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When you know somebody's going to die wot do u do?

Additional Details
She has lung cancer and the doctors say there is NOTHING they can do, nothing its spread to far, shes been through radiation and treatment and she's lying and every second every breath she dies more

An Unhappy Yahoo User
Buy a life insurance policy on him or her...fast.

Dr Dee
Start preparing for their funneral.

I'm so sorry, I know there's nothing I can say to ease your pain. Just be there for them. Be yourself. It's hard, and I know you may not know what to say, just be there. Hold hands, cry together, whatever. It'll mean the world to that person.

My Father passed last year from lung cancer, and though a horrible cancer it DOES allow you time with "your special person" to talk to them, care for them, tell them you love them and most importantly tell them YOU will be OK. We are all going to die, it's the journey that's the long haul. Comfort them....many times caring for another person is wonderful food for our own souls. My thoughts are with you.

Calvin of China, PhD
This is a tough one. My aunt had already known she would die. But the rest of us had to move to fast forward and get things ready. But you know; that is what love is all about. God bless you.

Aussie girl
Well if it's someone old in hospital after a heart attack or something- you know there's not much hope- and I would go and visit them and let them know that I love them and give them a piece of me... eg. sing them a song/ ets/etc....
I would let them know how I feel and let their last moments be good ones.

Try my best to save his or her life which I think is the most important of them all. Secondary option will be to know what is his or hers last wish. I'm sure they won't be having a big one for sure at stage of time and complete it with total responsibility.

All you can do is comfort her, be there for her while she is still here, make sure she is comfortable & love her.
Good Luck.

[email protected]
Get a priest or clergyman to visit and prepare for a peaceful death.

you let them talk about it if they want. don;t deney them that. i lost several people and i was close to. and they wanted to talk about it. when i had cancer eight yrs. ago .i was friends with three others who had it. they would talk to me and tell me their familys won't talk about it.if they don't know JESUS please tell them. they are about to go through a door either to JESUS or away from HIM. they have to decide now!!

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Mad Roy
You might try some of the suggestions in Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillen or How to Prevent & Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine. One should never completely give up hope. Good luck and God bless!

Hospice is a great choice. The biggest thing you can do is ask her what she wants from you. I recommend a "Do Not Rescucitate" Order. This will prevent the doctors and Emergency Medical Service from doing CPR. If you know she is going to pass... let her go in grace. Having the doctors and paramedics break her ribs to save her would disgrace her.

Love her, support her. Let her go home to die... do not put her in a nursing facility. Like everyone else has said... pray.

First of all love them. But secondly talk to them what they think is beyond this life. I believe that there is two places after death: heaven and hell. I'm telling this only because i believe it so much and have much assurity that if you believe and follow the rest of you days that you will live in paradise. Now I ask you to go to this website and truly listen to the intro. I ask you to go there and listen to this. www.wayofthemaster.com
check it out, it has already changed so many lives!!!

Dr Why
Call your local Hospice right away. They will help.

Prepare her to accept the fact that it is her time to go. Stay with her to comfort her, sing to her, hold her hands, attend to her complaints of pain, read the brighter news and feel good stories to her... just be there.

When the cancer reaches metastatic state, you will see that her breathing are coming in gasps. At the final hour, her breathing will have audible crackles (the phlegm would have accumulated in her lungs and air passages) and in most cases, heavy sweating breaks out. Within minutes after that, she'd have gone.

Pray for her.

love them and be there for them , spend as much time as you can with them and make sure you tell them you love them

let them know u love them or care for them. Bring something they can enjoy such as a soft teddy bear, or their favorite music, a beautiful quilt. Don't wake them if they are resting. Listen to them and don't talk too much, they are tired, they may not feel up to having visitors.

Erase Program Read Only Memory
I just hope she die peacefully, without pain.

make sure there is no unfinished business between you, tell them whats in your heart. i was close to my mother-in-law and she was dying. we both want to part with no regrets, so we had a couple of heart to heart talks. it cleared up alot. when she passed, i had no regrets. it was easier.

Daniel L
be as caring as possible and support them through the change. death is not always a bad thing.

I'm so sorry if you are losing a loved one right now. I lost both of my parents: my dad was the same way as this person you’re talking about: we knew he was dying. He was on what's called a "Do Not Resuscitate", meaning more or less, Do Not Try to bring them back if they stop breathing, etc.

I actually feel more concerned for your well being right now, because I get the feeling that you may be pretty young, and this person may be someone you are very close to. Just remember that death is a part of life. We all are dying. We start dying practically the moment we are born, so I’ve heard. So, death is not a bad thing, and it’s always a good thing to keep God close in your heart too.

That was how I saw my dad when he was dying, and it really freaked me out because I didn't know what to do. I thought he was feeling all of this pain and stuff and the hospice people (like nurses at the house) explained a lot of stuff to us. She said he wasn't feeling it anymore and he wasn't feeling any anxiety or worries.

If this person is not able to speak to you anymore, just try and remember that they are going through a process and at times it may look like or sound like she's suffering, but it's not really that way. If she is at home, or in the hospital dying, either way I believe she would be on medications that make sure she's in no pain and she's not suffering.

They explained to us that he could still hear us (at first, later as it got worse he didn't), and it was best for us to let our father know that we would be okay. We each talked to him privately and I said "Dad, you can let go now. I will be fine, I'm okay. It's okay if you let go" etc. When you tell them that in their last moments or hours, it helps them to actually let go and go on to their "next stop," is what we called it.

As for you, I will pray for you and this person dying, and your loved ones involved. Just hold that persons hand and allow them to let go. It's not easy at all, I do know that: it tore me up. It even hurts now to think about them, but I also remember that they would want us to stay strong, so as a family, we still do stand strong. (My siblings I mean).

I've dealt with death all of my life - people around me dying, some homicides, some suicides, others just natural death or accidents. It's never easy, but when it's someone you are close to, it does hurt, especially if you are young, like I think you are.

There are also lots of numbers of hotlines if you need to talk to someone to help you through this if you need Don't be afraid to call them or email someone and type out your feelings if you need.

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