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nicole k
What can i do for a friend who is dying?
okay my best guy friend from my childhood is in the hospital with blood cancer. hes been there for more then two months and just got placed in a hospice.im always by his bedside every day, and if im aloud to i spend the night sometimes. he never wants me to leave his side,or anything. the doctors are giving him less then a week of living.

i want to do something really special for him, but i really dont know what to do. i grew up with him and knew him ever since i was 5. and we dated and are still dating since the 8th grade. im madly inlove with him, and we do everything together and go to anyplace together. he just turned 19 a few weeks ago and hes so special to me. and he is so different from any other guy in the u.s and looks completely different too. (facial structures. hair. etc.).

i want to do something really special for him. but i dont know what..
any ideas?

Austin Z
buy him something really nice! And just keep supporting him thats all you can give him.

im so sorry! thats just terrible! be there for him, like he said he wanted u too. and also, tell him how much u love him. tell him ur feelings.

Be there for him and when the time is right, hold his hand and kiss him.

You've done enough already.

I'm sorry for this...

toni s
i was just with my best friends father as he died from brain cancer. Do something that involves his past that he loved. and make something about it. for instance.. my friends dad loved to ride dirtbikes around the USA and he collected sand from everyplace he went to . she took the sand in these cool jars and labeled them nicely than placed them by his bed side during hospus.
Do something that involves the both of you so he and you will have something to remeber each other by

All you can do is to be there for him and tell him how much you love him.I am so so sorry.

God bless xxx

lil cutie pie
aww im sorry but be supportive and dont leave his side.

Lauren Emily
I'm really sorryy for you! Wow, i cant imagine losing my childhood best friend && boyfriend... maybe you could make a scrapbook of you and him, and show it to him. Just tell him to keep strong and lots of people are praying for him that he doesnt even know (like me).
Wishing you the best of luck

make poem or story or speech on how yall grew up together or how you fell madly in love with him something sweet and special i can do it if you want me to do one last thing with him try to injoy your his time while it last god bless you

help or more ideas email me [email protected]

im so sorry hun. tell him what you love about him and what mkes him special....u coul put together a scrap book of all the fun times you guys had togrther and all of his fun times with his mum and dad and stuff good luck im sure what ever you decide to do he will appriciate love x

go buy a bunch of heart balloons and bring them all into his room. make sure his eyes are shut! then yell surprise! hold him, kiss him, tell him you love him and that you will always remember him. you loved him before, you love him now and you always will. he'll smile i promise... also, his favorite sweet or pie would help too :)
im sorry.

What you're doing is great. Being at his side as a true friend is the best gift one can give.

You could gather your classmate from school, have cards sent, have the sports team give him an award for outstanding endurance and not loosing sight. Balloon bouquets are always a way to brighten a room.

Matt K
might sound a lil corny, and i know you're the girl but propose. thatll probly make him the happiest guy in the world. if you do, lemme know how it goes

Nicole, my heart goes out to you. Its clear that you love/care very deeply about your boy friend. You say the docs have given him a week to live. If I were you I would, go into his room full of the joys of spring, reminding him of all the good times you had together and also have a banter about the times you disagreed with eachother. It's obvious that he loves you dearly and in his last days I don't think he would want you to be tearful all the time. Yes, tears can flow but letting him know that you are there for him, holding his hand and making him smile would be the best source of comfort. Does he know how long he has? Kiss him, cuddle him and laugh and cry with him.

I will be praying for both of you.

Ultimately you, yourself will need support. Please feel free to e-mail me. I will help as best as I can. God Bless.

oh my god. that's so sad :( :( i don't know what to do, but you know him better so you will know what is really special to him

nicole i'm very sorry to hear about your friend, but let me tell you something you say you want to do something special for him. what you are doing now is very special, that is the best thing you can do for him.being by his side is very special you are a very good friend. i wish there were more people in the world like you. i hope my friend would do the same for me. so please believe me when i say you being a good friend is the most special thing you can do. i will pray for your friend. take care and god bless

do you know his childhood sweetheart who ever it is bring them there get his family and your entire childhood entourage to come to his bed side make a card tell him you love him when my mom was staring death in the face i did these things and you know what she pulled through and i think no scratch that i know it had an effect. It might be too late scientifically but it's never too late for love

Mrs. Jae
You are already doing it. Don't you see it? You are there for and with him 24-7. That's true love. And I believe There's nothing I'd want more than to have the person I love there next to me when I take my last breatth while you hold my hand.
You are special. My deepest sympathy for your friend and you are an angel, you will be in my thoughts.

you already are.
just being there for him and helping him through is a wonderful thing to do, and not something some people would be bothered with , no matter what they felt or for how long they were friends.
just continue to be there for him and let hime know that hes not alone.

well i lost my best friend in kindergarten to a drowning accident and the thing we did for his parents is just be there for them..thats the only thing you can do or maybe ask him if there is anything you can do to make him happier?

Rhonda Mcfierson
remember all you can do for him is the best you know how to do. maybe you can bring stuff from home for him,something he loves,like if he plays guitar,or something. I would definately have a party for him if it's possible so that everyone that knows him can come down especially for him. if he's religious,call the people at his church and get them down there. call his family and make sure they get down there to see him. if there's anyone he wants to see,try to get in touch with them. if all else fails,ask him what you can do for him to make it easier on him,or just ask what you can do,if he says "i just want you here by my side,then stay there with him,and don't worry about anything else because it's enough for him. I know it must be hard,but one thing I need to mention is that tyou will see him again. there is life after death,and the way you described him,I'm sure he's going to heaven!! I'm sure you will also because you sound so sweet also. take care!

Yes I have the best gift you can give him!!! I think you should tell him the love of Christ!! Tell him if he believes that he is a sinner and he believes Jesus died on the cross for his sins and Jesus is Lord and he raised from the dead and ask Jesus to come live in his heart then he will go and live in heaven forever. I think the gift of everlasting life is the best thing to give to a friend!! After he does that he will be aloud in the kingdom of heaven and will become a christian

Your friendship is more than enough!!! Be there for him, and trust me - you will always hold a special place in his heart.

I'm truly sorry and my greatest sympathies with you.

Frank Fatality
ok ask him for his favorit food and bring it to him and show up with alot of baloons make him a realy big card that says ilove you get it sighned by alot of people

rock star mommy
just be there for him. if you truely have those feeling for him and he feels the same way, whats going to mean the most is that you are right there beside him for the time thats most important to the BOTH of you.


i don't really have an idea, you being by his side is the greatest gift of all. i just wanted to say your a great person!

Dr. Molecule
just make sure youre there for him always and assure for him that youll always remember him and that hell always be your good friend


make this the best week of his life.

leslie k
Why not write him a love poem. It does not need to rhyme, just a short story to read. From the heart means most.

Life after 45

Lost In The Moment
Awe that's so sad! I think you should just be there for him. Talk about what makes him happy, what he would want for you to do when he's not there, just anything. You can also tell him that you wanna do something for him but don't know what he needs. He'll tell you (probably being there is all he wants). Talk. Laugh. Reminisce. There isn't much else you can do. Tell him you love him. If there's something you haven't said to each other, say it before it's too late. Everything needs to be said before it's too late.

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