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 i was wondering...............................…
is there any way to cure cancer?...

 If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?

 Is there any way that a CANCER patient dies painlessly....Please tell me,it's emergency.............?
I SEEK HELP FROM ANYBODY.....Please tell me how can the death of my grand-mother (She is now at the last stage of CANCER) be less painful or even painless.( It may sound odd, but I still hope someone ...

 Lump on my underarm. Could it be cancer?
Im 16. The lump is red and about 1/2 cm. It can be sore at times. I'm really worried what could it be caused by??...

 can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
These are my symptoms:

Loss of appetite...I have to eat very slow these days, and this caused me to lose weight becuase I can never finish my plate.

Pallor, my face and ...

 I smoke 7 packs of cigarettes a day?
am I on my way to getting cancer?...

 My son is 6yrs is tired & sleeps alot,bruises easily,never eats &if he does he gets sick is it leukemia??
luekemia ...

 With 25% of people believing that fate determines wether or not you get cancer, isn't time that folks grew up?
A new survey suggests that a quarter of people actually think that fate will determine wether they get cancer or not. Isn't it time that these people got into the real world, got an eduation and ...

 Should I go to the doctor?
I'm feeling different than my normal self. It feels as if my bones hurt, especially in my arms, wrists, and hands. I can't play my guitar anymore because it hurts me to. It'll bruise ...

 My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right
My mother is 83 years old, in November 2006 she broke her hip in a fall and is still recovering from that, in December 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and tomorrow (Jan 10) she goes for ...

 How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?

 can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
i've heard this from a couple people, but i'm still not quite convinced....

 Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
I Know that I am dying for sure. I started abusing alcohol as a teen because of emotional problems. I never talked to anybody about any of my emotional problems idk why but it always seemed hard for ...

 do i have cancer? i'm serious..please answer?
i have been feeling really tired lately. i'm losing weight. i found 2 small lumps on my neck, which has been hurting alot lately. what do you think? i'm a little scared, what do i do?...

 Is it possible for a 13 year old to get breast cancer?
I sometimes have lumps in my breasts and sometimes its all hard. I am super worried and sometimes only my left breast hurts....

 can men have breast cancer?
can men have breast cancer and if they do what are some singns/
and what really is breast cancer?...

 If I found a cure for cancer would the government kill me?
I mean I am pretty sure that the Govt made cancer as a form of population control....

 cancer, cant go to toilet because of medication?
my fathers got cancer, hes 60 years old, never had a pill in his life, but now hes on al sorts he cannot go, normally every morning go we go to toilet (poo) now he hasnt been for 5 days and keeps ...

 is lung cancer possible for a 19 year old?
i've been smoking since i was 15
and recently have had sharp chest pains,difficulty to breath,chesty cough
im scared please help :(...

 Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?
I've been smoking for 32 yrs now and it has finally caught up with me. I actually can't breath anymore but my body is craving nicotine. I try to quit but I can't, any advice would be ...

k. Osle
Why 90% of americans are still using microwaves in their kitchens if it's known to be bad for our health?

No no no. It's when your naughty neighbor take apart his micro and points the magnetron towards U that's when it gets bad.

I didn't know it was a danger

Convenience. Why do so many people still smoke?

People always find some hardship against new invention for decade. first against gas now micro oven

I think because Americans are always on the go and never have a chance to have a nice family meal, so they are forced to eat fast food (another thing bad for us) or cook up some unhealthy item in the microwave, ready in 2 minutes to bring to the car. (I have nothing against Americans and using their microwaves- I am an American that uses microwaves, but not 24/7!) :)

because theres lots of things we know are bad for us and our health but u cant go throught life paranoid..

Because using a microwave is not bad for your health. Standing in front of the microwave while is in use might be a tiny little bit harmful, but that's why you read the instructions and keep yourself out of the way until the food is ready.


What is not bad for our health...the air we breath can be bad but you don't stop doing that do you? I say you have to die sometime might as well be doing something and not worrying about when the time of death will come

Lil' Miss J

i dont, but i have to eat everything cold. :-(

j1 projectz
well..first off...there's alot of things bad for our health, even eatin too much of somethin is bad for us, anythin is bad fo us...we just carry on wid our lives. and another thing, even tho the microwave gives off radiation waves...its minor, it gotta be like alot to really really do some damage, enough fo it to radiate n really effect our bodies. so yea...its convient and makes life easier, and its part of our culture, alot of things are bad fo us buh hey..we don't quit..

Since when are microwaves dangerous to your health? Yeah, maybe if you run it 20 hours a day and stand right in front of it.
There is a laundry list of things out there killing me, but I don't consider my microwave an item on that list.

Document your sources. I've never heard either.

It's only bad if you're standing with your nose pushed right up to the door. If you're worried it's leaking, there's a gadget you could buy to test it.

so is that microphone you have on your puter, and you get short waves from sailors too

Same reason people smoke, tan in tanning beds and other dangerous things. They are not worried about it.

everything is bad for us one way or another.

Radiation remittance is too low to adversely affect out health. So it's still in use.

Because it's quick and easy and you can't see the damage it causes. Oh, and nobody ever listens if the news in going to inconvenience them.

Kookie M
Because we are all too busy to care what is happening to us or the environment. Pretty sad isn't it????

Convenience., But if you exercise proper care when cooking or reheating, you should be fine. The thing is not to cook everything there, only what's needed. And ALWAYS cover open containers. Is not like the magnetron element shoots out uncontrollable radioactive rays...

because it makes food fast! MMMMMMMMMMMM DON'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME. I'd rather die than not have it.

The average person is not in danger from a microwave oven in his kitchen.

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