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Why does my mom's death seem like a bad dream?
She died over a week ago and it's still sinking in, but I feel like someone's going to pinch me and I'll wake up.

I live about 300 miles away from my dad and sisters and I call them almost everyday, a few times a day and I get the feeling that I call them too much. My husband seems to be tired of me talking about my mom already. I know that I must move on with life and that's what she would've wanted, but it all happened to quickly to me.

I checked the net to see if there maybe a bereavement support group in my area and I haven't had any luck. Do you know where else I may able to find one?

I've always heard that the death of a parent is rough, but nothing could've prepared me for this.

Youre right, death of a parent is rough, I wouldnt eat, talk, or even sleep for a week when my UNCLE died, but, idk what it feels like to lose a parent, and I'm sorry for you.
I think the reason you think its a dream is because your mind wants it to be a dream, it just hasnt settled in as real life yet, in time it'll pass and youll hopefully move on, until that happens, try to talk to people about it, dont just keep your feelings bottled up, or you will get to the point where you will go critically insane (no offense im just saying) Cause i've seen that happen to alot of people, they just dont talk about it until there mind just goes blank.

What you are feeling is COMPLETELY normal. Grief happens in stages and you are in stage one. You have a long way to go. If you are supported and allowed to grieve your loss of your mom in your own time, then you will be able to heal better and go on with your life. Treat yourself with special care and try to surround yourself with people who support you during this difficult time. Maybe a church nearby, or a good friend, or someone you know who has lost a loved one. Prayer also helps. Or write your feelings and thoughts in a journal. Good luck.

sorry to hear about your loss, my mom died 12 years ago and it still hurts. but it will get better, if you feel the need to call your family do so no matter how many times a day. your husband sounds like my Ex husband, he needs to be more supportive of your situation, its too early to expect yourself to move on, take the time to grieve . you could check out your local mental health dept. for help on excepting the loss of your mom. my prayers are with you,,, good luck

So sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mother to cancer three years ago, and can understand what you are going through. First of all, it sounds very normal to me. It took me close to a year to be able to fully pick up the pieces and move on after my mom's death. Most people I talk to share similar experiences with the one year mark.

It gets better with time, and you are only one week into this. Each week will get a little better for you. You aren't going to "move on" until you have gone through all of the stages of grief.

If you have a pastor or other clergy available, they would be a good person to start with. Your doctor will also likely know some local support groups, or your local cancer society.

Hope this helps-hang in there. It's going to take time, but time DOES heal.

I understand how it feels. I recently dealt with a death not more than a month or so ago. And I wil be completely honest with you. Suport is great to have from your loved ones, but what I found most helpful is really looking back at what I've been through with that person. That being your mom, think about what it is that you've done together all the time. When my stepdad died, I did cry, but I've learned to take a breather and I've imagined myself talking to him and having a conversation, asking him how things are. It's completely normal to do this, in fact it helps you have a connection. I would love to offer you some more advice, please don't hesitate to write.

Awwww. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss.

You're in shock... and shock is a normal reaction to an unexpected event. Even when our loved ones are sick and we know death is coming - it's so hard to accept.

In the past, I have joined support/loss groups at http://groups.msn.com and http://groups.yahoo.com
Real people who grieving and are trying to make it through another day just like you.

You will most certainly find an outpouring of support and open arms.

Love, Light & Prayers to you and yours.

Didi S
Try a journal. Local hospitals have support groups. I was with my mom when she died of hep c. My dad was sleeping and I felt guilty that he was not there for her. a single tear fell and I got up to wipe it and then I fell silent afraid to move for bumping the bed would wake her and she would have to go through it all over again. Then the screams. I can still hear myself. It has been 16 years and it seems like yesterday. Talk to your family and let them know how you feel and ask how they feel. I found out later my sister had guilt because she was in the hospital herself and could not be thee. Do not let years go by before you know how they are feeling. Find someone to talk to that wont get tired. It is part of your husbands job to listen so talk to him about how he feels. Light a candle every night in her memory and maybe start a journal at that time. I will pray for you and remember too her physical presence may be gone but she is still with you. She always will be.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is still so recent and the reality is probably just hitting. Some days you will wake up and for get it happened try to call and then remember. There are support groups and it helps to talk to someone else who can relate to your grieving. Your Dad and Sisters will probably be a great source of comfort and they need it also, and it is so good to talk about it. You do need to move on but it is early in your loss and this will take time. I lost my mom in 1982 and I still have days where I cry and wish I could talk to her. I try to remember all the good times and thank God that I have those memories. Just give your self time.

I'm very sorry to hear this, I know I was there you can call a local hospital and explain what happened and they will steer you in the right direction for the proper people to talk to. hang in there you will get over this.

may god bless your mom soul. One think I would suggest you that instead of thinking about your mom's death, think good thinks which you mom did in her life and write in a paper instead of talking to other people.

Because you don't want to accept the fact that she is gone. My dad died last year. And sometimes I can't believe it's true. it took awhile for me to accept the fact that he is gone. it was real hard for me. Go visit the grave, I do all the time. I make sure he has flowers.

I know what you mean.Yesterday it was 1 month since my dad passed away. He had cancer and it was really tough seeing him go through that. Seeing him like that gave me anxiety and I was having a hard time sleeping. I am doing better now though, because he isnt in anymore pain. I couldnt stand seeing him like that. It still feels like a dream to me too. I want to call him or go visit him but I cant. I will miss him but knowing he is in a better place and he isnt in pain anymore has given me peace about it. I have prayed alot about it. I was having nightmares everynight about it. I would say to pray about it and ask God to help you get through it. Good luck! I will pray for you. :)

Yes. It is a pitiable condition. I quite understand your mental stage and sorrow due to demise of your mother. What to do. All of us who have come to this world have to go back (I do not know where) one day or other. The end is most expected and we have to bear the loss. The agony, sorrow and loneliness felt by the near and that too dear one is something can not be explained. But the truth remains one day you have to bear this loss. Now it had come to you.

Now it is high time you should divert your attention and mind in other directions and try to relax. It is impossible to forget the departure but you can involve yourself in other activities and divert your attention to some other serious things in life/future. This will bring you some relief and the time will cure you.

I would suggest you to practice meditation very often now and this will help you to over come the troublesome situation. There are very good books available about meditation and you can buy one and practice.

Best of luck.

Doris D
i just read you last comment and losing a parent is really tough i lost my mom 3 years ago and still hurt over that lost please let me know what i can do and may GOD bless you through this im very sorry about your mom just remember the good and love she gave you and maybe you will make it. keep looking for the good the bad will always come even if you dont want it too.

I am so sorry for your loss I know how you feel because I lost my grandma about one week ago and she was like a mother to me I was her favorite grandchild and we did absolutely everything together. I miss her so much! To me it also feels like a bad dream. I had a dream of my grandma last night and she told me she loved me a lot and that she is ready to see me in heaven one day. My grandma was only 55 she died of ovarian cancer. to me she was young. I feel like I could just go to her house and she will be there arms open but in realtity she is not,It is going to be a hard grieving process if you were really close. I will pray for you that God will help you and give you guidance. If you would like to talk about anything I would be eager to talk to you, since I know what you are feeling. You can email me at [email protected]

denial is one of the stages of grief. it is normal. it has only been a week! you should be calling as much as you want, im sure your dad and sisters are having similar feelings. meybe you could go spend some time at home with your family and all of you could talk about her and tell stories. maybe make a memorial or some sort of tribute so that you can really acknowledge her. if she had a favorite place ( like a particular park or beach or a lake) you could go there either as a family or alone. it sounds weird but talk to your mom (or write) it might make you feel better and she can hear you. i am really sorry for your loss.

i just have to add that if your husband has already lost support of you in the time when you need him most then there is something seriously wrong with him...

take all the time you need. if you move on too fast it the grief will just come up in the future

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