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1) what does smoking and the sun have in common
2) explain how each of these can be dangerous
3) why do people smoke or get tanned
4) how long does it take before someone can get diagnosed with cancer
5) what are things that can be done to help or avoid getting cancer

these are some of the q's that i have to answer for a stupid health project. i realy need your help

the person that i used to cheat from is moved to another class and i realy need ur help to get atleast a "D" on my final grade
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help

i need it. my dad promised me if i pass this year he will get me my dream phone the sony ericcson w580i
pleeeeeeeeeeeez heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
Additional Details
i lost all my books and my laptop is jammed and i have no time to go t the internet cafe because it is too far and my parents are out of town and i am the only child and i have no time to take a cab. i am busy on what i am good in "science fair project"

~*aint i gr8?!?*~
1smoking and the sun have heat in common.
2smoking can cause lung caner adn the sun can heat and melt you up.
3people get addicted to smoking and the sun reacts with the skin which gives a tan
these were complete guesses, u should work hard and not cheat.

Wow ur soooo smart.... you will get a better grade if you do your own homework, don't cheat off of your Friends, and if you study instead of doing what ever it is your doing after school. You will feel so much better if u get that grade yourself.

you really should have not come under this catagory for homework please think about other people who have serious questions about this subject xx

Soap Bubbles
Do your own homework.
..........it won't kill you to actually study sometime dude.

1) They both can cause cancer.
2) The sun may cause skin cancer and give you sun burn, and smoking causes lung cancer. Both of which can lower your dying age.
3) Bc the American society focuses so much on images and what's "Cool" or not. People see someone cool smoking and they will do it. People see someone tanning, and they will tan... just to fit in. A lot of people also think that smoking will help them with their stress...
5) Not smoking, sun screen, eating healthy, ect.

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