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 If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

Additional Details
I would't dare stop you from smoking to death; that is your choice. I won't even try to convince all the smokers out there that smoking is bad for our ...

 help me i think i'm dying.?
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 I am dying of of cancer, but i can't tell my fiance or family. I don't want them to fuss over me. I am scared

 My co-worker has brain cancer how do I insure that I won't catch it???

 is it possible to get lung cancer after 1 year of smoking?
like 10 a day. im 17 years old male. help im ...

 How do I deal with this (my dad is dying of stomach cancer)?
He was going to go through chemotherapy, but the cancer spread too much and there is nothing they can do. So basically people are going to come over 3 times a week to give him a shot so he won't ...

 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
I understand A LOT of people smoke cigarettes....but that isn't my question...why don't they make it illegal with all the health hazards it causes to the smoker, and those around the smoker....

 i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
but is it okay to sleep with a sports bra without the same effect?...

 How should I act around my Aunt who has lung cancer? ?
My aunt lives in Germany. My Mom and Grandma are going to go visit her in November, although it might be pushed up considering she is very ill. She is only 39 years old and has always been a free ...

 How Do Cigarettes Cost?
How much Do Marlboro lights cost (a.k.a the gold package)

I need to give my friend money so shell buy them for me

I also live in iowa
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No its not, ...

 is weed worse than cigarettes?
my friend is kinda stupid and she thinks that weed is worse, but i think cigarettes are..
im trying to prove her right
which one is ...

 If a woman...?
If a woman can get breast cancer could a man? Some men give "breast milk" like woman could they get breast cancer? Could a normal man get it? Why or Why not?
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 Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?

 My dad is dying please help...?
This could be my dad's last Christmas. He has undergone 3 heart surgeries and 3 heart attacks, 3 of his four arteries are blocked (even after his triple bypass) and he is inoperable at this ...

 I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?
powerful chemo....before for my cervical cancer the chemo was only to boost the radiation not kill the cancer..well not now..so my question is what has been your experence with chemo...what can ...

 Please pray for my ill father?
he has two (and more) types of cancer in his body...and i am afraid. He can die any minute, is what doctors say and he is very weak. When he eats, he tastes nothing, when he walks it looks like one ...

 do you believe cell phones cause cancer?
what doesnt cause cancer though? lol
but i was wondering what you guys think?
Additional Details
meg i dont care if this question pisses you off ignore it and answer a different ...

 Will I get cancer?
My mom had cancer many times about two years ago, when I was in fifth grade. And I heard that its something you are born with and you inherit from your parents.
Be flat out honest. Am I really ...

 I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?

 My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago, he seems to be doing well. It's hard to beleive.
It doesn't seem to me like he's only got six months left. How does cancer progress, is it very quick at the end. His cancer is Unknown primary, which means they don't know where it ...

Telling my boys we will NOT be going to the beach because it hurts their skin?
I'm not sure if its a good idea for this summer to be going to the beach with my boys. I have a 14 yo, 12 and a 10 year old. I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to the beach and outside in the sun for that long, there is a history of skin cancer in our family and all my boys are very white fair skinned. Last year a couple times my oldest got very burnt from the beach, he went with his friend and his mom picked them up and went for the day, and he always came back very sun burned. Whenever April comes around, and it starts getting hot and sunny out; every evening after bath time just before bed I lather all of them in aloe vera cream and/or aftersun body lotion to prevent any dry skin damage from the sun.

Is there anything we can substitute the beach with thats also fun? I'm just not sure if its a good idea, I don't want them getting skin cancer or damaged skin.
Additional Details
I have given them sunscreen to use before, 3 days out of the week I have to work for the day, and those are the days that my boys will normally go to the beach with their friends and their friend's mom will come pick them all up, but they still come back very burnt.

Therese S
you can still go, just use sunscreen, and make sure they re apply every couple of hours if out all day.

You might look for indoor water parks near you.

Max Power
I am currently battling stage 3c melanoma cancer and I still go to the beach a couple of times a year.

All you can do is express your concerns to the mother. Or place a judgement, if they come back sunburned, no beach for a week. You must keep to it.

I would make a habit out of putting sunscreen on your kids every morning before you go. Sun damage doesn't just happen at the beach.

Getting them in the habit is important. Explain to them what skin cancer is, how it has to be removed, and that if they do not use sunscreen they are at risk for having to have this skin damage burned or frozen off, and that it's very uncomfortable, and very risky if you do not catch it.

Your boys are old enough to hear this.

Additionally, I would encourage you to talk with their friends parents who are taking them to the beach. Explain to them how skin cancer runs in your family, and that it would be great if she could give them reminders every couple of hours to put more sun screen on.

Don't forget to give them hats, and explain to them the importance of finding shade too.

If you just avoid the beach rather than teaching them what can really result, then they will just be nuts for the sun when they are over 18 and you can't stop them.

It's time they start taking some personal responsibility for their health, just like looking both ways before crossing the street, but I certainly think the friend's mom would cooperate if you spoke to her about it.

Distant dreams
maybe try using more sunscreen or making sure his friends mom get's him to wear sunscreen / better sunscreen, a sun hat, sun glasses, and maybe even a very thin shirt on so it protects their torso. and when on the sand, sit under an umbrella, if they enjoy the beach more than most things, maybe just try and figure out other things you can do so they can still go but are more protected? if you have tried all of that, ask them if there are things that they haven't done that they would like to : ie: water slides, arcades, go karting, etc.

you will be fine!

Sunscreen. Dont be afraid of the sun. Thats for cavemen.

you can get water proof sun block with very high SPF these days. Try asking your local pharmacist or a dermatologist.

I'm sure a couple hours in the sun will be fine. after all we all need our vitamin D.

comrade stalin
sure. you could read the communist mannifesto together then take to the streets inciting a riot that eventually leads to a revolution. mad props comrade!!!

Doc Bill
Everybody, adults and children alike, need some time in the sun. Didn't you know that sunlight is essential for the manufacture and absorption of Vitamin D? That's right - precursors of natural Vitamin D appear on your skin and are converted into useable Vitamin D that then migrates deep within your body, and is absolutely essential to life itself! It's OVERDOSES of sun that's a problem - overdose known as "sunburn". Fifteen minutes at a time early in the season, gradually increasing to half an hour, is ideal. After that, liberal application of sunblock with a rating of 45 is called for. A couple hours then is okay - and you're right, they do also need alternate sources of fun and exercise. Is there an indoor pool where they can swim and splash? How about you and they taking karate lessons? A lady my wife works with just earned her Black Belt - and so did the lady's pre-teen son and daughter! Their papa was so proud - he'd gotten his Black Belt three years ago. Can you do that? Hey - the family that plays together stays together!

did dat to and the grls hated it so i just told them to put on sunscreen and were shirts when they go swiming. may look dorky but i wasn't the parent with complaining kids at the end of the summer because of sunburns like all the other kids. if that doesn't work than just tell them that the effects of the berach and what can happen. or you can tell them that if they want to got the beach wait until they get older and they go by themselves. so you don't have to here there complaining about skin aches and stuff.

Find a good sunscreen with a high SPF. 30 or higher. Make your boys use lots of sunscreen. I know, I am extremely pale skinned, but there is no substitute for the beach. We sit under an umbrella now, but back in the day we always got sunburned.

I understand being concerned, but that seems a little extreme. Just make sure they are putting on suntan lotion, and make them wear a hat!

if your really worried go and research the different sunblocks, see which one will give you the most coverage and reapply every 2 hours. your children shouldnt miss out on the ocean over something you can easily protect them from. also, bring shade with you to the beach(umbrella). Maybe get them some wet suits(they are becoming a new trend this summer & great for more body coverage). Im just afraid if you shelter them too much about this, then when they can finally make up their own mind without your permission and then go to the beach everyday because they were so deprived, they wont know how to properly protect themselves or their children from the sun, so teach them how. It will be fine if you take the right precautions! Have fun!

oh and since you have given them suncreen and your not their to monitor them, that is when i would take the beach away from them. maybe ask the other parent to make sure he is applying it correctly and often( i mean they are there to watch over your children while in their care ) or at least let you know if they are or arent. let your boys know that if they do not abide by your request then they can not go to the beach with anyone other than you, if they really like going they will follow your directions.

If the surgeon general could he would be in the delivery room waiting with a sticker that says..." WARNING, Living is hazardous to your health." Use a good quality sunscreen that won't wash off in the water. Bring an Umbrella and stop worrying. Enjoy the day with your kids. It will not be long before they are unwilling to spend so much time with you.

Robert G
just monitor their time in the sun, and take a big umbrella with you to the beach

with proper use of sunscreen, and monitoring the amount of time spent in direct sunlight you shouldn't have problems

It's a good thing that you care about your children, especially when it's in your family history to have skin cancer.
You could, however, get them covered with sunscreen and just be at the beach for an hour or so (Avoid the midday sun).

There are sunscreens on the market with 55-70 SPF - use them liberally on the boys. Don't let your paranoia ruin their summers.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Use SPF and go to the beach. Geez, people also get sick from lack of Vitamin D (the vitamin you get from sunlight). Too little of it causes cancer and other health problems.

Just go have fun. Quit all the worrying.

You're being way too over protective. They're only kids once so just have them but on 30 spf sunscreen and have them apply it every like 2 hours or so....also get waterproof....your kids are starting to get to the age where they can take care of themselves so let them and let them have fun at the beach. please listen to my advice because i'm a kid so i understand what the kids feel and i'm guessing they hate it when their parents...aka you....are too over protective cuz i hate it when my parents are. hope this helps. :)

Caroline Shoalts
You can't protect your sons forever..eventually they will grow up and if they want to go to the beach without sunscreen, then they will.

It is important to educate them early on what skin cancer is and how it's harmful. They can't be locked up inside all day, so it is best to invest in some very high SPF sunscreen (like 60 or 80 SPF) and make sure they know how important it is to slather it on religiously.

The sun isn't big, bad, and dangerous if you know how to protect yourself. Talk to them about wearing hats and sunglasses, and covering up.

One idea would be to take them to the beach either early in the morning or later in the evening, when the sun's rays are less powerful.

â–?▀▀✿▀▀▌ LIL BEAR â–?▄▄✿▄▄▌
Don't take their childhood fun away just because you are afraid they are going to get skin cancer! There are preventative measures you can take to help them out so they can still have fun in the sun. Get SPF45 lotion and make them apply it every hour. And when they're not in the water, have them put on a light t-shirt so they don't get hot but so that they do block the sun. You can still do the aloe after they shower so they can be protected. I understand your family history, but you can't be so paranoid. If it's not skin cancer at the beach, it's going to be something else. Right?

You can't go around scared of this! You can't protect your boys forever or keep them inside for the rest of their lives.

Invest in some good sunscreen - California Baby has some great all-natural stuff. Remember to re-apply every 2 hours. Consistency. TEACH THEM! Wear hats, sunglasses, etc.

Don't just avoid the beach because of dangers that may exist. Teach instead of jump to save them.

Kelly E
ahh you can try sunscreen! and bring an umbrella you can't limit your kids from the beach, thats just not cool

if you get a very potent SPF sun block and really slather them down with the cream then they should be fine. Just don't spend too much time out in the sun and bring a large umbrella with you.

Loupe lou
Have them wear the longsleve water shirts. and later them in sunscreen every hour. all the fun of the beach but more protected.

Take them to the beach. What's the point of living if you spend every minute afraid of death?

Use sunblock. Do not ever take the sun away from your children. Simply educate them on the importance of sunblock, and use it often.

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