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 What do you think causes Cancer?
Over Eating
Little sleep
Poisoning our bodies with medication
over working
over sun exposure
Over exercising

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 i have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
my family uses me for money and i don't want to donate it because the people they give it to just sit on there butt and don't try to work. its not hard.. i did it and I invested in the ...

What are your thoughts on the Jade Goody cancer case?
I personally feel very sorry for her, but wishes she'd stay away from the press and stop doing media stories.. :(

im bored of it now to be honest. so many questions have been posted on here today, whether they feel sorry for her or not.

i personally do feel for her and yes its tragic shes ill, but there are hundreds of people out there with the same illness and we dont hear about them so why do we have to hear about Jade?!

i feel really sorry for her i think she was very entertaining on bb and cbb.

who is she? i'll go look her up

Who are we to judge???? Just be glad you are not in her situation!!!

My opinion is that there are many other people out there in the same awful situation as her and she keeps feeding the press and then saying she wants privacy. Why the hell should she be any different to the others suffering; is it because she came to fame because she was in the BB house and has absolutely no talent what so ever? She is an ignorant, repulsive creature. I don't wish her harm but I feel no different to her than I would a stranger down the street.

I do feel very sorry for her, no-one deserves to suffer from terminal cancer. I lost my own mother to cancer, so I know what she is going through. It's a horrible feeling thinking you may not have long to live and you worry about leaving your children and other family members behind and hope they will be Ok.

I agree that the only way that she can finance her expensive treatment is through the media. The money she makes by doing TV shows,media stories etc are paying for her specialised treatment.

On the other hand,we have seen alot of Jade on TV and newspapers for a long long time and it does seem she is always there. Some people will be sick of the sight of her and wish she would just stay away. I think the BB 'racism row' didn't really help her reputation either. There are still alot of people I know who haven't forgiven her for that, and don't like her.

It's swings and roundabouts to be honest but I think she is also doing this for her kids security and future. I think any mother would do the same...

I do feel sorry for her too, and I do agree in one way that she should stay away from the limelight. She does not need the money fro treatment anymore, because it has advanced. Whatever medication she goes on would only be to prolong her life.

I really do feel for her, she is in the prime of her life, two little boys growing up, enough wealth to know she will never struggle and then bammmm! A wake up call.

In one way I am happy she is talking about it, it makes us think. I like to know how she is doing. But if it is for the money and fame then that is a disgrace. I do not think she needs money, she has got more than enough of that for the boys.

She is a gooby ugly cow, but I do not wish this even on an enemy. So sad. Ans she is not even 30!

I feel sorry for her. But, everyone says about Jade's cancer and how she still has interviews and films documentaries. When her cancer is terminal? Shouldn't she be spending time with her boys? And, millions of people over the world have cancer, but people don't mention them only Jade cause she was gobby and mouthy on bb she gets all the attention. I think everyone should feel sorry for anyone who has cancer not just Jade.

What her beautiful boys want now more than money is to spend time with their mother,

Jade should rest, all this running around giving interviews wont help her, and whatever time she has left, she should spend it with her family,

Good Luck Jade,

My opinion is that it's not the public's business, she needs to stay out of the media spotlight now.

well rosie,why not get a petition going for her to stop going on the tv.this will no doubt be a great comfort to her in her last days. the girl is clutching at straws as anyone would.

when you look at her background and listen to what she says about her mum you realise that to Jade the public is her family. Sadly, a lot of people do not have wonderful families they can turn to in times of trouble (mine is one) and in her case the public have become a surrogate family.

The Original Highbury Gal
I lost my wonderful mum to cancer in January 2007 and saw what a devastating Illness it is and how it affected the whole of my family, my mum would have moved heaven and earth to make sure that all of her 6 children were safe and well provided for and we are all adults, i cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to have 2 young children, not only are you scared for yourself, but your scared for them, that in it's self is heart breaking.
Jade Goody might be talentless as somebody b4 me said, but she's the mother of 2 young children and she's making sure that they will be well provided for if and when she goes.
Im not a massive fan of jade's, but good on her she's letting the world and his mate know that despite fame/money it doesn't make her any different from the rest of us and an Illness such as cancer can happen to anyone.
How many women have put off having a smear test because they thought "Nah, it wont happen to me" and when Kylie had breast cancer how many women were checking themselves on a regular basis?
The media and Jo Public have a tendency to put celebrities on pedal stools and if Jade can stand on hers and make more woman aware of the silent killer then good on her, she's probably made 100's of woman book that long over due smear test!

Nick A
I think its terrible and wouldn't wish it on anyone despite how annoying she is

i feel sorry for her, but i dont see why she has to keep going to the media. It should be a private thing!

James M
My opinion is the same as it would be when anyone is suffering from cancer: I feel so deeply sad for her, for what she has been through and will still have to go through and for her little boys who will soon be without their mother.

Sad for the possible loss of any life.

This comment I found sums it up thoroughly and shame on all you people who think she's milking her terminal cancer for more face time:

A really sad situation for those two little boys.
Quite frankly I would sell my soul to the devil to make sure my children were well provided for so leave a dying woman alone.

I've actually never seen her on tv nor read about her until someone posed a q on her a couple weeks ago. I don't watch junk tv and read gossip mags.

What shocked me, was the fact that even though this women is DYING she is STILL being hounded and criticised by people! As was pointed out to me many months ago, EVERYTHING this women did in the past is completely irrelevant now- she needs our love and support now more than ever.

At the end of the day, this very young women is terminal, she isn’t going to see her boys grow up and her two boys will be left without a mother
With regards to her cancer fight being made public- she’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t. When Freddie Mercury died in the nineties, he was heavily critised for not making his fight against the AIDS disease public- it was said that if he had done, he would have raised a lot of money for the AIDS charity.

I personally think it is very brave of Jade to make her plight public, in doing so she has raised awareness of the importance of early cancer detection and the importance of attending regular smear screening. Record number of women lately have booked smear tests after the sad news of Jades cancer spread was reported in the news. Has it ever occurred to you that Jade isn’t just doing this for money? This gives her something else to focus on rather than sitting there thinking, ?when am I going to die, how long have I got”.

I’m quite a tough person and as a Nurse I see death and suffering quite a bit, and even though I will admit I was not a Jade Goody fan, I have thought about her more this week than anything else- even though I don’t know this women. I imagine this is the same for many people, largely because it reminds us of our own mortality and the fact we shouldn’t take life for granted.

Even if Jade is receiving money for talking about her cancer battle, so what? This money will be needed for her boys future. As I said before, this women needs our support, lets give it to her instead of pulling her down.

It's all horribly sad, as it is when anyone gets cancer. Just let her spend her last days as she wants - in or out of the media. It's really up to her, whatever she says

I understand your point, however doing newspaper interviews will help to pay for specialist consultants and treatment. I know, I know, NHS etc but she needs urgent specialist treatment so private is the best way to go if she has that option. Media interviews give her that. She's also, I imagine, attempting to get together as much money as possible to leave for her children, perhaps towards their education etc.

If you don't want to read the stories, vote with your pocket and don't by those papers/magazines. That's what I do.

what a shame sugarplum that you are "bored" with it, how selfish you are. At the end of the day Jade being in the spotlight with her cancer will have saved many women who may get cervical cancer in the future. Jade knew there was something wrong and the doctor didnt believe her, now its too late. The mags and reality show will give her sons a decent life when she has gone. Lets hope we never suffer like that

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