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 my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
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 A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
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 Is it worth having chemotherapy has well as radiotherapy if the breast cancer hasn't spread to the lympth node

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 can ciggaretts cause cancer?

 What can you do to prevent cancer?
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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

Will I get cancer?
My mom had cancer many times about two years ago, when I was in fifth grade. And I heard that its something you are born with and you inherit from your parents.
Be flat out honest. Am I really likely of getting it? I have a brother too.

Cancer is not hereditary. I wouldn't worry about it.

Its not genatic.You get cancer for many reasons but not that reason.

Mike G

ask your science teacher i dint think it is but I'm not positive but ask your teacher and tell me what they said thanks

yeah probably, just regularily get tested.

ellen degenitals
you're not born with cancer.

You don't get born with it...it can run in the fam or you can just get it by living unhealthily

Good question with no easy answer.

Some cancers, like breast cancer, do have a hereditary component. But most seem to be more influenced by our environment. And there is a lot that is not known.

Don't ever use tobacco or work around dangerous chemicals. Avoid getting sunburned and air pollution. Live a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious foods, and get lots of exercise.

You are not likely to get cancer. Neither is your brother. At least not 'til you get very old. By then a lot more will be known and maybe there'll be a cure.

cant take heat?get the f%&k out!
yes you can get cancer either way but if its in your dna youre most likely to get it when your older.the good thing though is that if you get tested regularly when youre older they can catch any tumor or cyst before it spreads so youre not likely to die from that

miss ellie
My father, my brother, my cousins, my uncles...I am 60 and no, I do not have cancer; but, not saying I won't.

There are some kinds of cancer that show inherited traits but there are things that you can do to be proactive in preventing getting cancer. Eat a good diet with lots of fruits, nuts and veggies in it. Stay away from smoking and drugs and alcohol and fast food. Keep your stress level low and do not worry about cancer as stress will kill you with a heart attack or stroke. I am a cancer survivor and in January I celebrated my 17Th year in remission. I was told that 98% of the women that got the kind of cancer that I had died after 5 years. My attitude made all the difference and so can yours. Keep it in your heart that cancer cannot beat you and it will be so!

you propably mean she has p53 gene, if you have inherited this gene then you will have a higher chance of getting cancer, but if you didn't then you will be a normal person.

but don't worry most cancers are now treatable in early stages so you need to make sure to follow up with a good doctor to make sure anything you get will be caught early

George B
Cancer cannot be inheirited. It does, however, appear more often in people whose parents or ancestors have had it.

While that doesn't mean it is certain will get it, it does mean you are more likely to get it than someone from a family where it has never appeared.

Best course of action? Reguler checkups and tests. It is almost always curable if found early.

You are not born with it nor do you inherit it like some conditions. Having a parent who had cancer generally puts you at a higher risk of getting cancer but does not guarantee that you will get it. It just means that you will have to be a little more aware of changes in your body.

I was considered low risk with no family history of cancer but I got it anyway.

Kimora Born8/10/10
Dont worry about it ok seriously just b/c your parent/parents or other family has/had it doesn't mean you will get it. People get cancer anytime even when none of their family ever had a history of it so trust me its not hereditary. Dont believe everything you hear, that's just kinda silly. And even if you do get it one day and I pray you wont, that doesn't mean you got it just b/c your mom had it, its just something that was meant for you.

MY dear friend angel, anything is possible, don't fret about it. The chance you get struck by lightning is better. GOD Bless you.

Honey there are no guarantees about anything. I know you are worried who wouldn't be.I was when my mom died of cancer. Its not all in your genes. there are so many different kinds If you leave yourself to worry about it you'll drive yourself crazy. Enjoy your youth Eat healthy Get regular check ups and tell your doctor your family history. They can do blood test now a days to see if you have it. But don't obsess over it!
Take care of your self now! and if it is hereditary it ususally skips a generation so stop worrying you'll be fine!

You are not likely to get it, considering the cancer gene that you say you have (a blood test can determine), you are more likely to get but don't worry about it. You are young, chill, and considering your mother survived it, if god-forbid you ever got it, you would be likely to survive it too.

-- Aliicat --
You have a higher risk, but it's not guaranteed. If it was say, breast cancer, get a mamography every year, starting when you are a year before when she got it. I don't want to worry you, but the earlier the better!

Good luck!

Michelle D
Honestly, no one could tell you yes or no. 10% of all cancers are based only on genetics. So yes, you have a higher risk of getting cancer then say someone with no background of cancer in their family, but a lot has to do with your environment.

Do you smoke? Do you eat nutritiously? Are you around a lot of chemicals? These factors play more of a factor then genetics. But again, it's all a toss up. Talk to your parents, tell them your thoughts, they will help you.

we all have a chance to get cancer dont let it bother you.

I think this may be something you need to discuss with your doctor. Too many individuals will give you sarcasm...somehow I don't think that is what you need.

Heredity is but only one of the indicators. Certain cancers are more connected to your genes than others. You may get cancer, you might not. And if you do, it might have nothing to do with your genetic makeup.

Just get tested regularly. Your doctor will do it anyway - you give a family history and given that your mom has had it, they will want to keep on top of your health.

Not all cancers are genetic. It depends on the the type. And even if it was a genetic type of cancer, that doesn't necessarily mean that you WILL get it. It just means that it is a possibility. I wouldn't stress yourself too much. If it is a genetic cancer, just make sure you get screened for it regularly. But please- you are still very young, do not worry yourself over this too much, ok?

Some types of cancer do appear to be hereditary, such as breast cancer. Easy way to find out is look up each type of cancer she had and it should indicate hereditary risks. Even then that does not mean you will automatically "get" cancer, you may simply have a higher risk of getting it than the general public.

Mo L
Depends on what type of cancer, breast, they found can transcend generations but others like leukemia not as much.

Gracee's Mom, Taylin due7/29
There are certain cancer;s that are hereditary but that is extremely rare. Most cancer is not heredity but just chance. You just need to get your body checked out on a regular basis but you have no greater chance then anyone else out there. And they are coming up with more and more ways to treat cancer now. My dad and brother died of cancer so I know how you feel. Just think positive and try not to worry.

You ask a good question. It has to be scary wondering will one inherit a cancer gene from their parents.

I did a search on google "Cancer genes" and got this link http://www.cancerbackup.org.uk/Aboutcancer/Genetics/Cancergenetics/Cancerandgenes

You are smart to ask questions and inform yourself. The best thing for you is to read and learn, and to live a healthy lifestyle (free from smoking, etc).

Most cancers are random, and nobody knows what causes them.

You don't say what type of cancer your mum had; you can inherit a tendency to get some particular cancers, but you won't definitely get that cancer. Some cancers are not hereditary at all – bone cancer is one.

Scientists have identified some high risk faulty genes but these are rare in the general population. One example of a high risk gene is BRCA1. Women who carry a faulty BRCA1 gene have an 80% chance of getting breast cancer at some point in their lives - but this still means that one in five of women with the gene will not get breast cancer. (Only 5 – 10 % of breast cancer cases are caused by hereditary factors)

Doctors who specialise in this area think that the younger you are when a cancer occurs, the more likely it is that an inherited genetic tendency has played a part

Please try not to worry without cause. Both my parents had cancer and my mother died of it. Their six children are now all in their 40s and 50s and only one (me) has had cancer, and that cancer was non-hereditary and unconnected to theirs - just random, like most cancers.

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