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Please help me! I think somethin's wrong!?
I am a very smart 13 year old girl. I have been forgetting things lately like things I learned last year in 6th grade. Then we reviewed, and reviewed. I get it and then 5 min later, I forget again. I come off the bus and am almost crying walking in my house. Then I am thinking "I'm so stupid" or "I can't do anything." I keep forgetting everything I hear. Please help me!

P.S. Cancer runs highly in my family. My 8 year old sister died 3 years ago and my mom is currently getting treating for her 4th tumor.

omfg thats sad sorry

go see a docotor or call 911 you need medical help rite now.
no matter if yr parents are home or not
you need it

Hunii, do you have a lot of pain in your shoulders an neck area??
You could have the INVISIBLE disease...not fatal, but chronic...FIBROMYAGIA...you tend to live in what they call a fibro fog at times.....Millions have this !! You suffer chronic pain 24/7 it doesnt go away, but just lately they HAVE found ways to help it....Go see a doctor. If you have pain in at least 11 points in your body....thighs, shoulders, neck, arms, etc...you most likely DO have it! GET check, babe! there is finally hope and ways to have clearer thinking and sleeping! You are way too young to suffer like this. Hugz!

i think you may have cancer since this is one of the signs/syptoms. Take it straight to the doctor, take the test and check. when in doubt go to the doctor. catch it before its too late. they can trap the antibodies in an area and somehow eliminate.
take care, and don't hesitate to go to the doctor!!!!
good luck, and hope you feel better!!!!
my regards for your sister, and hope ur mother feels better!

Christine H
I think it is extremely unlikely that you have cancer. However, I am worried about the effect that so much trauma (your sister's death and your mom's cancer) has had on you. Sometimes people can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and have problems with memory, etc. I suggest that you talk to a guidance counsellor at school about it or that you go to your doctor about your concerns. A smart girl like you needs someone who can help you.

Forgetting things does not mean you have cancer. Most likely, you are either stressed out or depressed or both. If you have lost a sibling to cancer and your mom is now dealing with it, you are dealing with things most kids your age don't ever have to deal with. (((hugs to you)))

I am older and a mom now and when I look back on my days in elementary and middle school, I now realize I must have had ADD. They didn't know what it was back there and no one was treated - I was just looked at as a poor student who couldn't get grades above a C. Now I know that it wasn't me, but a problem that I had.

Don't feel dumb! You are not dumb! You just have a problem you haven't figured out yet. But to figure it out, you need to tell someone - your parents, a school nurse, counselor. Seeks some help or someone to talk to and you will feel better soon.

I went through a phase in my eight grade year that i thought i couldn't learn anything and my mom told me that the things they are teaching didn't interest me, After i started high school and more interesting classes I felt like I was learning again, but if you really think you have cancer I would get it checked out.

julie b
Talk your mom into taking you to the doctor to het a professional opinion.

its probably the stress related to your problems, you are too young to be worrying about everything. talk to your counselor at school and see if she can help you in any way. You need someone to talk to that you can feel comfortable with. So sorry to hear about your sister and mother. God Bless!

i think you are stressing waaayyyyyy to much. slow down have some fun and i'm sure your memory will come back to you. oooh and drink geen tea.

Oh you poor girl.....You don't have anything wrong with you regarding your "forgetting"
You have so much inside your head to cope with and that has become a priority and all school work has taken a back seat. If you can't talk to anyone in the family, start by asking a teacher for some help, they can be very understanding. It will take some time but get it sorted now rather than later. You are not stupid.

Please do not drink diet pop, it can cause memory loss. Don't eat sugar free food either.

Miranda K
You should'nt worry so much, try paying more attention in class and taking notes. I'm sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Forgeting things has nothing to do with cancer, don't listen to people who will tell you otherwise.. & i'm sure you will be OK. (:

It's okay. I'm sure you're just going through a phase. Try to do some review in your own time. If you practice, you will eventually remember things. If there is no improvement and you continue to forget things, tell a parent or adult you can trust. And never call yourself stupid, because you're not.
Good luck. :)

I don't think I'd be jumping to the conclusion its cancer just yet. Perhaps you are having a bit of difficulty remembering and you should go speak with your guidance counseler. Let him/her know what you are going thru and ask them for help.

Honey, you are under so much stress! No wonder you can't remember anything! Right now you are preoccupied with your mother and what is going on with her! It is perfectly understandable. You are afraid of losing her and you miss your sister. Plus, you are afraid you might have cancer too.

You are sad, afraid and stressed out beyond belief, talk to your parents or other family and friends about what you are feeling. Talk to a favorite teacher or counselor at school.

I hope this advice helps you, take care............

Please stop this beating up on yourself! You are losing some of the short term memory because of your PANIC-ING....if you are really concerned, they'd be other symptoms...I am in the health field - this does NOT sound like cancer, it sounds like insecurity & fear. Talk to your parents and a doctor to clear your fears........good luck to you!

dont worry! im 13 and worry ill have cancer EVERY DAY! but God is watching over you, and if you think you'll have cancer you will! just dint think about it... and God Bless you and your family! i forget things and i hurt a lot every day.. calm down, dont think about it, and God bless you! i doubt with all my heart its cancer, and you forget things probly because you worry too much!!! Feel better soon, relax, and have amerry christmas!

Calm down! First off stress will cause it and I would say that is what is causing yours. Worrying about your mom and school . Give yourself a little break and it will come back to you,

Well that is very sad for your sister.Well you might not have cancer. Have you asked a doctor maybe you should if you hadn't already.

I would say go tell your mom. If cancer runs that strongly in your family, then get checked. Your body has a pretty good sense when knowing somethings wrong. My family is also very high in cancer. My mom just got treated,she's done with the cancer and the treatment,but still. My friend also is getted treated for a head tumor. But I'd go to the doctor, cause if you continue to think what you thinking your going to go into depression and have a higher risk of cancer.

If you are as smart as you say you are you shouldn't even need to question what you should do. If you can't talk to your parents about this, how about a school nurse. Waiting will only make this worse. It might be something as simple as stress. Losing a sister and dealing with your mothers problem can't be very easy. Do the right thing and get help now. If there is a problem face it head on and deal with it. The one thing your mother doesn't need in her condition is to loose another child. For both of your sakes get help.

No, No, I stay
I doubt its cancer. You are probally under a lot of stress. You might be studying to hard or not using the best techniques to help you remember. Try memory exercises and talk with your doctor.

you may be having memory problems due to stress - you certainly are having a lot of stress.
Given your family history, i think your doc would be willing to do a general blood test for white blood cells and cancer.

Emily S
First of all, you said yourself you are a very smart girl so don't think things like "I'm so stupid" or "I can't do anything." You need to talk to your doctor about this. It could be just stress or something. Everybody deals with stress differently, the brain is a very complex thing. But definitely talk to your doctor. Also, I'll pray for you, God bless!

Are you a Scorpio (astrology sign) by any chance? They have a tendency to be forgetful.

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