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 How do you tell your child you're going to die of cancer?
i have cervical cancer, and i have 5 young children with no father, i have been told they cannot do anything because the cancer is so advanced. How can i tell my little darlings im dying?...

 What do you think is the cause of cancer? Just opinion, not a scientific explanation.?
We know that smoking can cause lung cancer and the sun can cause skin cancer. What about other things that cause cancer? I've heard that underarm deodorant can cause breast cancer. I've ...

 Do you ever think there will be a cure for cancer?
Before anyone says yes I no there is surgery,chemotheraphy,radiotheraphy and the wonder drug but will there be a way people who have it can get rid og it easyly without having to go through pain and ...

 Do you think i should quit smoking?
I am 17 and i have been smoking for a month or so and everyday i smoke two cigarettes its quite hard to quit now, i don't know what to do, help please?...

 Jade question...??????????
In the newspapr today it says that jade may have to stay in hospital because of the pain - but she wishes to die at home..

then it goes on to say when she has a few hours before she dies ...

 Terminally Ill? Should we have the right to die?
Should it be the individuals right to decide, without the interference of others, when all hope of any quality of life has gone....

 Why Is Smoking Marijuana Considered Medical For Cancer Patients If Marijuana can Cause Cancer Too?
I am not anti-marijuana. In fact I think that the drug war has failed, and will continue too. But how does it help cancer patients if it can gradually cause cancer too?...

 Cancer Question?
If no one in your family on your mom or dad side has never had cancer could you still get it?...

 Has anyone gone through this?
Well on March 13 my right hand started feeling funny like you know when your foot get asleep and you start feeling like a tingling sensation that's what i started feeling and its been like this ...

 there's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
I had 2 road accidents both times hit the head,then later on after 2yrs i got swelling (a hump) in right side of head.Can there be fiber accumulation??I feel it gradually increase its size.Do I need ...

 Cancer- partner refusing treatment?
hi. My partner is 26 and was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. The biopsy showed the cancer was a HER2 receptive type which is a relatively agreessive form. However she is refusing ...

 HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?

 How were you told you have cancer?
i missed my mentrual cycle since mid january so i made an appointment with my gyno for a pap. i was hoping to get a diagnosis for why i wasn't having my AF. turns out i have almost stopped ...

 Facts about the brain!!?
I have a school project and need some COOL IMPORTANT
facts about the brain need help if it is good i will give you best ...

 Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.?
Recently I found a little hard lump on my neck. It's about pea sized, I can push it hard but it doesn't really move and it's still under my skin.

My Dad had cancer and his ...

 Is this a sign of Cancer or something else?
My girl friend has told me about mysterious bruises on her legs, thighs and calves. i asked her if she bruises easy and she dont and she said they dont hurt. im kinda worried that it could be ...

 im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
is it safe to be around him? someone told me that i should be careful since im pregnant..but it doesnt really make much sense. im not the one getting the treatments he is. im just curious if it could ...

 Do mp3s give you the same tumors cellphones do?

 My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?
I saw her last breath and was holding her hand, I said all I needed to say. But I have this empty feeling and I cry anytime I know she should be where I am. This empty feeling is the worse feeling in ...

 She said i could get cancer!!!!! HELP!!!?
Me and my friend had a bad fight she beat me up bad im cover in black and blue bruises my mum said that i could get cancer from bruises if i keep getting in fights i will get cancer from the bruises ...

Should a person who has cancer be told?
Some families ask the doctor not to tell a parent or other relative that they have terminal cancer, or other serious illness. What do you think is the right thing to do?

if the doctor is sure of cure, he can as well reveal. lest the patient dies faster due to shock. to tell the parent[s] or relative[s] by the doctor, it is left to doctor's discretion.more over, the parent[s] may be better enlightened with more knowledge for an alternative cure/surgery, etc.

Mama Mia
Yes they should be told. If you know your time is short there may be plenty of things that you want to say to the people you love. You need to know what your choices are in your treatment plan and be able to make informed decisions. The truth always has a way of coming out and would you really want to feel that the people you loved and trusted most were lying to you all the time. I don't think so , even if it was done with the best of intentions.

sandra v
the person should always be told. how would you feel if you were sick and didn't know why? in my experience people know when somethings seriously wrong with them . also, if you don't tell them how can they make the decisions they need to make about their life? if they want treatment or not, put their affairs in order, choose what to do in general.

YES they should be told it effects how THEY want to live the rest of life they have left.....

I think that is incredably wrong and that the patient has EVERY right to know what is going on with their own body. I have a very strong stance that its their body and their choice. I would personally resent family keeping that information from me, and I am not going to keep it from someone else, and if this was happening in my family, I would stand up to the person who was trying to hide it.

The only time I would even consider finding this acceptable is if there is some sort of severe mental impairment. I still dont agree with it, but when the patient is not of sound enough mind to make their medical decisions anyways, its something that I would say should be talked about.

It was very important to tell my family that I have thyroid cancer, so that they could also get to their doctors and screen their thyroid. First my son was diagnosed with it, then a month later I was diagnosed with it. It's only fair to tell my siblings what to watch out for. Whether or not they take my advice is up to them. I can't change their decision. My mom also has 3rd stage lung cancer, she needs all the support we can give her.

This isn't the dark ages. The patient/doctor relationship requires that the patient is informed, and the family has no rights to even know a diagnosis unless the patient has given permission for that information to be shared. Legally and ethically, the patient is the only one who has the right to be told.

Doctors don’t tell the patient’s family the diagnosis before they tell the patient. That would be illegal and unethical. It is illegal for them to discuss it with the family at all unless they have the patient’s permission to do so.

The only person who has a right to know is the patient.

The family should only be told if the patient authorises it.

Where the patient is to young or incapacitated then this authority goes to their next of kin or power of attorney.

♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥
No, the family should NOT be told unless it is a emergency and they absolutely 100% need to know. It is their choice on what they want done with the information. If they want their family to know, then they will tell them. If not, then I think people should keep their mouths shut. Do I think that it might backfire on the person who did not tell anyone? Maybe. But as I said, it's a personal choice and no one should tell anyone anything unless given permission first.

It doesn't matter what the family wants and I'm sure that doesn't happen. The first person the dr will tell is the patient. It's up to the patient who else gets told.

If it was me who has cancer, I would like the doctor to tell me.

In my personal opinion, the person has a right to know. If they are not told, how can they make informed decisions about treatment?

The mom
I think most seriously ill people already suspect on some level that things are serious. Anyway, it's not a call for the family to make really, if the person is capable of making decisions for themself. If the person is capable of giving informed consent, and will be asked to do so, then you would be morally and legally required to fully inform them of their medical condition. Otherwise you could be looking at a lawsuit from some other member of the family who felt differently, if not from the patient them self is they discovered you withheld information about their condition. Everyone who is capable of understanding is worthy of having the truth told to them. By not telling the patient, you deny them the chance to get their arrangements made, and isolate them in the end. The patient would most likely suspect they have a terminal or serious illness, and feel unable to discuss the matter with their own family in order to preserve the pretense. That strikes me as cruel. If a person can't rely on their own doctor to tell them the truth, who can they trust? If a family member made that request of me, that's exactly what I would tell them. Lies never improve a situation, and lies between family violate the trust factor that must exist in the relationship. It might be well meaning, but it will never be right.

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