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 Dont have insurance, may have cancer!!?
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 If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, but would like some insight.
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Like small patches?...

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 How manny people die from breast cancer every year?
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My mother has a spot on her chest and it may be cancer, should I be worried?
Recently, the doctors have found a spot on my mother and they are not entirely sure that it is cancer. My mother is planning on going for another opinion. What are the chances that it actually is cancer?

chelsea..FC RULEZZZZ
hell ya bro
go see a doctor or somthin man..its your mom
do what ever u can and yes u should be worried
it could be cancer or some skin problem but do serious check ups right away

Go for daily checkups if possible.
the chances are that it might be... but then again I don't know.

You should be worried, my mother died of pancreatic cancer and I didn't worry until the last minute. So spend time with her, let her teach you things she wanted to teach you.

[email protected]
always be worried if they find a bump.But ALWAYS be very supportive.Please dont let your mom look like your worried but be supportive.I hope and pray its not cancer

Is the spot on her chest or in her chest - it is a skin condition or was it found by xray?

If it is skin, even if it does turn out to be cancer it will be much easier to treat than something in her lung.

If it is in her lung, there is still a chance it might not be cancer, but diagnosis and treatment will be more difficult.

Good luck to her.

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