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Should I go to the doctor?
I'm feeling different than my normal self. It feels as if my bones hurt, especially in my arms, wrists, and hands. I can't play my guitar anymore because it hurts me to. It'll bruise my arm. I've been sleeping a lot lately, and I've even lost a little weight. My mom is convinced that it's just growing pains, but I feel sick...My grandma pointed out that lately I've been looking like a ghost. For a few months I've had this really intense headache that's always on the right side of my head and pain medicine won't take the pain away. I get that headache every day. In fact, I have it right now.
What should I do?
Additional Details
I talked to one of my friends and she said that her brother had the same thing happen...then they diagnosed him with leukemia.
Oh boy....

onlooking at your profile I think you should see your DR.as there does seem to be a lot of things wrong with you.All this concern about your health is probably causing stress resulting in your headache & tiredness.So please see your DR.for a good checkup it will put your mind at rest or you will have a diagnosis & with his/her help to find a cure or relief from whatever ails you.maybe not being allowed to see your dad might be stressing you out.I hope you find all is well & good luck in your future.
ADD:I appoligise for looking at your profile but I was only trying to help,I try to email before conecting but you do not allow it& I had simalar symtoms & diagnosed with stress.

Thunda Thighs
Yes, go to the doctor. Don't risk anything by not going.

Yes, go. Now.

Go to the doctor. It might get worse. No objection. Good luck.

Growing pains??? Is your mom silly, parents are usually good at detecting things wrong in their child. You need to see a doctor and soon and tell them everything you just wrote! Good luck

Says Who?
Yep definitly see a doctor before things possibly get worse...


go to the doctor! defenitly!! my dad didn't go for 2 years after having symptoms. when he did he had stage 4 cancer and died 6 months later...


Go see a doctor.

You have to trust your gut, and if you think there is something off then you have to go get yourself checked out.

Even if you go to the doctor and he says that it is growing pains it will atleast give you piece of mind.

Good luck!

You will get the same answer from us all: go to a doctor... NOW. Bone pain, easy bruising, unexplained weight loss and unexplained headaches are not "growing pains".... see a doctor asap, and make sure you explain the headaches as well as possible.

Memere RN/BA
Danielle, what about your dad? Can you ask him to take you to the DR. This is ridiculous. Growing pains? I'm sorry, I have 4 children and if anyone of them came to me with those symptoms, I would have them at the Dr in a heart beat. Your mom is just ignoring something she's afraid to find out. Your grandmother can't take you because she has no authority, however, you can do something. Complain to your dad. Tell him. This isn't normal. My gosh, I still can't get over your mother not taking you to see a DR. If I could talk to her I would be yelling at her. I know she's your mom and you love her but love won't get you the answer you need without seeing a DR. Make an appt yourself. I would. Go without your mother and let them charge it to her. She'll get mad but who cares as long as you can find out why you are feeling this way. Maybe if a DR tells her there is reason for concern, she may wake up. I'm really angry right now, not with you but your mom. She's really being stupid. I'm sorry for saying that but that's what I would tell her if I could talk to her. How I pray you get to see a doctor. I pray there is nothing serious. God bless you Honey. Be well. You will be in my prayers and so wil your mother so she will wake up and smell the coffee.

go to a doctor. even if you are only slightly concerned about something don't chance it. I postponed going to the doctor about a mole on my shoulder and i waited so long it turned into serious melanoma. going to the doctor will only help you.

Yea u should definately see a dr.

Anonymous Source
Yes. You should go to a doctor.

yes go to the doctors

Heather Martin
You need to go to a doctor. If your mom won't take you b/c she thinks its growing pains then see if your grandma will. I wish you luck.

Sarah G

I would DEFINATELY see a doctor. Right away.

I hope you're okay... :/

Please go to the doctor and get blood work done.

It would be stupid if ya didn't go to the docter...

I think you know the answer to this question.....go see your doctor! Its probably nothing serious, you may just be really run down and exhausted

good luck

Doctor. Now.

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