit Oncology Department in hospital where doctors will check you and start the treatment.

Let me know, if you want to know more in details.

Hope, its just a normal cist.

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