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Laura Jones
What do i do im 17 with cancer?
im 17 years old and ive just been told i have cancer(there is nothing the can do im to far along). I don't want to tell anybody because i don't what them to treat me differently.

My mum died of cancer 4 years ago and i saw how everyone changed when she told them. My Dad was the worst.

Im scared that if they find out they will change and treat me differently i don't want to die with everyone treating me like im not me anymore.
Am i doing the wright thing?
Additional Details
i have gastric cancer.
and the doctor said i could have chemo and radiation but i is unlikly to help because the cancer has spread to far

Beyond brainwashing
Laura hit your computer and research sites for yourself there are cures out there.

I don't wish to offend you, I merely want to expose the cancer con.

There are many successful cancer treatments around the world but are suppressed by governments, pharmaceutical industries and the mainstream media.

Cancer treatment is the biggest money making racket after war and oil.
Especially chemotherapy which is very expensive and has no medical or scientific evidence that it is successful in the treatment of cancer.

Yes it sometimes stops cancer temporally, but it only cuts the branches off and not the root of the tree. So that it comes back within 5 years and then they get to use the treatment again before the patient dies.

Chemotherapy and radiation also kills people’s good cells permanently, so if they have a weak immune system they will not survive the treatment.
Yet chemotherapy, surgery and radio therapy are the only options for patients, none of which totally destroys the cancer for good.

Think about it, we were told that in the 1960's they had the advanced technology to land three astronauts on the moon and bring them back to earth without a scratch.


Did you know that Dr Raft treats and completely cures aids and cancer patients? He has a clinic in South Africa where he successfully treats people with natural medicine, despite the governments trying to stop him. He has won many claims against the government and pharmaceutical company’s.

Visit his Webb site

(Cancer Cure)
(Another cancer cure)
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(Buy Hemp oil)

Mr Not Nice Guy
I am very to hear this and you will be in my prayers tonight. I understand the doctor told you that the cancer has gone to far but I want you to consider one thing as crazy as this may seem. Eat a consistant diet of broccoli, cabbage and tomatos. What this will do is let your cells fight the cancer cells. It will turn your body into a alkaline state, a condition cancer cells cannot stand. I'm assuming your body has a low PH level and is very acidic.

In the end, stay strong and don't give up.

Pink-Sunshine Sakura
Im so sorry to hear that. Its totally up to you to choose what you do. You could go for the chemo, and maybe try Aloe Vera, its supposed to help you build up white blood cells and stop the cancer spreading, it sounds weird, but apparently it works, it also apparently reduces the risk of cancer and HIV/AIDS and is possibly a cure for AIDS/HIV. Or you could try radiotherapy with chemo and surgery, it might be a lot to have done to you, but you just sound so depressed by it that i think you should try it, And i think at 17, you have a pretty good chance of survival if it starts reducing the cancer. the person on here who said they had cancer it right, you shouldn't give up. You are 17 and at prime health, then if you want to, go for it. Even if there is a minute chance of chemo therapy working then you should try it, because if it does start to help, then your chance of survival will rise, and i don't want to see someone with so much potential just die.
If you do just want to get on with you life, then do that. If you don't try any treatment whatsoever, then eventually people will notice. People will find out when you start having to miss school and so you will have to tell them sometime, but if i were you, don't tell them now. If you are still pretty healthy, then life to the full as much as possible, and then tell them when you are ready, but whatever you do, it is your choice.
Good Luck!

Maura Corsini
I understand (well not fully) how you are feeling. I think you should tell ONE person that you are very close to and see how they treat you. But honestly, I think you should tell your father. You don't have to but if you do it will be helpful in a long shot. Thats just my opinion, do whatever you like...

God Bless You

i think your doing the right thing, this could be a blessing to you, giving you the confidence to follow your dreams and have high levels of confidence because you have the ability to convince your mind "what the hell, im gonna die anyways"

I agree with prittygirl, no doctor should say that there is nothing to do.

I would adwise to tell someone, someone that can help you seek another oppinion, to fight this, and prove that there is no such thing as "nothing to do"

most of all, don't give up, you'll beat this.

I'm really sorry to hear that! If you don't want to tell anyone that is OK, but you should tell your dad or an aunt or uncle or grandparent or someone else close to you. You shouldn't have to go through this alone and they will most likley find out anyway the farther along you get.

sweety you need to tell somebody. even if its your best friend ..just live your life to the fullest do what ever you have wanted to do at any expense.... and even though your dad went through a hard time he will go through a harder one if he finds out towards the end.. you need to tell him xx

-Do not think like that .In these 4 years since your mother's disease ,cancer treatment improved.You need not fear.Study about cancer .Talk with many doctors or medical students to know about cancer in light way.
-Do not think about the fact that 'think differently'.You will get used to it slowly,give importance tohealthy living
-You know that you can write e mail to me through this section

I had a feeling you were a new joiner. so you're saying your dad doesn't know? What kind of terminal cancer were you diagnosed with again?

You must've had some bad drs. Didn't you go to dr for symptoms similar to severe indigestion or something like that? Stomach cancer doesn't just sneak up on you with no symptoms.

Brainwashing, they got to you, didn't they? Your answer is total bs. That's all I need to add.

nicola s
im so sorry my gran had cancer and she was the same did not want anyone to no because she did not want to be treated any different it is entirely up to you who or if you tell anyone just go out there and enjoy yourself but there might be a time that you will have to tell someone

Sorry to hear that.

Unusual for a doctor to tell a newly diagnosed 17 year old there's nothing that can be done. What type of cancer do you have? Where has it spread to? Are any treatments proposed or are you to receive purely palliative care now?

Edit: You really ARE unlucky then. Gastric cancer, or stomach cancer as it's more usually known, is very rare in young people. Age is the biggest risk factor, and 90% of people diagnosed with it are over 55. So for a 17 year old to have such an advanced case that doctors are prepared to declare it terminal is rare and unlucky indeed.

The purpose of radiotherapy for stomach cancer as advanced as yours wouldn't be to save your life but shrink an advanced cancer in order to relieve pressure,which has been causing pain. Radiotherapy could also be to stop bleeding from an advanced cancer.

suresh r
oh i am sory to hear that sweety.........i dont knw wat to say i am blank but i pitty u lot..........all i can tell u is tat one fine day v all hav to live but u lil too early thats it...........dun wory v all r in the que..........i pray god tat something miracale hapens to u............t.c .....bye

Oh Laura, Im so so sorry, My grand dad died of cancer and it was the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. Just do what you think is right but just try your best to live life to the full, Make your dreams come true before you become to ill.

God bless you and you will be in my prayers xxxxxxxx

You should do what you want to do, there is nothing wrong with that! I think that if you tell them and tell them that you don't wanna be treated any different, that they still will. Probably not on purpose but its just human nature.

Zoltan K
Just live your life the fullest, make the time matter. Bless You Laura.

I am sorry but if you don't want to tell them that's up to you but I think you should and say that you don't want to be treated differently.

Its up to you. If you want to keep it to yourself that's fine. The right thing is whatever is right for you.

I am 17 as well, and battling cancer.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ewing's Sarcoma, a bone cancer. I have 10 - 15% chance of living, but after a lot of treatment things are looking up and I have no doubt I will make it.

If your doctor says there is nothing they can do, SEE ANOTHER DOCTOR!! Don't let someone tell you when you are done. Your doctor should always express faith in your ability to overcome, and their ability to help you.

Also, tell your friends and family. They know who you really are, and that is why they love you. You really need their love and support at this time in your life, and they want to be there for you!

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