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My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right
My mother is 83 years old, in November 2006 she broke her hip in a fall and is still recovering from that, in December 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and tomorrow (Jan 10) she goes for surgery.

She is scared, and I have stopped work to be with her. The Job Centre tells me I can't get unemployment benefit because I volunterally left my job, does that sound morally right?

CANCER: On the news this guy who drank human breast milk (with a prescription) beat cancer. It was discovered by Swedish scientists found that human breast milks kills cancer in a petri dish by accident. People who drink it have had some success in fighting off cancer.

You need a prescription and it's about $3 an ounce at a breast milk bank, but it works.


No it is not morally right but they will use any excuse to get out of paying deserving cases. Come back into the country in the back of a lorry and you will get much better treatment.

try social services you should be entitled to carers allowance and a mobillity alowance for your mum plus free car tax

it is right. you could have taken compassionate leave from your job or asked for unpaid holiday or switched to part time work and got another family memebr of friend to form a rota to be with your mum or a variety of other ways to care for your mother. JSA is for people who cannot get a job.

You need to see if you can become her carer. If she lives with you and you do everything for her then i don't see why you wont be able to receive carers allowance. The way you can find out more about what benefits you are entitled to, go visit your nearest citizen advice bureau, they will tell you everything you need to know. Sorry to hear about your mother and I hope this helps in some way :)

jo :)
Rules are rules unfortunately.
You can get carers allowance though. Perhaps go to the Citizens Advise to find out what financial help you can get and what your rights are exactly with the benefits.

I hope your mother is okay. My Gran was diagnosed 10 years ago. She's approaching 90 now and has been clear for a long time.
Good luck to you both.

You won't beable to get benefits for 6 weeks as you volentary left your job, although I agree with and understand you reasons for doing so. After that you may qualify for income support. As you have left work to care for your mum you will get carers allowence so apply for that asap.

Also your mum will be entitled to disabilty living allowence and incapacity benefit.

I wish you and your mum all the best

Morally right? no, however the law states that unemployment can not be paid to people who quit a job. You would have had a much better chance of getting unemployement benefits if you had started coming in late and leaving early so that they had fired you. Then you might have qualified although you might have been penalized for getting fired.

Since your mother is elderly and dependent on you then you might qualify to get benefits as her full time caretaker through Medicare dependent on her income. Here is a web page that will help with info. http://www.aoa.gov/prof/aoaprog/caregiver/carefam/carefam.asp

good luck to you both

You should apply forCarers Allowance.

Job Centre says you can't get benefit? Or job centre says you cannot claim Job Seekers Allowance? The clue is in the title of the benefit. How can you claim a benfit paid to those seeking a job when you are going to be looking after your mother?
You need to be claiming INCOME SUPPORT - - which will automatically disallow carers allowance. Claim Attendance Allowance for your mother - - under the special rules if you need to.
God bless you both - - take care of each other. Look at the DWP site for more help. Try entitledto.com too.

You should be able to claim Carer's Allowance, here's the website


I don't know if it's enough to live on, but check it out. The Citizen's Advice Bureau is also a good place to go for impartial advice about what you are entitled to.

I think you are great to look after your mum like this, so many people in today's society just shove their elderly relatives in residential homes, good for you that you are willing to do this.

Maybe not.............no more than I was able to claim benefit. Thing is, if you stop work of your own accord you have to wait 6 weeks before you can claim benefit.

You can claim Jobseeker's allowance after 6 weeks of voluntarily leaving work.

Pandora's box
Yes it is sad but if a person could get unemployment for taking care of a sick relative than everyone would be taking care of there sick mother just to screw the system for money. A sad thing but understandable. It is societies leeches that ruin things for good people.

they are probably right,although I agree with you,maybe you could qualify for carers allowance as you will most likely have to watch over her,check out the DWP.

nothing like that is MORALLY right.

dels replies
Rules are rules unfortunately and there is no compassion there. Perhaps you should have negotiated a temporary absence from work.

see if you can get carers allowance instead.

old know all
You don't qualify for job seekers allowance because you're not available for work. You probably qualify for income support and your mother qualifies for attendance allowance. Go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They will help you get the benefits you're entitled to, and they are impartial and free.

morally right - perhaps not,

legally right - absolutely

Yeah this is what they done with me and my partner they didnt pay us cause we left our job as we both got violently assulted. We lost our apartment and im now back at my parents squashed in a bungalow with two cats we havnt got a front room to even sit in cause i took it when i was forced to move back we are all living in our rooms. Am not happy with them at all. But its ok for them to pay the bloody immgrants and give them houses as soon as they come off the back of a lorry. It stresses me out so much total discrace!

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