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 is lung cancer possible for a 19 year old?
i've been smoking since i was 15
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The Oak
With 25% of people believing that fate determines wether or not you get cancer, isn't time that folks grew up?
A new survey suggests that a quarter of people actually think that fate will determine wether they get cancer or not. Isn't it time that these people got into the real world, got an eduation and started to have some respect for science (which might actually save their lives one day).?
Fact: Fate doesn't exist, it is an abstract concept.
Fact: Cancer is caused by a number of factors, reduce the factors and you increase you chances of survival.
Additional Details
Bonus Question: Do you guys actually know what an abstract concept its?

I think prayer is the real key and the rest is a bunch of crap

Does not breathing & living in a bubble mean increasing your chance of survival?? Living like some freak?

Marty B
I agree with you on the scientific part--however I have known people in the same household who
smoke and work jobs considered hazardous for getting cancer. In one home there were 3 brothers age 35, 40 and 50. They worked with carcinogenic materials at the same plant. They all smoked from teenage, The 35 year old died with small cell lung cancer last year. the 40 year old is dying now of small cell. The 50 year old who has smoked since he was 13 and worked at the plant since he was 18 is still smoking and checks out on x rays and blood tests as showing no sign of cancer. Does fate play a role??

Guru Nana
Nothing to do with fate.

It's down to genes and lifestyle.

Notyour B
Well, if you think statistics and genetics has something to do with fate...

But the thing is that, yes people have the power to influence statistics (I don't know about fate) with a healthy lifestyle. But that is asking for an effort, and frankly, that is not very popular right now (how many questions on effortless weight loss can you find in the diet & fitness section ?). People look to science (or rather technology) to find easier ways to do things. When it tells them it's good to drink wine, they are so happy, but when it tells them they should be doing exercise and eating well, they are much less into it.

The keyword here is LESS versus NO chances of developping cancer with good lifestyle.

But people, you can also see it that way : if you do get cancer anyway and if you are otherwise fit and healthy, how much more chances do you have of making it through chemo than somebody with a bad heart condition ?

I couldn't agree more and also people should realize that if someone in the family (parents, brothers and sisters) has had cancer that they are more prone to getting it and change their life styles and be extra cautious etc.

Who knows. It's probably heriditary in a lot of cases, but in others who knows. Maybe there is no scientific reason, but only because we haven't discovered everything yet. I refuse to believe that sort of thing happens for no reason.

I'm fairly well educated and have an extreme respect for science, as a matter of fact science has saved my life on numerous occasions. Guess what? I have cancer and neither my education or science can save my life now. It wasn't my life style that caused it either, it was the greed of corporate America. I have to admit, if the scientist had been more forthcoming with the information that I have now, I could have prevented my own death. That however was not in their best interest then and not in their best interest now. I hope your beloved education and scientist decide someday to inform you of what I know now so that you don't end your life the way mine is going to end. I don't believe fate had anything to do with it, but if you actually think you are in control of whether or not you get cancer, you had better get educated.

You look after yourself and your family, and I will take responsibility for my actions. I resent being told what is good for me. Of course I know eating butter can be detrimental to my health, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

yes i agree there its silly nothing to do with fate its how and where you live

It's not a matter of "growing up", it's a matter of proper education. This forum is a perfect example of those who lack education from simple spelling and grammar to health related issues, which should be the first priority of their education. And hell, they offer spell check yet many still don't use it.

People would rather believe hearsay instead of doing the actual homework required to learn. This is a lazy society and it's only becoming worse.

If you consider your genes as being part of your fate, then they are not far from right.

I think you're being rather harsh on people. The 25% probably are religious, or have some spiratual belief. If they believe it is fate, who are you to disagree? Can you prove that every incidence of cancer had a scientific cause? Could you then please come along and explain it to my patients with cholangiocarcinoma found in a background of PSC. They all have the same trigger, but only some develop cholangiocarcinoma....that is luck...others call it fate.

To ridicule people for their belief shows a different level of stupidity, a conceited belief that your views are right, and others should be ignored. With that attitude, you demonstrate yourself to be a far more stupid person than those you try to belittle.

I'm overweight, I work, i drink, i'm exposed to insane amounts of passive smoke, i eat red meat, use a mobile phone, drink diet coke and I have breasts. I'm sure if I spent longer I could think of a hell of a lot more risk factors that I expose myself to so I'm going to choose to believe in fate too. Everyday research suggests that something new is carcionogenic and I'm going to keep living for now not avaoiding anything that might, possibly, maybe, someday increase my chance of cancer.

Anyboby can get cancer! is basically caused by one unhealthy potentiolly cancerous cell that goes unrecognised and then divides and mutates, while there are factors that increase the likelihood of cancer as u produce more unhealthy cells (smoking etc) still a perfectly 'healthy' person can get it, seemingly randomly.
And how do u know fate doesnt exist? fate and faith seem to be quite closely related and i have seen faith help so many people in terminal stages.

Wow aren't you pretentious..thinking you are so much smarter than everyone here. Get over yourself.
"Fact:" Some people believe in fate, some don't, it's not a big deal. Go find something else to worry about..if you're so smart then go help find a cure instead of insulting people.

Annie M
I have known really healthy people to die from cancer and had smokers, bad eaters and heavy drinkers in the family live into their 90s. As the old saying goes, when your time is up!

Your #1 fan
I've heard of women cutting off both their breasts preemptively because they believed there was a good chance of breast cancer. That is just insane. I agree fate is abstract. You have to go out there and create your own destiny.

Robb the B.D.C.
Fate my or may not exist, it can't be proved.

Like god.

Black Orchid
You can understand people believing in fate , Because some people die of cancer who have never smoked , hardly drink and who are active , i know because my brother in law died in his early fifties and he did every thing the experts are telling us to do , So it makes you think

So a man drinking and smoking all his life dies of old age at 91 - (my granddad) Friend dies of cancer at 34, no smoking, health freak - where is the science in that.?

♥ Miss Buggsy ♥
While I believe cancer isnt determined by fate, I still beleve in fate itself. You really have no right to tell people what exsists, and what doesnt. I value all people's oppinion, because I beleive that everyone is entitled to their own oppinion. I see your point, but I think you could state it a little better...

I think you could have better phrased your question.

The answer is not about fate. It's about risk.

People often point out stories of other people that live poor lifestyles (smoking, drinking, drug abuse, etc.) and live long lives while some healthy lifestyle people live short ones.

Based on that bad sample, they justify poor lifestyle choices.

Well, if you look at the statistics, those who have poor health habits have a shorter average lifespan and more health problems.

What I am trying to say is there are no gurantees in life. It is about risks and risk management.

An analogy, if you consistently drive 20+ mph over the speed limit, it is not certain that you will have an accident but, your risk is much higher.

Given information about the risks, it is up to the informed individual to determine his/her tolerance for risk and reward and live their life accordingly.

Genetics play a factor in the risk too. Having a defective tumor supressor gene does not mean you will have cancer but, the likelihood is significantly greater.

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