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 Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
I have been told that i don't act like i have cancer and i know others who have been told the same thing. I was wondering if that has ever happened to you, and if so, how does that make you feel?...

 My dad's brother and sister both died of lung cancer in their 20's. will i get it?

Additional Details
my dad is 62 & smokes like a chimney. he has never had cancer. i am 17 and i don't smoke, never ...

 does 'kills 99.99%' really mean kills 100%?
hey guys

so i asked my mum today why hand sanitizers only kill 99.99% of bacteria. and she said, the most likely do kill 100% but they say 99.99% so if it dosent work for one person, they ...

 What are the causes of Lung Cancer?

 Went for a smear test and worried about the nurse's comments ?
She said i was looking red around the cervix and wasnt sure why. I dont get the results for 4 weeks but cant work out if this is a symptom of something serious....

 my dad has terminal cancer and this will most likely be his last fathers day. what should I get him?
im having a hard time trying to pick the perfect gift, i want to get him something that shows him I love him and that he means alot to me. have any suggestions?...

 Desperate to find an antiperspirant deo that doesn't contain...?
... 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (also known as Bronopol) and also doesn't contain Aluminium. Anyone able to help?...

 This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
What is a donation or something that has been done for you that has helped, or what would have helped you?...

 How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
I mean, one that doesn't also kill the patient.
Additional Details
Is it so hard to believe that there IS a cure and that it's being kept secret?...

 When you have chemotherapy ?
and your hair falls out . Is it all of your body hair or is it selective to just the hair on your head ?
As I saw a report on Jade Goody with pictures and although she was bald on her head she ...

 can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
she has brain cancer. please the doctors said they cannot do anything and we would like your help to pray for a miracle i love her soo much and cancer is so horrible but she is fighting strong i love ...

 How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I do as much as possible b/c I once had a lump in my breast, thank God it wasn't malignant, but it forced me to permantly stop smoking. It was just an infection that had to b drained....

 My grandma has breast cancer - how soon can it spread?
My Grandma has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a 2cm x 2cm lump. She hasn't seen the specialist yet and they won't be operating until after Easter.

I'm ...

 I want to start smoking...?
So, I'm almost 15 and I know it's early. Not too many people I know smoke, but a few people from my class do, and some of my friends, and my dad, too.
I find it interesting - you have ...

 A type of cancer??
Can someone please explain to me what servical cancer is??...

 what is cancer? i want to know?

 Lymphoma?? Pease Help !!!?
Ok First of all I have to say that I worry so so much about cancer I know i have to avoid that thinking and live my life right but seems like thats getting harder,,,I am male 30 years old

 my mom is suffering from breast cancer?
my mom is suffering from stage 3 breast cancer she is taking homeopathic medicine her all test become normal but the size of the tumour in the breast doesn't decrease it increase continue her ...

 I have cancer, what do I do now?
I am 17 and have ovarian cancer. The doctors say that the cancer is so far progressed that they fear it has spread through my blood into my lymph nodes and I might be forming that kind of cancer as ...

 What kind of gift can I send to my sister, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
I live in Melbourne, and my sister lives in Brisbane. I cannot afford an airfare (yet) to go and visit my sister but I am saving up for one.

She just had surgery on Wednesday and is now ...

Ok I need serious hlep please.I'm 17 and I think I might have breast cancer.?
I found a lump in my right breast and I'm freaking out. Is there a quick way to find out if it's cancer without freaking out my parents?
Additional Details
I just moved to a new town and my parents are already stressed out I don't want to add any extra stress. Especially if I don't know that it's a problem yet.

Go to your doctor of course. At 17, you should be able to make an appointment with out your parents but you probably should tell them anyway. Stressed out or not, they need to know. I know I would be heartbroken if my daughter had cancer and she didn't tell me. No matter how stressful life gets parents should always be there for their kids.

Heather C
Unfortunately, the early stages of breast cancer may not have any symptoms. This is why it is important to follow screening recommendations. As a tumor grows in size, it can produce a variety of symptoms including:

lump or thickening in the breast or underarm
change in size or shape of the breast
nipple discharge or nipple turning inward
redness or scaling of the skin or nipple
ridges or pitting of the breast skin
If you experience these symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean you have breast cancer, but you need to be examined by a doctor.

If you have bloody bloody or funny colored discharge, is a sign. Otherwise I think the only other way to tell is a mammogram

Consult a doctor asap

Hope you don't have it.

OMG girl you tell your mom now. You do not need to be the one stressed out either. You may be worrying for no reason. The best way is to see a doctor and see one NOW. Go to your parents this minute and tell them.

gangadharan nair
Breast cancer most often involves glandular breast cells in the ducts or lobules. Most patients present with an asymptomatic lump discovered during examination or screening mammography. Diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy. Treatment usually includes surgical excision, often with radiation therapy and adjuvant systemic therapy.
Please see the web pages for more details on Breast cancer.

Miss Redwing
Go see your doctor.

You need to go to your doctor and get it checked out. Most likely it's nothing. Just a cyst.

Many teenage girls get frequent cysts in their breasts due to hormone changes. There is even something called Fibrocystic Breast Disease which is harmless, but causes some women to get frequent cysts.


It could be a cyst, which is nothing serious. If breast cancer is in your family or not, it is something you should have checked right away. Call your doctor or ob/gyn and tell them what is going on. They may see you right away. Try to relax until you know what it is, worry will solve nothing. Good luck

At your age it is very unlikely indeed to be breast cancer and some of the possible explanations have been given in answers already. Please make an appointment and talk it over with a doctor to set your mind at rest.

It is most likely nothing. There are lots of kinds of lumps that are completly harmless, but you will need to go to the doctor to have him check it out just to make sure.

You need to talk to your doctor, there is no sure way without doing so. Most likely, its a cyst. They are common in young women. Especially those who drink caffeine. More often than not, unless breast cancer runs strong in your family, you won't get it at such a young age. I found a lump at 24. It turned out to be nothing. The doc did an ultrasound to see what it was made of. they don't like doing Mammograms on young women since the breasts are still too dense. If they feel the need after the ultrasound, they will do a Mammo. (that's what happened with me) After wards the Doc decided that its was likely not cancer, but not a normal cyst since it was solid. We did surgery to remove it just to be safe, we didn't have to though. However once they are in there they can remove tissue to be tested to see what the chance/risk of you actually getting breast cancer at a later age. Luckily the test showed that I have a slim to none risk (my words, not theirs). SO bottom line is talk to your Doc either your family or OB/GYN.

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