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 can ciggaretts cause cancer?

 What can you do to prevent cancer?
Additional Details
i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

ok so i just now found this out but I felt my (right) testical this morning and i felt a lump within my right testical. Is this a sign of testicular cancer or is this normal for a 13 year old boy?...

 My husband has late stage cancer and has started to wet his pants. Should I tell him we're through?
I married a man, not a baby, and I don't intend to change diapers. Do you think I'm right to divorce him now, or would the right thing to be to stick it out? It'll probably only be a ...

 if i have a bald spot and they took blood from me will it say i smoke weed?

 i was wondering...............................…
is there any way to cure cancer?...

 If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?

 Is there any way that a CANCER patient dies painlessly....Please tell me,it's emergency.............?
I SEEK HELP FROM ANYBODY.....Please tell me how can the death of my grand-mother (She is now at the last stage of CANCER) be less painful or even painless.( It may sound odd, but I still hope someone ...

 Lump on my underarm. Could it be cancer?
Im 16. The lump is red and about 1/2 cm. It can be sore at times. I'm really worried what could it be caused by??...

 can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
These are my symptoms:

Loss of appetite...I have to eat very slow these days, and this caused me to lose weight becuase I can never finish my plate.

Pallor, my face and ...

 I smoke 7 packs of cigarettes a day?
am I on my way to getting cancer?...

 My son is 6yrs is tired & sleeps alot,bruises easily,never eats &if he does he gets sick is it leukemia??
luekemia ...

 With 25% of people believing that fate determines wether or not you get cancer, isn't time that folks grew up?
A new survey suggests that a quarter of people actually think that fate will determine wether they get cancer or not. Isn't it time that these people got into the real world, got an eduation and ...

 Should I go to the doctor?
I'm feeling different than my normal self. It feels as if my bones hurt, especially in my arms, wrists, and hands. I can't play my guitar anymore because it hurts me to. It'll bruise ...

 My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right
My mother is 83 years old, in November 2006 she broke her hip in a fall and is still recovering from that, in December 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and tomorrow (Jan 10) she goes for ...

 How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?

 can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
i've heard this from a couple people, but i'm still not quite convinced....

 Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
I Know that I am dying for sure. I started abusing alcohol as a teen because of emotional problems. I never talked to anybody about any of my emotional problems idk why but it always seemed hard for ...

 do i have cancer? i'm serious..please answer?
i have been feeling really tired lately. i'm losing weight. i found 2 small lumps on my neck, which has been hurting alot lately. what do you think? i'm a little scared, what do i do?...

 Is it possible for a 13 year old to get breast cancer?
I sometimes have lumps in my breasts and sometimes its all hard. I am super worried and sometimes only my left breast hurts....

Thierry D
What would you do if you had cancer?
I mean, you know you're probably going to die and your friends and family cry probably everyday about you.
Additional Details
People I know there are a lot of cancer survivors but it must be really scary doesn't it? and I don't discrimitate people with cancer because I hate people that discriminate.

Robbie M
id take a sawn of shotgun and blow my ****** brains out

i would get a big ol brick of opium and just chill out until i died

do whatever i can to **** up the lives of the people i hate

idk, ive never been faced with that situation, probally go to new york to see gossip girl being filmed

Baby Angel
tell everybody the truth about how i feel about them

im not really sure but i wouldnt want pitty on myself. i would get over it and live up the life that id have left as much as possible.

Life is a terminal case! we are all going to die. Do you worry that you could die tomorrow (e.g. hit by a bus) and that people will cry for you? Why would a cancer patient or any person with a serious health issue dwell on those thoughts?

You focus on treatment, survival, and living!

I would not know what to do..

i would just think about the quote by kay yow "When life kicks you, let it kick you forward." she was the womens basketball coach at nc state and she passed away sunday from cancer. this is the way she lived her life (and fought cancer 2 times both for very lanthy periods and seldomly missing a game even through lots of kemo. and i would just try to live like her. look positive, no regrets, and no whining or complaining about anything. also she used to commonly say "if god didn't think i could handle it then he wouldn't have given it too me."....etc etc. always think positive! good luck.

I would cry, pray and do my best to get better.

Mostly pray.

If I was cured, I would probably quit my job and do something to help other cancer victims.

I find it nothing worse than to have a doctor tell you, you have a deadly illness. At that time in my life I was a basket case.

Now if I were given the same info. I'd keep living life and do what i wanted to do. I would not allow that to consume me with fear.

Follow up test showed I did not have the illness. But emotionally it took a while to heal.

I wouldn't just give up, I would keep fighting it until It was gone. Many people survive. I would hope to as well. But, if I knew It was my time, I would spend every last minute I had left with my Husband. I would want to lay in his arms, and just enjoy the moments with him.

Enjoy more life and be 24/7 with them.

I would take each day - one at a time. Live each to fullest. Make sure I tell everyone I know that I will be in heaven soon and share that Jesus Christ died for them too.
That's what I would do....

Hello, I love you.
do everything that i have ever wanted to do

cordelia . . . ♥
i would enjoy life until the day i have to leave this world.

Jamie G
This is a horrible question. People survive cancer all the time.

live your life (8)
basically just spend as much time as possible with family

Chocolate Candie
Live life to the fullest and appreciate and be thankful for everything around me ...Like what I'm doing now.

Lex Luthor
I would go to confession ( only if you are Catholic) then try to make everyone i know happy.

You get asked things like this by people who haven't the slightest idea about good manners.

y do u have cancer?

if so be strong

The Answer
Quite a strange question!!

me too.
i would cry.
then get all my money and travel.
also try to fight it in some way but mainly satisfying my biggest dreams.

I had a cancer tumor in my bladder. I had an operation and it was removed. I had further medical treatment,. Yesterday I had my 3 month checkup and I am clear. Not all Cancer is fatal..

well, I'd cry for myself... I probably wouldn't be able to breathe, and I'd go travel the world looking for a cure

Anthony S
we are all going to die. I have leukemia and never for a minute was worried did the chemo now it is on hold I am in the hand of GOD. I don't know what tomorrow holds? but I know who holds tomorrow.

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