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Cassie o
When do you think my grampa will die..?
My grampa is 77 and hes a chain smoker..and he has lukemia how long do you think he has til it gets really bad that he has to be in a hospital or until he dies..?? please tell me even if its something i dont want to hear.

Jesse V
dude i give him 2 weeks tops his lung will colapse and then his breathing will stop and its bye bye grandpa

Pimp slapback!
yea, dawg. Tell dat jigga i'll be pourin some liquor for him.

Trust me.
2-3 months

There is nothing stamped on anyone of our feet giving an exact date we will pass from this world. The best advice is to spend as much quality time with your loved one as possible, because we are not guaranteed another day. (I have started recording voices my loved ones and saving all their cards and letters.)


meeta bhar
Why dont you ask his doctor?

I have a relative who has had leukemia for several years. It does not mean he will die at all. The doctors will do all they can to help him. Stay positive, pray for him, and spend plenty of time with him.

I really have no idea but make the most of the time you have left with him.
Live each day as the last and enjoy it!
(thats if you get on with him of course)

LARA, age 82
I am sorry that you are feeling so concerned about your grandfather, but there is no way to predict how much longer he will live. Even doctors may be wrong about it. Just enjoy what time you still have with him as best you can..

That's not a question I can answer for you I'm afraid. I know it's frustrating and sad to deal with your grandfather dying soon. Make everyday count.

Crazy Horse
No one can tell, but I'm so sorry for your impending loss. Cancer is a hard thing to deal with. Just make sure you spend quality time with him so you can remember the good times.

can't tell from that.
could be a month or ten years. the key is to use that time to its fullest.

Every case is different. It depends on how far it has progressed & how he has responded to treatment, if he's had it. It could be weeks... or it could be years.

Susan M
No one can tell you this! When my mom had lung cancer the doctor told me she would die in ten days for months! Just take each day as it comes. I hope your grandpa is comfortable and you have a good communication with him while he's here.

♥sweet silence♥
nobody can know. You just have to hope for the best.

it depends upon the following

1. hospital equipment
2. competent doctors
3. your grandpas emotional, physical, spiritual status

just pray for him and ask God what he really wants

Keith V
When you least expect it.

Enjoy the moments you live that thyr still there
neat huh

Silent One
I am not a doctor but whatever it is, it is not very long. I am guessing it is measured in months.

Thang G
Well first of all let him live as long as he can and will. Just enjoy the time you can spend with him. It really depends on the stage of the cancer, and the treatment he is on..... To be truthful, G-D will take him, when he chooses. I'm sorry for the pain you are going through.

first, let me express my sympathies towards you and your family. i know it doesn't mean much, but i've been there (twice with cancer), and everyone needs to prepare themselves differently.

the problem with any type of cancer is you never know how the patient will respond to treatment. i suggest that you spend as much time as possible with him, try to remember everything you love about him, and realize that if he is suffering now, he won't be soon. no one can give you a timeline,but if you are concerned, you can speak with his doctor.

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