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 What do i do im 17 with cancer?
im 17 years old and ive just been told i have cancer(there is nothing the can do im to far along). I don't want to tell anybody because i don't what them to treat me differently.


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muddy girl
Pregnant and just diagnosed with cancer?
I am currently 7 months pregnant and just recently ws diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I begin the staging process this Friday but they can only do an MRI since thats safest for the baby. If i am early stage they will let me carry 7 more weeks and begin treatment 2 weeks after c-section. I am scared to death. I dont know what to expect. The chemo scares me. Any advice or stories would be great.

Magicmaster M
I was born via C-section, People say the best looking children come from that operation. So really be happy for your child.

Have two good friends for many years, and they had had a treatment that is 100% successful against cancer: scorpions poison. This was developed in Cuba, and like I told you, this works. They sell the product in Monterrey Mexico. My theory is that if that helped these persons to treat the breast cancer, it should work for any other kind. Google, I hope this helps.

God bless


Oscar el Mexicano

1.) JESUS 2.) Apricot seeds 5 a day . . . But at 7 months , u can wait till u have the baby , then start taking . . . Apricot seeds have the Highest form of b-17 , which eats up Cancer cells ( free radicals) . Do NOT do Chemo ! . . . But you might want to watch this , I think it will help ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO0I2jWthko )

my drama teacher had breast cancer and she only misses school once a month. The day she has lots of chemo. She is amazing and never lets anything get her down. She is pulling through this and is my hero in everyway. She said she didnt care that she had cancer as long as her children are healthy and safe. She also went through a divorce, gave birth to a child with down syndrome (this had absolutley nothing to do with the cancer) and was diagnosed with cancer all in the same year. She has been amazingly strong and she is going to fight her way through this.

my thoughts and prayers will go out to and i know that if my drama teacher can do all of this so can you. Good luck :)

I'm so sorry. That's terrible. I'm no nurse, but I'd sure be pissed off if the doctor didn't tell me if there was,you know, a chance the baby would be affected. I'm sure everything will be alright. Wait- where does Hodgkins Lymphoma affect you? If it's somewhere like in your throat, I'd imagine it'd be ok. My grandpa was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year, and he made it out fine. I'm sure you and your baby boy will too. I'll pray for you.

My dad was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and they also caught it in the early stages. This cancer is fairly easy to treat with radiation and chemo.The survival rate in 90%. He is now living perfectly fine and healthy.

Danielle D
I know that you're very frightened, but you actually have a lot going for you. In seven weeks, you're going to be delivering a nearly-term infant. Baby will do well on his own at that point.

The other good news is that Hodgkins is one of the few cancers that we can CURE! With a little grace and and determination, you should be there to see your baby grow up and make his own babies.

Chemo. It's only scary because it's the "unknown." Most all of my patients are horrified the first time they sit in a treatment chair. By the end they're looking at me with a curious expression, wondering when it gets bad. Here's the bad. The treatment for Hodgkins will cause you to lose your hair. You won't be able to breast feed baby. You may have nausea, but there are A LOT of medications available, and there's no reason that you should continue to be nauseous... you just need to find the right drug or drug combination. You will be tired from treatments, and it will not be easy (but not impossible) to meet the demands of a newborn.

Here's the good. You will get through this. Your hair will grow back. You will have a beautiful, healthy baby to share your life with. You will learn that you have strength you never would have imagined.

I hope the best for you. God bless you and your family (including the one that isn't quite ready to join us yet). You will be in my prayers.

Advice: Think about other things, make sure you don't get stressed out. That will make it even worse. And try to do other things if you can, such as do puzzles, play computer games, play games such as monopoly, or trouble.

Story #1: My best friend was almost in the same situation, she was 17 weeks pregnant, and got breast cancer. Now, the baby is healthy and well, and so is my best friend, who did chemo too. It all turned out great. The baby is 1 1/2 now, and cute as a button.

Jokes: This is a part I made up to make you feel better!

A guy came into a bar one day and said to the barman "Give me six double vodkas."
The barman says "Wow! you must have had one hell of a day."
"Yes, I've just found out my older brother is gay."
The next day the same guy came into the bar and asked for the same drinks. When the bartender asked what the problem was today the answer came back, "I've just found out that my younger brother is gay too!"
On the third day the guy came into the bar and ordered another six double vodkas.
The bartender said "Jesus! Doesn't anybody in your family like women?"
"Yeah, my wife..." LOL!
Made Me Laugh. Hope It Works For You. :]
And Good Luck On Everything. I wish you my all! :]

-Katy <3 :]

Congrats and sorry at the same time....

I was diagnosed with AML luekemia at the age of 12, i'm now 22 yrs old and cancer free. The whole time I was in treatment I never gave up on getting well and going back to my normal life.
Don't ever give up, you have to have confidence for your mind to be strong and u will fight it....
I was scared at first too...but everytime I said to myself to hold tight cause it will be over and after it I will be ok again.

have hope and never give up, its ok to be scared.

I will keep u in my prayers, god bless

I really feel for you and keep you in my prayers. I greatly believe that will power and mental health really plays a big role in physical conditions even like these --- so try to remain positive and stay strong. Never give up hope and faith. Your baby will need it! I found an article online, I hope the following helps you:

Since Hodgkin lymphoma affects primarily young adults, most oncologists will eventually face the dilemma of how to provide therapy to a pregnant woman while minimizing the risk to the fetus. Treatment choice must be individualized, taking into consideration the mother’s wishes, the severity and pace of the Hodgkin lymphoma, and the length of the remaining pregnancy. Since general guidelines can never substitute for clinical judgment, oncologists should be prepared to alter the initial plans when necessary.
To avoid exposure to ionizing radiation, magnetic resonance imaging is the preferred tool for staging evaluation. The presenting stage, clinical behavior, prognosis, and histologic subtypes of Hodgkin lymphoma during pregnancy do not differ from those of nonpregnant women during their childbearing years.
In the second half of pregnancy, most patients can be followed carefully and can postpone therapy until induction of delivery at 32 to 36 weeks. If chemotherapy is mandatory prior to delivery, such as for patients with symptomatic advanced stage disease, vinblastine alone (given at 6 mg/m² intravenously every 2 weeks until induction of delivery) may be considered because it has never been associated with fetal abnormalities in the second half of pregnancy. Steroids are employed both for their antitumor effect and for hastening fetal pulmonary maturity. As an alternative, a short course of radiation therapy can be used prior to delivery in cases of respiratory compromise caused by the rapidly enlarging mediastinal mass. Combination chemotherapy with ABVD appears to be safe in the second half of pregnancy. If chemotherapy is required after the first trimester, many clinicians prefer the combination of drugs over single-agent drugs or radiation therapy.
The long-term effects on progeny after chemotherapy in utero are unknown, though present evidence tends to be reassuring.

Before I started chemo, I read where someone described it and the side effects like being pregnant. You get naseous, constipated, tired and moody. Some chemo may make your hair fall out, so you may be getting hair the same time as your baby.

Let all your friends and family that offer help do it. Ask them to do a load of laundry, pick up groceries, scrub a floor, etc. You will need to take care of yourself so that you can also take care of your new family.

I wish you the best!

SrH Controversy
I dont have any experience, but I just couldn't x out of the screen. Just have faith hun. :( God works in weird ways that we won't understand yet...nor will for a long time, but one day will. Stay strong.

I think you will be alright. I'm 16 and last year I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma too. Depending how far along you are with the cancer depends on how much chemo you need. I needed 8 rounds and then 17 treatments or radiation.

I think you and the baby will be just fine, it's very cure able, you'll make it through, just like I did.

sorry, pray you never know what god can do, and if you never prayed for a miracle then you'll be surprised in what god will do!!!!

My friend had cancer while she got pregnant. And eventually (since her cancer was at a high stage) had to have an early C-Section. Her baby was pre-mature but did survive and so did she. She had breast cancer. Now both are healthy!

Keep hope, and there's nothing to fear, but fear itself. I wish you the best! And also keep strong, the more optimistic you are, the more likely you are to fight this disease.

If you have any more questions or need any advice/support feel free to email me!

You will be fine! There are great treatments for Hodgkin's now!! The baby will be fine too! I don't know what to say except that you are in my prayers, and that everything will be ok! Be positive, and think positive!!! God Bless!!!

My father survived brain cancer and thyroid cancer, my grandfather survived bladder cancer, and my uncle survived cancer as well. You'll be fine, and so will your baby.

Oh, I am so sorry. Please don't listen to any stories or advice here. There are people that say the wrong thing and give the wrong advice because they think it's fun.
Please call your doctor's nurse and ask all of your questions. The doctor's office will be able to refer you to someone that can guide you through this.
I've said a prayer for you.

Dre B
I am going 2 pray for you

I have no story but just want to wish you all the best for you and your baby xx

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