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 What would you do if you had cancer?
I mean, you know you're probably going to die and your friends and family cry probably everyday about you.
Additional Details
People I know there are a lot of cancer survivors but ...

 I have been told I need to go into a hospice because I'm deteriorating gradually. I need some advice.?
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 Would you feel sad if you just fount out that your best friend has cancer?
About two weeks ago,I fount out that my best friend has lyphompia.
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I just want to make sure that she is cured with in two years.She is like a sister to me.She is a ...

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 Is this cancer?
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I dont have anything else 2 say!!...

 can ciggaretts cause cancer?

 What can you do to prevent cancer?
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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

ok so i just now found this out but I felt my (right) testical this morning and i felt a lump within my right testical. Is this a sign of testicular cancer or is this normal for a 13 year old boy?...

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 i was wondering...............................…
is there any way to cure cancer?...

 If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?

 Is there any way that a CANCER patient dies painlessly....Please tell me,it's emergency.............?
I SEEK HELP FROM ANYBODY.....Please tell me how can the death of my grand-mother (She is now at the last stage of CANCER) be less painful or even painless.( It may sound odd, but I still hope someone ...

 Lump on my underarm. Could it be cancer?
Im 16. The lump is red and about 1/2 cm. It can be sore at times. I'm really worried what could it be caused by??...

Stan S
What happens if you have cancer but don't want treatment?
in the US
Additional Details
yes, I know about the dying part -- I meant do the doctors refuse to treat you any more or what

I understand why a person would not want the kind of treatment they advertise in the us! If you want to know the very best and most inexpensive way to kill and cure any disease, just e-mail me!

lovin' life
Stan, I'm sorry to hear you have cancer. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I do plan on having treatment, but I'm also going on a strict cancer diet. Get a book called 'What to Eat if You Have Cancer' by Maureen Keane and Daniella Chace. It also explains cancer thoroughly and has a long list of supplements. I believe nutrition goes a long way. Also try drinking a lot of fresh (not bottled) fruit and vegetable juice. I've heard that tumors have a barrier around them that keeps our bodies from detecting them. The enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables will eat away the barrier so our bodies can start fighting them. I've also heard that if you keep your blood pH neutral, it helps, although I haven't heard much about what's best to eat for that. I did read in a macrobiotic cookbook that Bancha or Kukicha tea can help with that. They're made from the stems and twigs of the tea bush. You can test your pH by using a pH strip when you urinate in the morning. Of course, I'm not a doctor. This is just what I plan on doing. And if you believe in God, pray a lot and keep the faith! I hope the best for you.

If it´s a breast,prostate,ovarian ,colon or skin cancer ,do have it removed!
Most cancers lead to death,with or without conventional treatment.
Treatment often causes you side effects,which may be worse than the cancer its self!
There is a book,by L.Pauling (a double nobel price winner)called Cancer and Vitamin C!Read it!
Vitamin C is very cheap, there is no patent on it.
That´s why the medical industry hates it.
And remember- there are always spontainious healings!!!
Try to get the book Health in your hand by Dr.Devendra Vora.
Have your treatment with no side effects at home.
Enjoy the pain free periods cancer gives you,to do,what you ever wanted to do.
A Swedish friend,who had cancer,told me she never LIVED before her cancer..
Whats your cancer?What stage?Is it painful?How old are you?

Heinz M
You'll die? ~

If you have cancer and it is severe enough you may die. Depending on where it is located I would suggest treatment becasue it works. However people opt not to have treatment everyday and unfortanatley more die than survive......... If you so not want advice form a Medical Doctor I suggest you seek advice from a doctor of osteopathy becasue they will help you seek natural ways to cure it and if they see that that is not working they will treat you for cancer using modern treatment but they will monitor your progress and they are board certified medical doctors who are very worthy of their degree I hope this helps......

Then you probably die. No one makes you take treatment if thats what your asking. I hope your not considering that though.

you just get palliative care, pain relief and support

If you choose not to treat the cancer, doctors will suggest hospice care and try to keep you as comfortable as possible.

I'm not really sure because I have cancer but I have chosen to fight. I have little kids so I felt this was the right choice for my family.

Obviously, you will die... unless your immune system spontaneously recognizes it as a threat and attacks it (which is very rare due to a tumor or malignancy simply being a mutation of your own cell and DNA). If you do decide to refuse treatment, it is up to the doctor whether he/she will continue to assist in your health care. Your best bet is to ask said doctor, and see if he/she would continue to treat you. Doctors are allowed to refuse treatment to any patient solely based on their morals and beliefs.
Once the disease becomes terminal, you would probably go into hospice care where they will try to make you as comfortable as possible. If you chose to not receive an pain management medication, your life will be hell, but they won't give it to you, or they will discharge you. There again it is all based on administrative policy.
If you have health insurance, they may drop you, due to high cost in the latter days of your life. Health insurance companies do have a ceiling as to how much they are obligated to pay on your behalf. Many times an insurance company has refused to pay for the chemotherapy/radiation for cancer patients... they refused to pay for me.

bin there dun that
I think anywhere it is your choice to have treatment, not mandatory. In the end stages you receive comfort measures, usually huge doses of pain killers - whatever type works for you.

How do you feel about dying?

In the US, all patients have the right to refuse any and all treatment unless a judge orders that right to be suspended due to incapacity or incompetence.

You need to QUICKLY get a living will and advance directive filled out; the hospital that you go to has a social worker whose job is to help you with this.
You need to specify on these documents what you want..."withhold tube feedings" is common, "provide palliative care and hydration to maintain my physical comfort" is also common. Your nurses will also appreciate "continued use of anxiolytic medications as required by my condition".

You may also wish to select a trusted friend or family member, or an attorney, as a health care surrogate, who will make decisions for you when you can no longer communicate your wishes.

Nurse Kelly
You are allowed to refuse treatment, but if you wish to have treatment later, then you can recieve it. Also alternatives should be offered as well. It's the law in medicine for doctors and nurses. At least it is in Australia. But I assume it's the same in the USA.

Oh me oh my...♥
The cancer will continue to grow and spread. The body will be affected differently based on where the disease has spread and which part of the body is affected.

it depends on what type you have. some people live years and others , especially people with lung cancer only live a few months .you should put your papers in order now . do whatever you have always wanted to do while you still have time.

It will be very painful. At least if you don't want treatment, have some medication to ease the pain.
I am sorry.....

A horrific painful death. At least with treatment, you can go out high as a kite.

That would be like sucide too me. I went through breast cancer treatment & I am now free of it for a yr. I feel very well. There was now other choice for me. The treatment was tough but I found the strength to get through it. I chose to put my trust in tthe knowledge of the Drs. & I am glad I did. So is my family.Think long & hard about making such a discision.

You are free to choose what treatment you want. Your doctors will give you your options and you may choose what you wish. If you choose no chemotherapy and/or no radiation and/or no surgery, they will still help by treating your pain and complications, etc. They don't just turn you away. They will help you no matter what.

Debra M
Treatment can not be forced on a patient. It is your option if you don't want treatment. Denying treatment is a patient right. With some people treatment can prolong life or even can bring a patient into remission but in the end, the choice is yours.

no, they follow your wishes. you need a living will. see a socialworker at your local hospital. your doctor also needs to be consulted about your instructions. God Bless YOU!

I think that since it is MD's job to treat people they will not like it when you decline treatment. I believe if you are making an educated decision however, and know the statistics of your particular stage and prognosis, it could be a wise decision to deny the expensive and painful treatments that would make final months miserable. It just depends on all the facts.

Your decision to not seek treatment is your own. A doctor may find it hard to accept, but s/he should honor it.

If your doctor truly cares about you, s/he doctor should still treat you for other illnesses or conditions that may arise.

In the majority of cases, cancer does not get better and will only keep growing until it kills the host.

you have the right to do or not do what you want about cancer in your body

I have chosen not to have anything more done about mine
in Canada

Oshkosh Girl
I hate to state the obvious, but if you have cancer, and assuming it's terminal and you don't get treament, you will die.

Doctors are familiar with the idea that the patient has the right to refuse treatment. They should be able to treat you and support you to whatever extent you wish. For example, you may refuse surgery, but want blood transfusions if you are becoming anemic, pain control medications, etc. They may even agree with ou that your decision is a reasonable one, depending on what your situation is.

At some point, you may want to join a hospice program. They are very helpful to people who are facing terminal illness and not interested in further treatment.

Good luck to you during this difficult time.

Anywhere in the world Oncology doctors willingly treat all the cancer patients. They all mostly practice medicine or surgery etc., for the cause of treating and curing the disease. They never refuse.

If you have Cancer and if you do not want to get treated, this attitude is not correct. You should try all possible and approved methods for treatment and the patients should not suffer. The should be he motto as CANCER IS STILL AN ENIGMA-

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