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What does cancer mean to you....... in one word?...

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 Does school cause death?
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 Which one Are you :?
A smoker: http://www.lungcancer.org/images/patients/lungs/diseased_lung.jpg


A nonsmoker:

Where physically on my body does gallbladder pain occur?

In your gallbladder.


u got f'd in the a
in the pelvic area my mom had terrible gut aches and little lower aches but in the lower abdomen and pelvic area i think...

Sarah Smile
Mine was right below my ribcage on the right side of my body. The pain radiated through to my back and right shoulder as well. Basically you feel like you are having a heart attack. In fact, a gallstone attack can mimic a female heart attack.

your gallbladder is connected to your liver and it would cause upper intestinal pain

Normally in the back on the right side where the shoulder blade is.

right side. it can also be on the back near the shoulder area or little lower. you can also have a severe case of cramps (it feels like when the attack is there) you will also feel alot of heart burn also

On the right side under the rib cage, also you may feel pain between your shoulder blades.
This website may help you out.

usually in your right mid quadrant. if you look down at your stomach and go from you belly button to the right about a finger and half's length way. It can also present more to the side and your mid to lower back on the right side.

I've suffered many gall bladder issues! actually was just in the Hospital for one last month. I have lupus so it effects my organs

your (Lower) belly on the right side so if you're having pains get checked out

Rabbit Feet
near you're liver i believe. there is a home remedy for gall stones from dr. hulda clark. it worked well for my wife and she didnt have to go in for any surgery and got rid of her stones at home.

eric r
right side up under your lower ribs

Gall bladder pain can move around and cause discomfort in different areas. Sometimes people just have nausea for a long time. I used to think my stomach was cramping, or sometimes my lower back. The gall bladder itself is on the right side, just below your rib cage if your a female. May be slightly under ribs for men, not sure.

Here's info from the Mayo Clinic:
Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or calcium salts that form in your gallbladder or nearby bile ducts. They often cause no symptoms and require no treatment. But some people with gallstones have a gallbladder attack that can cause symptoms, such as nausea and an intense, steady ache in their upper middle or upper right abdomen. In some cases, the pain can be severe and intermittent.

You're at greater risk of developing gallstones if you're older, female or overweight. Rapid weight loss or eating a very low calorie diet also can put you at risk of gallstones.

Complications from gallstones can be serious, and even fatal, if left untreated. Fortunately, treatment for gallstones is usually straightforward, and newer techniques often allow faster recovery time.

upper right quadrant of your belly.

On your right side, along with vomiting,
diarhea, and stabbing PAIN go to the
ER as soon as possible or call 911

Dr who
chest pain in the right side (caused by stones in the bile duct or inflammation or swelling of the gallbladder itself). Nausea or queasiness, vomiting and gas are frequent. There may or may not be belching or burping.Lots of pain,and needs to be checked out because it can poison your system.

right upper abdomen, possibly under rib area that could radiate around to your back. It also could hurt between your shoulder blades.

Your mid-to-lower abdomen. My friend just went through a terrible ordeal with his gallbladder, he had stones and had to have the gallbladder removed. When the attacks would strike him, he would double over, scream like a 9 year old girl who just found a spider on her head, and most times he would pass out. It looked quite horrible, I hope to never experience anything like that.

It occurs on the right side immediately under your rib cage. However, it can also radiate to your back, also on the right side under your rib cage. Sometimes a gallbladder attack starts with pain in the back in the area I just described.

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