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Anne Teak
Would you take chemotherapy to try to keep cancer from returning?
If all the cancer was removed but the doctor said your chances of it returning at some point were 40% or higher, and all the treatments were experimental, would you take chemo, knowing it would probably have horrible side effects?

Jessica S
No. The side effects are sometimes worse than the cancer itself, besides it might not even come back.

Find out what the side effects are first, before you assume that they are "horrible"

serendipity 2
I honestly don't know. I would probably call Cancer Treatment Centers Of America and be seen there. I would get as much information and opinions as I could so I could make an informed and intelligent decision. It wouldn't be an easy decision.

Check out 'Getting Well Again' by Drs. Stephanie and O. Carl Simonton.

NEVER...I woiuld never take it the first place!

Da Bomb
Probably - it depends on what cancer it is & how advanced it is. Don't forget that there is a 60% chance that it won't come back!!!

I believe someone with the strong will to live, would and should try "almost" anything to survive or at least improve their chances....of surviving.
I have a friend right now , who was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Leukemia (cancer of the blood) , and has just finished her first treatment of chemotherapy. She feels better, so far which gives us all.... , at the very least...high hopes.

It depends on if the chemo would substantially reduce the odds of it returning. If so, then yes, I'd probably take it.

I think I would have to get another opinion from a different facility. Chemo has come a long way since my Mom died of Cancer but I still think it was the Chemo that killed her and not the disease. Try talking to cancer centers of America and look at all the options available before you decide to let them inject poison into ya and if you have to you have to but at least it will be an informed decision.

Good Luck and don't waste any time getting it done. life is way too short as it is!!

At this point in my life, I have an eight year old daughter and I would definitely do everything possible. If I had grown kids and an eight year old granddaughter, I might value quality over quantity in that case.


It would depend on the side effects,if they were temporary or permanent and how good the odds were of the treatment permanently curring me.

Absolutely I would.
My mom was 75 years old when she had to have a breast removed. She went through several weeks of chemo. Yes, it had some bad side effects, mainly nausea, but she is a 7 year survivor.
And I swear She has more energy than I do sometimes !
We were just talking about that today. I told her I think that it had the opposite effect on her than it has on so many people. But, she is a very strong woman . and in great health !

Ѕємι~Мαđ ŠçїєŋŧιѕТ
I have something of a love of life, even though it doesn't show very well. If this is the best chance of survival, I would go through with it. In my view, everything is suffering of some kind. I tend to prefer the kind that keeps me around longer.

please provide details abouttype of cancer, stage of cancer, patients age and i will let you know

Been there. Done that. I took the chemo. Living in fear of it returning [mine came out of the blue the first time] can really be nerve-racking. Do what's best for YOU [or the patient if it isn't you]. Best wishes.

You didnt say what kind of cancer.All cancers dont respond to chemo.Ask your Oncologist what the five year survival rate is and consider the course taken by the patients that survived the cancer that you are concerned about!!!

I think I would try anything that would seem like it would work... but with chemo.. you might want to see why they are wanting to try it on you... if they have all the cancer but want to make sure that they kill any residual then yes I would do it... but ask several doctors.. do not trust what others say on a space like this.. People could be wrong.. I could be wrong... no one knows your medical history... I would for sure ask a second and even a third medical doctor in that field who can more tailor your specific needs.. Good Luck to You :)

I am doing it right now. All my cancer was removed. My chance was 25 % over 10 years for it to come back . With Chemo , Radiation and Meds it drops down to 5%. That was worth the short term side affects. I am half way through Chemo and it really isn't all that bad. There are so many meds available to help with the side affects.

First, everyone is different so it is difficult to predict the outcome, despite the odds/statistics. Second, how old is the patient? Third, just what do "horrible results" mean? Nowdays, nausea can be lessened or even eliminated with meds and other listed side effects do not happen to every patient. I would definitely do the chemo! I have done so two separate times-6 treatments-more of a mop-up-when I had breast cancer 16 years ago-obviously successful and not so bad, and recently from April 05 to Sept 05 for ovarian cancer. My latest scans are negative, my CA125 -0!!!!. Contact me if you want more info but my feelings are-GO FOR IT!!

Absolutely. If, of course, there was some evidence that it would reduce the chance of metastasis.

The side effects of some chemotherapy drugs are quite unpleasant, but other drugs have side effects which aren't all that big a deal. And each person reacts to each drug in their own way. (And even the same person might react differently at different times.)

I can imagine at some point choosing to stop therapy. But I honestly believe that the side effects of chemo are misunderstood by many people. I had a son who went through a year of intensive chemo when he was 5, and I'd say the side effects hardly bothered him at all. I had a pretty heavy dose-dense treatment regimen recently, and again, it just wasn't as terrible as I'd been led to believe it would be.

It's also important to remember that those numbers, like "40% chance of recurrence," have nothing to do with what will happen to an individual. They refer to what will happen to groups only, and an individual's risk of recurrence or reaction to treatment cannot be determined by statistics.

So, yes, I'd continue blasting the cancer as long as I felt that the benefits of doing so outweighed any problems it caused.

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