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Should I smoke ONE cigarette?
I'm fourteen-years-old and I'm really curious to find out what it's like to smoke, but just ONE time. However, I'm afraid of getting addicted. What should I do?
Additional Details
My dad admitted to me that he has smoked a few when he was younger, but never got addicted.

Benny Andersson
no , you wont be adicted by one cigarette, but if you think ;hey i could handle one, maybe i can handle one a day for a year to?. NO YOU WONT , so dont start smoking on daily basis its bad for you, but when you go to a party or such, sure go ahead.

as ppl say you are by 99% going to cough, when i think back now i didnt anyone who can comfirm if being drunk helps form coughing? or maybe i did but i dont remember it XD


You wants lungs, right?
Don't, it's sick and ridiculously nasty.

Bookworm Hottie
Ok most people won't like what I'm going to say but go for it. I'm 16 and I've smoked like 4 times and I'm not addicted. BTW you are going to cough like crazy the first time you smoke.

Grith Billine
Screw tobacco. Smoke weed erryday!

You aren't going to get addicted from one cigarette, but I can definitely tell you that it tastes like s**t. That's the only real reason I don't smoke.

Ashley A
hi anthony. my name is ashley and i am 15 years old. I am very interested about the same thing. i think that if we want to try it we should bc were going to just end up trying it later on in life anyways. we should just do it and get it over with now. uk?

i am afraid of the same thing of being addicted. but im not going to let myself get addicted bc im only going to do it once. what i am mostly afraid of is im scared that im not going to b able to hide it from my mom because i definitely dont want to tell her!!!

best of luck to u,

absolutely not! .......stay healthy

Love Never Dies
Don't!!! Just one cigarette can get you addicted. And imagine all the tar and chemicals going into your lungs: formaldehyde and ammonia, just to name a couple. Being curious is not reason enough to get lung cancers, emphysema, and so many other awful diseases that can happen from smoking. And, you're fourteen. It's not even legal until you're 18, and even then you'd be making a terrible choice. You're parents could get in serious trouble for giving tobacco to a minor. Just don't do it.

Alex Garcia
trust me you will get addicted


Hi, be strong and resist the temptation, its not all that and can hurt you...

«Ě∆É…ź ě«Ěpu…źd
There are a lot more things worth "finding out what it's like", not just smoking. Choose a few that have less of a chance of ruining your life, say, skydiving or eating scorpions.

Its an aquired taste,you wont like it,and no it takes a while to get fully addicted to them.

Smoking one cigarette won't give you an accurate description of what it's like to smoke. When you first start, it burns your throat and makes you cough and can sometimes make you throw up. After a while, it doesn't irritate your throat anymore and you can't taste it when you inhale, but usually by that point you're pretty much addicted.

Edit: To TS-he never said his parents were going to give him cigarettes, idiot.

I am 40 I had one when I was 12. I have had a pack every day since. I cough until I gag, my teeth are yellowish green, I have a nodule in my throat that needs surgery and my kids don't respect me. My face is more wrinkled than other peoples, I can't get health insurance, I pay more for life insurance-almost triple what other people pay. I spend $6 every day for a pack. When I try to quit I feel like I am losing my mind. I want to go to the beach because I have never been there but the hotel doesn't allow smoking, what am I going to do? oh ya and my clothes, car and hair stink.
and my 20 year old and 16 year old don't want me to get out of bed and start smoking in the morning until after they leave for work and school /college because the teachers always ask them if they had been smoking. My smoke gets on their clothes. I haven't sent them off to school in the morning for several years.

asian invasion
don't do it. smoking is nasty.

a genetic pre-disposition to enjoying smoking has been found. if your father tried smoking and didn`t get hooked, there is a chance that you will try and be one of those irritating `take it or leave it`people. find out about the rest of your family (what about your mother, your aunts and uncles, siblings and such.

both my parents smoked (they quit before i was born). i had one cigarette (when i was 12) and i was hooked (it was great, i wanted moar). i finally quit when i was 30. smoking is gross and really hard to stop.

it's crap don't smoke cigarettes

Mr. Smartypants
One cigarette won't hurt you (much). Try to take the smoke deep into your lungs and see what your body tries to tell you. 8^)

When I got out of college I spent a Summer traveling across the US and back across Canada. In Canada, I lived in campgrounds, and even in the Summer there it gets pretty cold at night. The Canadians all smoked like chimneys (and they're generally healthier than we are--I can't understand that). So when I got cold, I'd ask someone if I could take a puff off his cigarette. The nicotine (or something) in the smoke would really warm me up. And I never got addicted, in fact I could never stand the stuff.

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