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-107 Steps-
Would you feel sad if you just fount out that your best friend has cancer?
About two weeks ago,I fount out that my best friend has lyphompia.
Additional Details
I just want to make sure that she is cured with in two years.She is like a sister to me.She is a stage 4 cancer person.I am very sad and was terrified when I fount out.IF she dies, I don't know what I would do.

yes, i would feel depressed too. Make sure to take care of yourself and your best friend, she needs you and it sounds like you need her.

Yes, of course. He/she will be going through a very diffucult time and will need lots of support. If you believe in a religion like Christianity, pray for her/him.

yes i would be sad, but u wouldnt be sad around my friend because it would make her sad. i'd think of fun things to do with my friends and wouldn't show my sadness.

Yes I would be devestated but I would keep strong and be with her every week and I have been put through that cuz my mom had cancer but im very thankful that my mom and possibley your best friend were survivors the lord be with you and your in my prayers.

i wouldn't be bothered if my fried had cancer, unless they tried to get it cured and it was unsuccessful. my friend's mother had breast cancer but was cured after her kemotherapy. also, my other friend's mother was just diagnosed with lymphoma for the third time in her life. it is scary, but i am not too worried right now, because i know that she has already fought it twice, and she can still be cured. i am very sorry about your friend and i'm sure it is very hard for you, but try not to let it bother you too much unless the treatment doesn't work (i hope that it does).


Of course I would feel sad. Lymphoma stage 1 or even stage 2 may be okay with treatment but it is going to be tough. Be there for her and make sure you don't let her feel isolated and cut off from all of the things that make her feel normal. Stage 3 or stage 4 is not a good prognosis. Make her time super. There won't be that much of it.

omg...i am soooooo sory! i wood deffinatley bsad...i wood bawl my eyez out!!! feel free to cry!

Yes, but remeber not to give up hope! With advances in cancer treatments, survival statistics are very high. I hope everything works out okay for your freind!

Who wouldnt feel bad. My aunt passed away from cancer about 5 years ago, and now my gradfather has cancer, it is really tough. But the most important thing is just to be there for them... Good Luck, and I will pray for you and your friend!

Of course, but make sure you let her know that you love her and whenever she needs you, you will be there!!!

*sweet sugar*
be there for them. i know its going to be a hard time for both of you. your friend is going to be sick and go thru some tough meds, just being their friend is going to mean alot.

Yes, it's very normal to feel very sad for someone you care alot about. Lymphoma can be successfully treated depending on where it is found and in what stage it is. Prayers for your friend and yourself. God Bless.

that is awful! i would feel terrible for them and for their families, they need all the prayer and support that there is

if its your best friend, then yes...really sad.

yes very sad

Cancer has caused too much sadnes in this world, lets hope they found your friends cancer early enough

of course I would
I would be devastated
it would hurt deep in my heart..but then I would have to straighten up so I could actually talk to them
and find out more about this
and I would pray that it was curable
Good Luck

Ms Tracey Lyn
of course...just be there for him/her.

Of course. But the best thing to do is be support for them...be strong. Don't show the strong effect...cause if you do...then it may make her feel worse. But always talk to her and be stimulation. I'm sure she knows it already...why bring it up so often? Just make her feel happy she's still alive and that she's loved.

sounds like you dont feel that sad about it...Lymphoma is a broad term encompassing a variety of cancers of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps filter out bacteria and is important in fighting disease. Every so often, the lymph vessels widen into lymph nodes. Most of us have felt these under our arms or neck (like when sick with mono or an infection).

In lymphoma, some of the cells in the lymph system multiply uncontrollably - if all the cells are the same they are called malignant or cancerous. Lymphoma is differentiated by the type of cell that multiplies and how the cancer presents itself.

The two main groups of lymphoma in humans are Hodgkin's Disease (characterized by the growth of Reed-Sternberg cells in the cancer) and the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas. If you want to know the differences between these two groups, a

About 7,350 new cases of Hodgkin's disease will be diagnosed in the United States this year. Hodgkin's lymphoma affects women somewhat less often than men. Of the 7,350 new cases, about 3,370 will occur in women, and 3,980 in men.

Since the early 1970s, incidence rates for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma have nearly doubled. Incidence rates for Hodgkin’s disease have declined about 60%. The rise of AIDS has contributed to the number of people diagnosed as their immune system is weakened enough to get a number of illnesses. Better means of diagnosis has also increased the number as doctors better understand cancer of lymphocytes verses other diseases.

Lymphoma is a serious condition. Lymphoma has indeterminate symptoms so it is sometimes hard to diagnose.

Of course I would, what kind of person wouldnt be sad...and if you found out and werent sad then I dont think you would be aq very good friend

Yes, it is very sad, especially if they are young. Be there for support & remember most cancers are beatable.

I helped a friend through it & they are a survivor.

Beyond sad ,wouldn't have the words to say, through my actions would let them know I'd always be there. Also, let them know that cancer can be beaten, and if there's anyway I could help, they'd just have to let me know.

I am sorry to hear that and yes I would be sad.

Know it all
I am so sorry to hear about your friend, but there is hope and the site below may help to cure her.

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